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July 18, 2013

Telling Our Stories: The Creative Work of Patricia Morrison

By Burl Hall

Why is our world a mess? Could it be the stories that we have been taught since day one of our lives? Could it be that we need to create a new story and begin telling it? This article explores this idea in line with the work of Patricia Morrison, who envisions us all as co-creators of a just and sustainable future.


Patricia Morrison
(Image by Patricia Morrison)
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Patricia Morrison by Patricia Morrison

Our lives are filled with stories in multiple dimensions. With each of us, we can recount our personal story. "I was born in Beckley, West Virginia on June 17, 1954 to Mary Ann and Burl Benson Hall Sr. My family moved to Baltimore Maryland when I was 2 and grew up on the outskirts of Baltimore." I could then go through and recount the conditioning I went through by my schooling, my parents, the effects of traumatic events (e.g., my father's death), visions of a Goddess at the age of 5 etc."

These are aspects of my personal story that define somewhat who I think I am. Then there are the stories that Mother Culture teaches us through parents, peers, institutions such as education, religion, employment and in written text. These cultural stories influence our personal stories and have a major impact on how our stories play out and who we think we are. Thus we are indoctrinated into the culture of consumerism (produce -' consume -' discard) while also being taught a cultural story of our development as western civilization. Our teachers have taught us well regarding how we came to colonize and civilize the Natural World and the more ancient (backwards) ways of tribal cultures. Our ways were not to be questioned. Even today, when I question rationalism I am met with anger. Rationalism for many is NOT to be questioned. (Thus the touted "scientific method" belies itself!) Yet, what if it's central to our polluted, warring world? What if it leads us along the yellow-brick (monetary) road right into Hell-on-Earth?

Our cultural identity is entrenched, even in the face of our scientific evidence--the Guru of the Western World--which has systemically shown how reductionism and rationalism is not the primary way that Nature operates. Indeed, many have shown that more ancient cultures were more in line with modern findings of physics than what the modern Europeans ever have been. For that, I must admit I admire science for science is behaving in the way that I have been taught it should, i.e, to question its self, if necessary. And, it has! Through physics to biology to evolutionary theory, the reductionistic, mechanistic science of people such as Descarte and Newton has been turned on its ear.

One of the primary quirks in physics, for example, was that a photon would appear as a wave when not being observed by a scientist and a particle when being observed. Thus this screen upon which the reader is reading is a wave which then becomes a screen upon being observed? How else could it get through those tiny little holes to each side of the reader's nose? See, this gets to be a great deal of fun. The wave contains all kinds of information that interacts with whatever is observing. If you're tripping on acid or high on pot, you'll get a different perception of this article than if you just woke up and your kids are tugging on your skirt wanting breakfast. In similar fashion, an animal that can see infrared will see what is being observed through those lenses while our eyes only see in the spectrum inherent in the human perceptual process, which is further conditioned by our state of mind and physical being.

Thus, the notion that there is an "objective" (read objectified) world out there with a detached and objective scientist is false. The scientist always sees through his or her eyes, which are a function not only in terms of what waves he is able to perceive in vision, touch and hearing; but, how his mind is conditioned to look at the world.

Nonetheless, Mother Culture goes right on rationalizing and teaching us to worship the outworn "scientific" view that supports a technology and sociology that are destroying humankind. Does this mean we can't look at the world through the eyes of an Eagle? I wouldn't negate that potential. As the Christian Meister Eckhart once said, "All creatures are within me." Thus, he saw like an Eagle in soaring above his conditioned, rational mind!

The question thus becomes what are the stories we tell ourselves and how do they impact us? What new stories could we "mother" to "father" or "inseminate" the birth of a new world? Using these terms, I'm linking the notion of male and female to cosmic process, which is hardly ever done in our alienated and fragmented culture. Yet, the fact remains, the Sun sails around the galaxy in the embryonic embrace of Mother Space while his rays enter the Earth to inseminate the seeds lying within.

Nuit (Space) Birthing and Swallowing Ra (Sun) by Crystalinks


Thus, Genesis 1:27 says God created Adamah in Her/His image, "male and female created (S)He them!"

And, psychologists say we are an alienated lot! Why? We are reflections of a cosmic dance!

Could it be that we can begin to tell ourselves a different story? Patricia Morrison--folk singer, song writer, advocate of stories, and mentor to creative spirits--seems to think so! As Ra lies in the Womb of Nuit, the story lies within us waiting to be born. His rays shall shine upon the face of this Earth and new life will flower from the depths. Thus, through her mothering, Patricia is fathering a new world, a world of love, peace and empowerment. She thus embodies the image of Nuit birthing Ra, or, one could say, through her (just as through Mary), the Word is indeed made flesh!

Thus the world is the word with a consonant added ("l"). I would further state that the word is more verb than noun....process more so than product. It lives, loves, creates, dies, and is reborn. Unless one knows the verb, one continues to think of the universe, God, etc as a thing rather than the Way, as in Lao Tzu's sense of the Tao. Many say Christ is the Way, but tend to see this as subscribing to a belief system. This is not the Way, the Way is simply the Way and not just the subscription to a belief. Believe or disbelieve, decide to follow or not follow, you will still follow the Way.

Or as Ende knew in his classic tale of the Never Ending Story, the reader reading the story is the story being read. Thus, we are the Word, the primordial vibrations emanating from the Center of the universe, which is non-local, meaning everywhere and nowhere simultaneously, meaning that the Center is within you and me wherever we are. The wave and the particle are One, forever interpreting the incredible story "I Am!"

Patricia helps us find our center where the Word arises. Her work entails helping " brilliant, but unknown and underpaid creatives who are overwhelmed and who have piles of unfinished projects to reclaim their creativity and refuel their lives. After working with me, my clients gain focus, energy, and confidence to turn their projects from dream to done so they can generously share their gifts with the world and reap personal rewards (like money, fans, and recognition) along the way."

