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May 15, 2006

They’re YOUR children! So what are you gonna do about it!!!

By tedbohne

Let's look at troop preparedness - (Mild profanity)


Though the Army National Guard can be and has been federalized in previous wars, it has never played the major role it is now.

Some forty percent of the current US forces in the Middle East are National Guard and Army Reserve. However, when the Department of Offense, and Dumbsfeld tell you forty percent, then very likely the number is much higher.

The current reason for this historical miscalculation in terms of Reserve Troops is to keep Jenna Bushie,and little Babs in night clubs.

There are currently several “backdoor” drafts engaged in by the George. Calling back recent Retirees is one.

Calling back people from the Reserve Control Group to which people who’ve served the active component of the stretch they signed up for, are assigned.

Then there's my favorite! simply telling these troops they can’t go home.

All are disgusting in the extreme. We already know that Bush and Company are sick cowards so there’s not much use in visiting that stall again.

Now, however, the George wants to send NGs to the US Mexico border to help his herd of idiot vigilanties.

Now here's a quagmire there will be no return from since there will always be people from South and Central America and Mexico willing to take a chance they can make it.

Since I’ve lived the largest portion of my 51 years down here, I can tell you with authority, the George is about to make one more in an endless litany of fuckups.

THERE IS NO WAY TO CLOSE THE US MEXICO BORDER! Anymore than you can search all the shipping containers or close the US Canadian border.

There are no terrorists coming across the border either. Never have been. Though there is a drug problem, however it is comparatively minor compared to the horrors the Bush Regime has visited on the US and is trying to foist in the name of "protection."

It would be interesting to see an unabused survey in terms who's actually frightened enough to piss their pants, and the poor saps who just don't have the money or horsepower to stop the BushFuck.

The lion’s portion of these people has kinfolk in the US and hasn’t yet heard THERE IS NO BETTER LIFE HERE. All Thanks to the Bush Crime Family and associates.

Oh, by the by, for you knuckleheads who think these immigrants are stealing all our "waalfar," and jobs..........NOT!

Anywhoo, back to US troop strength. It is clear that the Bush wads haven’t a clue about managing armed forces. They’re trying to start a war with Iran that there isn’t a snowball’s chance in hell of them winning.

Iran, unlike Iraq, a thrice beaten country either directly or indirectly by the US, and currently engaged in a civil war thanks to George, has a well established, well trained, and well equipped armed force. It has a well equipped air force as well.

Oh! Did I mention Russian surface to air missiles?

The only thing of worth to come out of such an escapade is the George and his dummies will find out what REAL BATTLE TESTING MEANS. Much of this American JUNK is already being replaced.

Most likely because it keeps the military hog fed. The rational people well know there is no reason for all this war and runaway spending. But the George has a bunch of fat piggies to feed. Oh, that goes for your money and your kids as well.

The Military is in the largest state disarray perhaps ever, and George and his poodle Condi are running around the world throwing threats and demands around like they could actually back them up! Just goes to show “what you don’t know CAN hurt you, or worse, someone else.”

It’d be interesting to see an ORT (Operational Readiness Test) on all Army and Marine Corps Units.

You’ve got people training recruits whose only experience in any form of “combat” is the First Bush war, and the present clusterfuck which cannot be used for training purposes, unless the thrust of the training was teaching these troops to loose fast and let’s go home.

Then you have the old timers who saw a week or so in Panama or even GRENADA!!

These people currently dying in the Middle East, have no targets, no government to back up, no reason for being in Iraq, or Afghanistan and NO COMMANDER IN CHIEF TO LEAD THEM since the bastard was never elected. (Deserted the TANG though) The George and crap were miserably wrong about this whole disastrous affair.

Recruiters have dress up in their monkey suits to stalk high school kids making all sorts of promises (lies) trying to suck the kids into Iraq. They’re not going to college, nor is the VA going to take GOOD care of them with current VA spending cuts to give money to the rich, when they come back sans a limb or two. Of course transport of the KIAs is still cardboard boxes.

Generally, it'll be snowing in hell before you catch me saying things couldn’t get much worse. Because for me, that statement usually ushers in something worse.

But by God and Sonny Jesus, it’s hard to imagine a bigger wad of shit than the US Government and its current pigs are in! (they seem to be falling like bowling pins to felony charges!)

If Jerkoff George is going to continue his dipshit wars, he owes these people the courtesy of training that actually has a chance of saving their lives, British perhaps.(I'm not kidding)

Get them WHATEVER FUCKING EQUIPMENT THEY NEED, and finally stay hell out of wars that have no point, and you can’t win even if you knew what you were doing.


America better hope it doesn’t need armed forces any time soon since they don’t have any.

All this to keep rich kids out of harms way. WELL, they’re YOUR children! So what are you gonna do about it!!!

Submitters Bio:
Mr. Bohne is a clockmaker and activist. He HATES the US Government, and without stretching the truth (reality) will do anything to dig up dirt on any of these bastards, as long as it's REAL dirt.

"the first man to raise his fists, is the first man to run out of ideas."