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January 6, 2014

Still Report #158 - Trans-Pacific Partnership

By Bill Still

The dangerous scope of this "NAFTA on steroids" deal is almost impossible to overstate. Perhaps people aren't more incensed about TPP because they don't know, or because they can't believe it, but as Reporter and film-maker Bill Still says, TPP must be stopped!


Bill Still
Bill Still
(Image by Bill Still)
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Reporter, Film Maker (The Secret of OZ, The Money Masters, Jekyll Island), Bill Still Reports on the disaster that is the Trans-Pacific Trade Agreement.  In this 8-minute segment, Still manages to capture much of the worst of TPP - including how it will criminalize much of the internet (yes, including what might appear on Opednews if it's not 100% original content), end consumer protections by reducing them to the lowest international common denominator, allow banks to bypass any meaningful regulation, and even end our food protections.  Congress is not even allowed to talk about this, and barely allowed to even look at the TPP agreement.  News that China and third world countries now want in on the deal can only mean we will be seeing even lower standards of environmental and consumer protections.
The dangerous scope of this "NAFTA on steroids" deal is almost impossible to overstate.  Perhaps people aren't more incensed about TPP because they don't know, or because they can't believe it, but as Still says, TPP must be stopped! - Ed: Scott Baker

The TPP will be as bad for America as the European Union was for the sovereignty in European countries.

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Director at Still Productions

In 1996, we produced the highly acclaimed documentary, The MoneyMasters ( ).

It predicted the economic events that are just starting to befall this

country. This is now considered THE classic work on monetary reform.

Nobel Prize winning economist Milton Friedman guided us during the

editing process for this 3 hour 23 minute documentary and provides his
endorsement of it on our website.

  Bill Still is a former newspaper editor and publisher. He has written for USA Today, The Saturday Evening Post, the Los Angeles Times Syndicate, OMNI magazine, and produced the syndicated radio program, Health News. He has written 22 books and two documentary videos, including:

1.      The Hormone Headache

- New ways to prevent, manage, treat, migranes and other headaches,
222 pages, soft-backed, published by Macmillian, 1995. $20.  Over 20,000

in print.

2.      The Truth About TMJ - How to Help Yourself, the leading book on the temporomandibular joint problem. 148-pages, 1994, soft-backed. $20

3.      The Money Masters

203 minutes, 1996, a documentary history of the privately-owned central
banking scheme and its effects on American history. $20 retail (2 VHS
tapes or 1 DVD).  Over 50,000 in print.

4.      On the Horns of the Beast: the Federal Reserve and the New World Order - How a group of private bankers have been given a monopoly over our money. 158 page, softback.  $20.

5.      Legend of the Holy Lance - A fact-based novel about the lance that pierced the side of Jesus. 240 pages, Hardback, $27.95; softback, $20.

6.      Breathing for Musicians - a 96-page manual for music students showing them common mistakes made in the teaching of wind instruments and voice. $20.

7.      Why America Is Free: A History of the Founding of the American Republic 1750-1800

-- A 208-page 7-grade hard-backed text on the American revolutionary

period, 1998, published by the Mount Vernon Ladies' Association for The
Society of the Cincinnati, Washington, D.C., $20.  Over 60,000 in print.