Patricia also promotes the power of stories online, writing:

Stories are how we teach, how we learn, how we share our deepest selves and try on risks safely. Stories are how we express visions in ways that help others to see what is possible and express longings for what seems impossible. This is why sharing your stories, visions, and creativity is so vital.

You, me, all of us, human and more-than-human, are the voice of I-Am. We live the story, we share the story, we co-create the story. We are the Word made flesh. I would take Patricia remarkable words and say it is our stories that become flesh. Thus, the story inherent in Western Civilization has led to an alienated lot of people while destroying the natural lands upon which we live. Isn't it interesting that Nature has two primary meanings, Essence and the Wild, which includes this planet, Her father, the sun, and Her Mother, the Universe? We can attune our ears to the story Mother Earth is telling us before our make-believe swallows us whole.

The story we tell ourselves about Nature is the story we tell ourselves about our Self. As an egg becomes a fetus becomes a baby becomes a reader and a writer, Nature has become us and we have projected ourselves onto Her. Thus, this planet is becoming a wasteland in the image of our busy corporately-conditioned minds via pollution, over grazing and over building. Yet, deep inside, if we go deeply into the matter composing our bodies, we will find atoms existing in the same relationship as stars and planets to intergalactic space. Remember this as you look into the nighttime skies. Look through the veil of pollution into the Truth above, below, and within you--the Truth that will, indeed, set you free. Awaken to the truth that your conditioning by education, the need to make a "buck," and the supremacy of Man, are the pollutants that keep you from seeing into your depths?

What Patricia promises us is the opportunity to co-create a new story and a new planet. Thus it is said that a new Earth shall arise. This new Earth will manifest when a new "Adamah" arises, one in which Eve is no longer subsidiary to Adam. This entails more than just woman not being subsidiary to man, but the Soul, the Deeper Consciousness (of the body and of the Earth) not being subsidiary to the ego, the rational mind. While a man may take the "lead" when dancing with a woman, his sensitivity would be to attend to her nonverbal cues in identifying where she wishes to go. It is this subtle voice that ultimately leads. It is the potential within her womb that offers him posterity. Being the power of both birth and death, she may indeed wind up presenting us with a new life or a stinging horrid death.

Both are potentials of the story. And, alas, it is only through the portal of death, the return to the Primordial Womb of Nature, that the resurrection of the New is able to emerge. Thus the egg devours sperm, integrating him into herself while taking on his genes, and begins to take form as new life. The question we need to ask ourselves is: "Dare we allow our conditioned lives which comprise the old story to be devoured so the new can emerge?" Knowing the power of the Female, one realizes death is the only portal to birth. The Male's erection must be spent in surrender to the darkness of the unknown within the womb. The Goddess as Mother, Sustainer, and Fate are not three Goddesses. Thus, metaphorically reflecting the process, men emerge from Woman head first and return head first in marriage, sex and death.

Patricia invites you to participate through her two beautiful songs that you can hear on her Envision This episode. My wife and I invite you to participate through this article. The Earth invites you to participate each and every day and night. Whatever your medium, whatever your gifts, whatever your passion, come--enter into the co-creative dance of I-Am that invites us all to participate.

Stories Take Flight by Patricia Morrison

To listen to an interview, and the beautiful singing of Patricia Morrison on Envision This, visit:


Patricia's website is http://www.innerfireouterlight.com/

To learn more about Patricia's music, visit:


Submitters Bio:

Burl is an avid writer and publishes to OpEd News. He is author of "Sophia's Web: A Passionate Call to Heal Our Wounded Nature." As of this writing, Burl is planning to self-publish the book. Alongside his wife, Burl co-hosts an on line radio show that seeks to give voice to visionaries of a just, sustainable and equitable future. The show is called "Envision This!". Burl's primary passion is in the unity of world religions to science and the holographic nature of the universe in which the part mirrors the whole. Burl has a master's degree in counseling psychology. He is currently retired from work that involved helping families with problem behaviors in their adolescents. From a larger systems issue perspective, this work helped to save the state money by keeping kids in the home. The work Burl did with these kids helped him to consolidate a long felt intuition that the sociopathic behaviors of criminals, both adults and children, mirror the criminality of the primary system. This helped to reinforce Burl's interest in the holographic theory of physicist David Bohm as well as the neurologist Karl Pribram. Both of these men came up with the holographic theory independent of each other (yes, the did meet). IN essence, the theory states the part mirrors the whole. As such, Burl will often say that how a fetus builds itself in the womb via the interactions of the parts, then so does the Earth. Indeed, as far as the Earth is concerned, this is the primary thesis of James Lovelock.

Burl's job in writing is to try and flesh out this holographic pattern. In addition to writing Sophia's Web, Burl has written fiction. He has a fictional book titled "Mermaiden's Tale" which is about a love affair between a man and a woman who wind up being on a different planet because the the Earth was being destroyed by the actions of the corporations and the government. Burl also writes poetry. He is torn about publishing because poetry to him is highly organic and evolves constantly. Thus, Burl's best works are those written several years ago which have been changed over the years. This brings us to Burl's basic message: Consistency is change. Everything in the universe is evolving in relationship to everything else. More than that, each one of us sparks an evolution on this planet in our being. Perhaps the best way to put this is that everything is in relationship to everything. To use a simple example, as I type, I breathe out carbon dioxide, which the trees breathe in. The trees then breathe out oxygen which we breathe in. The planet specifically and the universe in general is one system that is maintained in diversity. Could this be why the universe is comprised of "uni" or oneness and "verse" signifying versatile? Or, as the saying goes, "all for one and one for all."