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July 15, 2013

Why The Martin Family Should File A Wrongful Death Lawsuit

By Leon Thompson

We should not forget that O. J. Simpson who was not found guilty of murdering two people and was eventually forced to testify within the legal terms of a Wrongful Death Civil lawsuit


From http://www.flickr.com/photos/24124168@N00/3237465861/: Civil lawsuit worked on OJ
Civil lawsuit worked on OJ by SarahSphar

(1)  We should not forget that O. J. Simpson who was not found guilty of murdering two people and was eventually forced to testify within the legal terms of a Wrongful Death Civil lawsuit and was eventually convicted in regard to this civil lawsuit. In addition, singer Michael Jackson's family also filed a Wrongful Death Lawsuit against his attending physician who was  eventually found guilty also.   
(2)  I can also visualize a theory that the young Mr. Martin would be alive today if the shooter had NOT just shot him in the vital chest area and only aimed his concealed weapon within the victim's shoulder area or leg area of his victim without the need or full intent to kill him.
(3)  I also believe that this shooting incident could have been avoided if Mr. Zimmerman had been visually identified as a neighborhood watch person and not as a total stranger within the victims housing neighborhood. It is therefore possible that the victim's neighborhood watch organization or company should also be liable in regard to this shooting by not identifying their authorized security personnel within this victim's housing community. This could have been easily achieved by furnishing their neighborhood watch personnel with some sort of plastic identification badge with Mr. Zimmerman's picture and name on it that in the interim would verify his presence and authority. 

In addition, if this identical community organization or company had a mandated dress code that would have included a  white shirt and black pants this would have been helpful also. In addition, if their watchdog personel had within their possession a firearm, it should have also been mandatory displayed to the open general public--especially for those persons who may just be visiting relatives or friends within this housing community. 

The State of Florida may have their existing laws today, but any security firm should also adopt their very own policies or laws also in order to protect the general public along with their dwelling residence customers. 
(4)  No evidence was revealed during the trial of Mr. Zimmerman that Mr. Martin was carrying anything of valuable such as a DVD player or TV set that may have been burglarized within this housing community. In addition, during any burglary there are usually two people involved and not just one, since one burglar suspect will usually be utilized as a lookout to make sure no person or police is approaching the residence that is being burglarized.  
(5)  It is also a fact that the murder trial of Mr. Zimmerman revealed that Mr. Zimmerman's recollection of the shooting event were inconsistent during the entire trial, however Mr. Zimmerman did not take the witness stand to tell the jury or the American People as to what truly happened during this shooting episode. However, during any civil Wrongful Death Lawsuit he will be required by law to answer any cross examination questions that may clarify the shooting events that may have happened on that shooting day.  
(6)  One of the inconsistence statements that remains in my mind today is the fact that Mr. Zimmerman stated that he went to the housing compound to walk his dog on this shooting day that had remained in his van. I do not know about you, but I personally would not walk my dog during the presence of any rain nor do I think anyone else would do the same also.
(7)  There are many inconsistencies in this shooting murder case and I am quite sure that you remember all or some of them as I did.

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Leon is, and always has been, a yellow dog Democrat. He is also a Korea War Veteran and is a retired 76 year old Senior Citizen. He has also been active within his State campaigning for various Democrat candidates during his younger years and has also testified before various State Legislature committees during the year of 2006 on behalf of Senior Citizens.