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November 9, 2013

The Second Silent Spring

By Cynthia Piano

The Fall Goddess, Iris, startles the unbeliever and smiles forth with the spark of Rachel Carson and John F. Kennedy in full bloom.


Venus, supported by Iris, complaining to Mars by EHayter at en.wikipediaUser:Mutter Erde
Second Silent Spring
The second silent spring has arrived.
She lives differently,
Breathing a new breath of spunk, spirit, timelessness, eternity
And completion.
Iris lives in November,
Strong and tall, lifting her new full buds high to the Fall sun
A rebloomer, as she is called in the marketplace
Risen beyond Belief
Beyond Expectation
Beyond normalcy
Beyond the below freezing temperatures that usually kill her.

American Robin - Turdus migratorius
The Robins return
Gathering and massing in the fruited crabapple, heavy with nourishing abundance and love 
Louisa weeps not
Spreading her branches, still green as the "noisy summer" display of life.
The Roses sprout new red branches bursting with fully formed spirals of color
A whiff of light sweet scent
Instead of burning leaves
Reaches the senses.
Vampyr ill artlibre jnl
The only dying energies are those of the recalcitrant
Pretending to be deaf
Unwilling to shift
With clawed fingers straining to hold on to the ill-begotten gains
Vampir-ed from the uninformed, generous, and unknowing.
Their skin withers and shrinks with disbelief,
Yielding the arrogant unclothed bones of the empty and uncaring.

Iris JAGrimshaw John Atkinson Grimshaw11
Focused and determined
The new ever-vibrant Iris is readying to bloom
Glowing Golden.
Defying time and space of limitation and lack
Believing, trusting, knowing
That the corner has been turned
The tipping point reached
Beyond the possible return to the old way of Being.

John F. Kennedy, White House photo portrait, looking up
Carson and Kennedy live again within us
Their smiling stirring sense of creating a new open peace
A pure harmony with all
Relinquishing power-over for free empowerment.

Charles Brown, Portrait of John Keats, 1819
And Keats is avenged
As the birds sing.
Awakening all
 They lay the base for the Great Thriving
A Legacy of Love. 
SHE unfurls her glorious petals now
In November.

"Rachel Carson Silent Spring"

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