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May 3, 2014

Ukraine| The Moment of Heroes

By George Eliason

The massacre at Odessa is just over and it is time America comes to grip with its new heroes. Is this new America? If not America had better state its opinion with a roar!


WW2 Vet cries at memorial
WW2 Vet cries at memorial
(Image by V Kontakte)
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A single moment in time changes the course of history. Just one moment can define a generation. One moment is the difference between saving life or taking life.

In physics the word moment describes the amount of force used to bend or twist a structural element like a steel beam. Moment describes the point of bending just before crystallization and shearing occur. It is the moment in time that the structural element has failed. The events in Ukraine deliver such a moment for the entire world.

Hero describes the person that through an act of courage or sheer is willing to sacrifice themselves for the good of others. We think of someone running into a burning building to save people or other death defying act for the common good.

Today we need heroes. The world needs people whose act or action goes beyond the norm of their humanity. I ask- How will heroism be defined?

Protests are being staged in Germany and Canada to counteract the Ultra Nationalist aggression against Ukrainian people in South-East. They are standing up for the right of all people-everywhere-across the world. They are standing up for people the entire world wants to kill. Are they heroes?

The 1930's fascist philosopher Julius Evola redefined heroism as the act itself, which according to his definition could be infinitely evil; that didn't change its heroic status. Instead heroism was centered on "the act" that went beyond human imagination- giving no thought to consequence.

The other path is to harden the self through heroic action. Any acute stress can transform the daemon of the hero into an immortal body of light. Athletics can do this. So can the shock of death. In any case, the adept must be absolutely indifferent to the consequences of his actions.- After the Third Age Eschatological Elements of Postwar International Fascism , John Reilly-Presented at the Seventh Annual Conference of the Center for Millennial Studies Boston University, November 2 to 4, 2002

Absolute indifference to consequence means that the act of heroism can have positive or negative results.

In the 1930's Evola's philosophy was favored by the German SS shock troops. It is the act of heroism defined this way that demanded the ability to walk up to another human being ignore their humanity, their age, or their pleas for mercy. The more brutal the act of killing when defined according to Evola; the more heroic the action is. Hannibal Lecter in Silence of the Lambs is modeled thi way

I don't know if OUN (Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists) studied Julius Evola. He was favored by their Nazi commanders. I do know they perfected the thought and the act beyond their German masters .

" ...The barbaric frenzy reached a point that people were sawed apart alive, women had their breasts severed; others were impaled or beaten to death with sticks. Many people were killed -- after a death sentence -- by having their hands and feet chopped off, and only then their heads." -Ewa Siemaszko The July 1943 genocidal operations of the OUN-UPA in Volhynia

This picture from the massacre at Babi Yar shows both sides of heroism. Against everything she knows this woman tried to hold and cover this child in an act of love.

Bandera| Heroes of the American Christian Right

Sarah Palin recently made remarks criticizing President Obama that he is too meek in dealing with terrorists. She boasted that she would baptize terrorists by Jesus Name...amen. "Yes, I could see this one from Alaska," ...Here's what this ' stupid' 'insipid woman' howled back in 2008," Palin said. "After the Russian Army invaded the nation of Georgia, Senator Obama's reaction was one of indecision and moral equivalence, the kind of response that would only encourage Russia's Putin to invade Ukraine next."

After Pravy Sektor moved to Dnepropetrovsk they pacified the city. Ms. Palin should be proud of her hard right heroes. They believed her.

The grainy picture shows Pravy Sektor just about to throw a young man off a bridge. This seems what Palin and the religious right see as good politics for America too.

The grainy picture shows Pravy Sektor just about to throw a young man off a bridge. This is what Palin and the religious right see as good politics for America?

These are the heroes American politics are backing. I have not been able to find out if the young man lived or not. He has been missing since the incident. Ms. Palin's description of herself as stupid and insipid is probably the one thing she has been right about all these years.

What y ou may not know about Religious Right support for Ultra Nationalist Ukraine is that the junta interim President Olegsandr Turchynov, aside from Ultra Nationalist coups and crimes against humanity; is also a Baptist Minister. This is a man in power that Mike Huckabeehas a lot in common with and obviously admires.

