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November 20, 2013

The squirrel's not eating it!

By Neal C Chambers

Inspired by attempts to require labeling for GMO's, many attempts to awaken society to harmful everyday products and a tireless editor I have submitted this article that provides a 'tip of the iceberg' view of the 'dog food products' being made for people.


GMO's become GE's 

Squirrels don't eat GMO Corn
(Image by Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Company)
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Is it just me or is there a movement afoot (now that people are becoming conscious of GMO's) to refer to them as GE's (genetically engineered).  Is this a ploy to confuse the already dumbed down public with mercury in their mouths and fluoride in their bones and brains?

One of the earliest articles I ever read on pollution in our food was written by Charles Bukowski.  He listed the long lists and percentages of insects, human parts and poisons that may be overlooked in the processing of food back around 1968.  The article was quite an eye opener for a young teenager, already a vegetarian.

Over the years I have often told myself not to be so fussy and to get along with others better.  Usually I have regretted any decision I made to relax the basic standards I had set for myself to avoid the toxic, wasteful traps of consumerism, concerned much more with profit than people (although the corporate propaganda always says the opposite in some kind of mind control and legal shield hybrid).

The more you are purified from contaminants the more you become aware of them with your taste.  People drinking chlorinated fluoridated water hardly ever take notice.  A person drinking filtered water (such as myself) who goes into a restaurant that serves chlorinated fluoridated water is appalled.  My hair stands on end.  I don't have to taste it, I can smell it!!!

After I moved to Santa Cruz where my friends were quite serious about all natural clothing I started wearing 100% cotton only.  Of course I was already aware that synthetic fibers often have molecular sized barbs that plow the surface of the skin like a farmer plows the soil, but after wearing cotton for some time, I could really feel the damage from synthetic material and didn't like it.

The same is true of scents.  Of course, most holistic doctors these days have signs asking patients not to come in with perfumes and we have all smelled the scent of that person who enters the room and reeks of a French Whorehouse.   When you don't use scents to mask your own natural pheromones, you really notice others who do.

Such awakened sensitivity can occur quite rapidly.  I used to get off work and go take a hot tub.  Before the hot tub my olfactory senses were largely shut down.  After the hot tub, however, smells assaulted my senses like a battering ram.   Try it some time.

I don't believe any good comes of numbing oneself to toxins in the environment.  Most people are capable of doing so, but is it really to anyone's advantage?

Socially it may seem wise if you are among a group of people desensitized to the pollution on their bodies, in their water, in their food and in their minds and oblivious to everything but their own ego's to go along with the crowd, but how far are you willing to go?

One time, I travelled with a friend who took an exceptional amount of time to chew his food.  The couple we were with pulled me aside and complained about my friend.   Yet through the years I keep getting hammered with the importance of chewing your food well and my friends unpopular act eventually became a milestone in common sense.

Once in a while the lobbyist type, ready to argue, will push harder than a car salesman to convince me to consume the dog food for people that fills our stores.   I must finally put them to rest with the con artists, sociopaths and tycoons from Nigeria who want me to help them move millions of dollars.

You are what you eat and your body is your temple.

The I Ching reminds me that great danger comes from the little infractions.  You tell yourself it won't matter this one time.  Yet with one act comes the seed to permit greater and greater indiscretions until one finds oneself mired in troubles asking, "How did I get here?"

If you read the labels, you'll see cottonseed oil as a frequent ingredient in processed foods.   We all know that many nutritional fats are dangerous, but cottonseed oil is NOT even a food.  Putting cottonseed oil in food is like mixing petroleum by-products in your shortening.

Paul Gaylon ( herbprod.com) once asked me to research a topic on the Internet.  Someone had told him of an article on "Canola" that had appeared stating Canola at one time had been diluted with petroleum oil to make greater quantities of Canola.  Canola = Canadian Oil Company.  Canola is a private business partnered with the Canadian Government and also funds its own "non-profit' organization to promote Canola.

As I began to read through thousands of articles on Canola to find that particular article, I noticed every article I read was posted by the non-profit corporation funded by Canola.  They had inundated the Internet with thousands of pages promising everything good in the world from Canola, probably to succeed in making sure no one ever saw the one article about how Canola had been mixed with Petroleum Oil.

I still think of the photo that went around Facebook a while back.   Someone put two ears of corn out, one GMO and one organic.   The next day the organic corn was eaten and the GMO corn was virtually untouched except for a few kernels.   I guess squirrels know better than to eat foods genetically engineered not to go bad while poisoning insects.   Perhaps if society had even a squirrel's brain it might be doing a whole lot better.

I think avoiding GMO's, GE's or the no-name they'll have as they become part of your diet without your knowledge is a great idea .   Doing so, you'll remove yourself from the rat lab arena of corporate profiteers and you will help sustainable healthy nutritional agriculture become the norm rather go extinct.

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I consider myself a renaissance man as I believe I have (since a very young age when I saw first-hand people with lives of starvation, without housing and without medical care) been on the cutting edge of understanding politics and foreign policy, of understanding not only science but being able to go beyond the bounds psuedo-science typically establishes for the masses; I am a persevering activist for truth and justice. I am a writer who loves to write to share my ideas with those who can appreciate them. I am a thinker who sees not only the immediate but the long distance in space and time. I communicate with a predilection for sometimes explaining things in such total depth that my eloquence is missed. In the spirit of a philosopher I love and study all knowledge known to man and anything unknown I find. I am not specialized but recall a plethora of unique and applicable knowledge. I currently lives in the Reno, Nevada area and cares for his elderly father. Although I was raised in a highly educated family and looked toward specializing myself, things did not work out as I planned them. My mother's egalitarian views made it important to me to view all people on a level plain regardless of appearances, preferences and status. Then their was the specter of nuclear war and the realization that most everyone put their personal lives first and that a vacuum existed where champions of peace and justice were desperately needed. That said, I am plagued with the thought that societies everywhere are populated by people with mediocre and misinformed notions and rarely or avoid altogether looking beyond their own needs. I was a hippie of the 1960's with hopes that by communication people could be awoken to see through the confusion that separates and alienates populations from each other. Not being overly optimistic back then has spared me bitter disillusionment now. I am joyous at the prospect of sharing ideas using the OpEdNews.com site and hopes you too find food for thought and inspiration from this site, as do I. And share the site with others. In this Orwellian time where our corporate media choruses to program people what to think (and not to think) instead of reporting that which is cataclysmically in the forefront of these changing times.