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September 18, 2013

Nuts? (Mark Twain on the Navy Yard Shooting)

By Mark Sashine

Mad people will get us all killed. Here are some of them.


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Mad World
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Mad World by Sabbian Paine

AAA: Aaron Alexis Allegedly killed a lot of people in the Washington D.C. Navy Yard. Allegedly, because the police nowadays don't take prisoners. He was killed in the confrontation and now he is a meal for the media. This media mash came out snouts-a-snarling, with mental illness the topic of discussion.

Mr. Ed, the former Pennsylvania Governor, announced on the Morning Joe show that for him it did not matter whether a person was committed before or not; the previous behavior of A.A. should have prevented him from obtaining a clearance for admittance to the Navy Yard.

Mr. A.A. had been occasionally violent, heard voices, complained about microwaves, and shot into the ceiling. I agree with Mr. Ed here. There's no way such a person should have been working for the government. I am surprised, though, that Mr. Ed did not expand his net to other people who fit the profile, but either worked for our government before or are still in active politics. I would like to note some cases:

1. J.F.D., a State Secretary in the late 50s threw himself out of the window,    shouting "Russians are coming!"

2. J.F.K., a man praised by U.S. historians as the "Reluctant Hero," could not help himself with women and once confessed to the British Prime Minister that he could not go three days without intercourse.

3. R.R., the GOP saint, was, per testimonials of numerous people who knew him closely, a demented, sick person already when he became President. Stupidity was always with him, but dementia kicked in full-speed as soon as he entered the Oval Office.

4. Our Arkansas darling, Mr. C., while President used his powers to lure a visibly challenged young lady into the W.H. (talk about security!) to perform certain disgusting acts. When caught, he lied, avoided and cheated. That earned him praise from the MSM, and now he is considered one of the most enlightened statesmen of our times.

5. The all-forgiving wife of Mr. C., above, is famous for somehow acquiring about $100M, while starting with $100K. She is also known for such quotes as, "We came, we saw, he died." and "I was under fire in Bosnia." She had been a senator and Secretary of State, and now she is aiming for the Presidency.

6. A.G., the recent Fed Chairman, said in all seriousness, during Congressional hearings about the financial crisis, that his model of the world turned out to be wrong. I tried to imagine myself using such an argument in engineering. I would be declared nuts. AG not only got away with it, but some people dared to explain what he meant(!).

7. R.C., a V.P. under G.W., started his career by shooting 400 birds in one day. After that crowning achievement, he went into politics and became Vice President, which opened for him vast possibilities to kill not just birds, but people. Then he shot one of his friends in the face, and even that worked to his advantage. He is now honorably discharged and his children are following in his footsteps.

8. G.W., a Decider-in--Mischief, was known for believing that he was Moses reincarnated. That's what his mom told him once.  

9. B.O., our current leader, has a tendency to point a finger at someone and proclaim his intentions, such as "Qaddafi must go." Or "Assad must go." He also seems a little demented, because, despite being a Constitutional lawyer, he forgot the Constitution.

10. A certain lady, S.P., recently ran for the V.P. position and now has lots of money. That lady happens to not believe in evolution, exhibits pride in her total ignorance, and hears voices.

11. Another recently departed Congress lady, M.B., also heard voices, which told her that Congress was full of traitors and that they all had to be properly vetted. Not that the voices were totally wrong. But she could not understand that they were talking about her and people like her.

12. There is a whole group of people in the U.S. who seriously believe that an angel visited a man named Smith on a regular basis. One of those people recently ran for President. It was an angelic performance.

13. I forgot the name of the government official, the one who when asked how it was that a drone came to kill a 16-year-old teenager, an American citizen in Yemen, answered, "He should have chosen a better father."

There are also behavior patterns that are visibly nuts. The overwhelming majority of MSM folks behave very strangely on TV. One lady, M. on MSNBC, just nods her head back and forth and shows her legs. She is very popular. J.S., her partner, laughs or grins all the time; he seems to be frozen in that posture.

In fact, hysterical laughter is the common feature of all U.S. media people. There's that guy M.H., who constantly changes his appearance, as if he were a chameleon. An attentive viewer can have the time of his or her life watching the politicos. Senator J.M. from Arizona always looks like he has an upset stomach. Rookie senators T.C. from Texas and M.R. from Florida both look like autistic teenagers. (No offense to real kids who face that challenge.) Most of the women commentators (all with great titles) look like they had just come from an orgy and want to go back. And, GOD FORBID, you try to listen to what they all say?!

I agree with Mr. Ed. People like that will get us all killed.

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