According to Franklin Graham " Observers say Oleksandr Turchynov was chosen as interim president because, in a nation plagued by corruption and self-serving politicians, he stood out as a man of conviction and principle with a reputation for integrity. He is a man of godly character and a committed follower of Jesus Christ."

In 2005 Yulia Tymoshenko came up with the ideology of her Fatherland Party. Her second in command and co-founder was Olegsandr Turchynov the interim president. Right away her own colleagues and supporters noticed that the ideology of Fatherland was Nazi or Ultra Nationalist.

" Tymoshenko's speech about "solidarism" was almost a copy Yu.Zbitnyeva speech at the congress of his party in July 2004. Similarly; commented on the new ideology Tymoshenko and Vladimir Malynkovych known political scientist: "Frankly, it's Nazi terminology.The idea of solidarity, of capitalism and justice - all sounds in the speeches of Mussolini and programs." -Cake orStrokes to a Political Portait-Book 2 XIV.Ideology of adventure by Dimitr Byt [ Member of the National Union of Writers of Ukraine, member of the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine, member of the local historians Ukraine, people's deputy(National Senator)of Ukraine I, II, III convocation. ]

Most of Christian America from extreme right to left are protestants of different colors. The national religion in Ukraine, Eastern Orthodox is something foreign to them.

What are American Christians hearing from Ukrainian churches?

"I have often thought of my ancestors and how they must have felt during WWII (and earlier liberation movements) and the partisan struggle to liberate Ukraine from totalitarian powers. I've always been fascinated by WWII and the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA), but never in my life did I think I would feel what they felt, get a taste of war, death, and the fight for freedom, such uncertainty, and love for Ukraine in a context similar to theirs. Tying into the theme of my blog, this particular "shadow of the past" is one that I have felt rather than seen. I have encountered what I will call "feelings from the past." These sentiments which were felt by Ukrainians in WWII have been transferred to a new generation of Ukrainians who are reliving the liberation movement, re-struggling for a free, prosperous, and democratic Ukraine". - Arita Kovalska

That is what American Churches are hearing about Bandera and the information right wing political activists are acting on. This is the Lviv Day Parade from 2011. Pictured marching are the surviving Waffen Galician SS. The photo to the right was Lviv Day 2014.

Both photos represent heroes to the government in Kiev and Barack Obama's administration. Kiev is moving to outlaw all veterans holidays and parades that celebrate victory over Nazi Germany and the end to Nazi occupation in Ukraine. Instead they want to replace them with parades like what is shown in the picture to the left with UPA (Ukrainian Insurgent Army|OUN| Bandera) as the heroes of WW2.

Victoria Nulands Heroes

During Maidan when Crimea was starting to put up blockades, a group of people- 5 busloads went to an anti- Maidan protest in Kiev. On the way back the buses were stopped by Pravy Sektor. People were shot. People were beaten. Molotov cocktails were thrown directly on people to make an example of them.

People in this image and video are burning to death as a result of Pravy Sektors attack on the buses during the Maidan protests. Consequently this one event that went unreported in the west was one of the larger factors in play during the Crimea referendum. The buses were destroyed and survivors were left to fend for themselves; burnt, shot, broken bones including one woman with smashed vertebrae. They helped each other along for miles until they were rescued.

John McCain's Heroes

The $5 Billion that Victoria Nuland spoke about was just the tip of the iceberg. During the last 20 years John McCain through the International Republican Institute (IRI) ,the NDI (National Democratic Institute for International Affairs) , and NED have been running schools through out eastern Europe. These foundations budgets are funded almost entirely by tax dollars. If you factor that over 20 years and figure in the NGO support for local groups development- $5 Billion starts to look like a small figure.

The IRI alone ran on average 131 schools per year in neighboring Poland for politicians and the radical activists that became Maidan and Pravy Sektor.

The paramilitary training helped to develop the conditions and the leadership of Maidan, the current government, and what is now the National Guard, Military, and Pravy Sektor.

After losing the election with his more moderate running mate to Barrack Obama, John McCain figured out he actually didn't need to get elected to run a successful and parallel foreign policy that the US government would need to work with. The IRI brags about causing 5 coups to happen over the years.

Pictured below is the second largest group in Pravy Sektor next to Tryzub. This is "Patriot Ukraine" at a school in 2011. Notice the foreign made weapons are brand new M-16s just out of the box. This fact is from Patriots own leader's social media. He was released from a murder charge at Dimitri Yarosh's request to run operations against the east.

Today this is a much different group. They are trained and they are committed. Today they mobilized to the regional capital of Kharkiv and released a statement- that people in Kharkiv will start disappearing today. McCain's IRI students promise to capture and kill separatists, supporters of federalization, and those that protest the new government. "Patriot Ukraine" are heavily armed, dressed in black with no markings.

These are the people that the Obama administration are willing to drag America into a war for. That is the level of support given . American military equipment is showing up before its even approved.

John Kerry's Heroes

The Kiev junta has been told they will not see a penny of IMF support until they break the resistance in South-east Ukraine. The Kiev junta has given the order to pull out all the stops. On May 1 st the order was given to destroy the people resisting Ultra National tyranny what ever the cost.

Here is a picture of one of John Kerry's terrorists. He's the person Pravy Sektor kidnapped and hung. Pravy Sektor is sending their kill videos via SMS all over the South-east region to let people here know what is in store for them. Do Not Open Video if you have a weak heart. This is a screen shot from the video shows a policeman being hung until he is dead.

President Obama's Heroes?

Is this what the President meant when he said he was really good at killing people ? Think about all the ways US government support and IRI paramilitary training became useful. Originally I was assured that these videos which have been sent to people across South-east as a threat were staged. I'm not so sure. I have been around livestock for over 30 years. I know the signs when I see a dull knife cutting and an unskilled hand. It is uncertain enough that doctors have weighed in on both sides of the argument. They are not arguing authenticity or effect. They are hoping a human being could not be treated this way. The problem is- they are. Imagine these videos getting sent to every phone across the entire region you live in. Is it heroic?

The government in Kiev has institutionalized this. The Obama administration calls them Heroes of Democracy. They are the new heroes of America. He made it illegal to argue the point.

This is a policeman and his wife suffering and dying. The video was sent to the Russian version of the FBI for further investigation because there is no one to send it to in Ukraine.These are Maidan's peaceful protesters doing this. These are the beginning of Bandera's heroic acts on a larger scale. Do not open this video if you have a weak heart.

  • Canada has worked on this for 70 years. In Alberta they joke that the first language is Ukrainian. After WW2 most Waffen SS Galician, Roland, and Nachtingal emigrated to Canada and comprise most of the population of Alberta. They say what Canadian foreign policy is toward Ukraine.

  • Angela Merkel's Germany has their special forces on standby to come to the aid of Ultra Nationalist Bandera Ukraine. It seems they did not learn a thing in WW2. It does not leave much to the imagination- Germany aiding Nazis.

  • NATO has declared Russia an adversary and is building troops in the Baltic states.

  • Mercenaries are pouring in. Georgia is hiring mercenaries to support Kiev. Mercenaries are going missing. The people the Obama administration has declared terrorists have developed a taste for mercenaries. As of today I have been made aware at least twenty that have made their peace with God at the same time.

    Why the "Terrorists" hate so much

    Imagine you came across the people that killed your grandfather or uncle and aunt. Bear with me and imagine. Your grandparents suffered and fought a war, were killed by this persons family or someone like them. What would you do if they celebrated that fact?

    The ideals your family fought for can't even be talked about in public. Your grandparents if alive can never march in the parades honoring war veterans. Imagine. Every State function honoring veterans dishonors your family and everything they stood for. It dishonors your life and your children.

    The attacks in South-east starting on days that cities were liberated in WW2 does just that. That's beside the point.

    For over 70 years the Bandera have felt this way. Its not politics. This is personal. It's justification and in their eyes fitting revenge.

    In places like Ukraine even simple hikes in the forest provide memorials to the war dead from the Great War. You can't get away from it.

    Odessa Massacre| America's Heroes

    On May 1 st 15 busloads of western militants arrived in Odessa under a grouping called Stop Horowitz (a reference to the famous Odessa Jewish population) to help Pravy Sektor root out separatists.

    On May 2 nd in front of the Trade Unions Building a group of 250 locals mostly middle aged, women, and pensioners were holding a rally to get signatures for the federalization referendum that is reported in the press. Federalization would decentralize the government not break up the country.

    Included in that 250 were about 3 dozen volunteers to guard against radicals causing trouble while people were signing up.

    During the day while the signature drive was going on,radicals under the Stop Horowitz group started making their way over to the rally. Thousands of militants and maidan activists rampaged through the streets brutalizing local residents as they came. Throughout this footage people are beat unconscious. At the 9:26 mark it becomes apparent what is going on.

    Police that are following the militants stop and help a victim whose foothad just been amputated with an ax at 9:26 in this video.

    While this was happening the young women in Stop Horowitz prepared the Molotov cocktails and carried them to the Trade Unions Building. Bandera genocide is both equal opportunity and a family affair.

    The photo below shows the size of the signature drive rally on the steps of the Trade Unions Building and the arrival of thousands of of radicals into the plaza.

    F irst Pravy Sektor set fire to the Orthodox chapel tent set up and then to everything else. The people at the rally had no weapons and could not defend themselves against thousands of armed radicals storming them. According to a survivor they were herded into the customs house and then it was set ablaze with Molotov cocktails. The building was surrounded and every exit was blocked.

    As the fire spread the people inside that tried to escape were clubbed to death with iron bars. People trying to jump out of second and third story windows to get out of the inferno were shot by police.

    Firefighters were pushed out by the radicals when they arrived to fight the blaze. In some of the footage you can see Bandera trying to throw molotov cocktails on the roof where some people tried to find refuge from the smoke and fire. One of the survivors said that all they could hear from outside was Glory to the Heroes! Death to the Enemies!

    The survivors were forced to spend the night on the roof top in cold temperatures before they were rescued in the morning. Police arrested them on suspicion of Separatism! Forty-three people perished in this massacre! More than 40 are hospitalized.

    As this progressed a live political talk show Shuster Live c arried the progress from the Bandera point of view. Politicians and people got reports from the militants and applauded at the destruction at the beginning of the onslaught! At 2:2:00 in the program you can see their reaction. After the extent of the carnage was known they held a moment of silence.

    After the fire died down the victors went in and robbed the bodies and took trophy video and pictures. After they went to hunt through the streets of Odessa for more supporters of Federalism which Kiev had agreed to originally as part of a referendum.

    The police found no weapons inside the Trades Union Building. The victims once again were unarmed. It was simple slaughter.

    Yulia Tymoshenko is flying down to Odessa to congratulate Pravy Sektor for successfully defeating the enemies of Ukraine.

    The MP Irina Farion congratulated the Banderaon the success of this mass murder on her FaceBook page.-" Bravo, Odessa. Pearl of the Ukrainian spirit. Birthplace of the great nationalists Ivan and Yuri Jul. Let the Devils burn in hell. The best of the rebels is the football fans. Bravo."

    Living in Interesting Times

    There is a curse that says May you live in interesting times. We certainly do. Today in the first helicopter that was shot down at Slovyansk, the pilot survived. Pravy Sektor landed another chopper next to it and recovered the weapons but left the pilot. In an act of that should be defined as heroism with the threat of sniper fire- Slovyansk defense forces rescued the pilot who is suffering from a gunshot wound and a broken hip.

    Slovyansk today is hearing artillery shells landing and a new assault has started.

    It is a time when you need to choose your hero and define your world. If the Bandera are the heroes today, then they are the heroes of WW2. If that's the case along with the people of South-east; your relatives are war criminals for stamping out Nazi Germany. May 9 th is the day all the war heroes are celebrated in Ukraine from that war. Kiev is already making moves to cancel the holiday. Forget Memorial Day and the 4 th of July they ring hollow. President Obama and Secretary Kerry have made it clear throughout the world that the heroes America holds are the ones they are told to.

    America needs the chance to say its peace just like the people in Toronto and the people in Germany at the beginning of this article, and of consequence; all the way through it.

    If not, May you always live in interesting times. Thank you Mr. Obama.

Submitters Bio:

George Eliason is an American journalist that lives and works in Donbass. He has been interviewed by and provided analysis for RT, the BBC, and Press-TV. His articles have been published in the Security Assistance Monitor, Washingtons Blog, OpedNews, the Saker, RT, Global Research, and RINF, and the Greanville Post along with many other publications.
He has been cited and republished by various academic blogs including Defending History, Michael Hudson, SWEDHR, Counterpunch, the Justice Integrity Project, along with many others.