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June 16, 2013

Kurdish people need to adopt USA Constitution !!!

By Hamma Mirwaisi

After the Iraq war in 2003, the US Government further assisted the Barzani and Talabani families to reinforce their own military forces; each one had more than one hundred thousand private troops. Now, many generals and politicians from the US, (1) Israel and the EU are partners with the Barzani and Talabani families in corrupt schemes to appropriate the Kurdish people's oil resources.


By Hamma Mirwaisi and Alison Buckley

Many do not know that some of the foundational precepts of the United States Constitution originated with the Median (ancient Kurdish) and Persian Emperor Cyrus the Great, whose grandmother was the former Princess of Lydia, now western Turkey. His multi-cultural, bi-religious upbringing exposed him to the most just, noble and humane features of government, and the worst of the violent, dictatorial imposition of destructive religious strictures by the state.

Like the great Israeli hero King David, Cyrus' simple childhood after his rescue from a near death kidnap attempt, taught him much about the popularly beneficial dispersion of power. This he shared with his Median General Harpagos, a military strategist of the caliber of Alexander the Great, but whose political wisdom has reached much further down the annals of time. Together they formulated the idea of a national Federal Government consisting of a confederation of states. It was used by Harpagos in 530 BCE to solve the problem of how to govern the people of Lycia, in south-western Turkey. Politically successful western nations such as the US and Australia have since adopted this re-developed concept with its checks and balances on executive, legislative and judicial powers.

When President Thomas Jefferson participated in the writing of the US Constitution, he referred to Cyrus' and Harpagos' life and policies to arrive at a functional state system. The result was a Constitution that has made the USA one of the most enduring world superpowers in any age, compared to other powers, such as Japan, which has existed for thousands of years.

In the tenor of Cyrus' law making, the well-recognized Christian origins of the US Constitution have allowed for the inclusion of other influences on its formulation, apart from biblical and traditional Christianity. But in Kurdistan, Cyrus' homeland, Islamist political parties are insisting that the Kurdish Constitution must be based on the Islamic religion only.

In a sad irony of denial of ancestral rights, the Kurdish people now know little about the constitution authored by one of their illustrious forbears. Since not long after Cyrus' tragic death trying to sort out crucial matters in Afghanistan (another haunting political irony), two and a half thousand years of Kurdish history attests to most subsequent generations of Kurds' lives under dictatorship and the lawless rule of criminals.

Kurds today live with a dim generational consciousness of their forefather the prophet Zoroaster's revival of original of monotheism, which provided the ethical, legal and spiritual framework for Emperor Dayukku's establishment of the Median Empire around 640BCE. The resulting complex civilization is evidenced today in the underground caves of central Turkey's Derinkuyu, structures comparable in expanse, complexity and engineering genius with the pyramids, while the extremely old mysteries of Göbekli Tepe, described as the most important archeological site in the world, remain under Turkish control.

Apparently with little regard for the preservation of this civilization's peoples, Kurdish Regional Government President Massoud Barzani shows that he does not have any respect for constitutions and laws; he and his family plus his partner Jalal Talabani, President of Iraq, and his family act as though they are above the laws in Kurdistan. Unlike millions of other Kurds who are  deprived of the true knowledge of their history, Barzani and Talabani have no excuse for their disrespect for Cyrus the Great's and General Harpagos' nation building work; their fortunes allow them access to an education of which they apparently refuse to take advantage.

Barzani's and Talabani's records of abuse of the Kurdish people with little adherence to human rights and laws designed to protect citizens from exploitation and injustice, as well as provide them with opportunities for personal and economic prosperity, spans fifty years. Under the rule of these men, satisfactory explanations for the disappearance of individual citizens denied recourse to due legal processes and the rulings of properly constituted courts are never offered. Although claiming to be Kurds, these two leaders remain ethically estranged from Zoroastrianism and the human rights declarations embedded in Cyrus the Great's laws.

Past and present US Governments must take significant responsibility for Barzani's behavior in Kurdistan. President Bush, the first to call on Kurds to revolt against Saddam Hussein's government during the first Persian Gulf War for the liberation of Kuwait, was answered by the Kurdish people's revolt. But the US Government stopped the war and allowed Iraqi forces to butcher Kurds, while millions of others took refuge in Turkey, Iran and the mountains. Under public pressure the US Government protected the Kurdish people, but helped the Barzani and Talabani families to run that part of Kurdistan under Iraqi Arab occupations.

After the Iraq war in 2003, the US Government further assisted the Barzani and Talabani families to reinforce their own military forces; each one had more than one hundred thousand private troops. Now, many generals and politicians from the US, (1) Israel and the EU are partners with the Barzani and Talabani families in corrupt schemes to appropriate the Kurdish people's oil resources.

Barzani and Talabani family members have joined the list of world millionaires and billionaires in very short time, (2) apparently with very little work effort, a fact which the US Government well knows. Instead of protecting the Kurdish people, to whom it owes the foundational generations of the European Aryan stock that helped build their nation, the US government has overseen the creation of more Saddam-like dictators, who once again inflicted abuse on the remaining Kurdish people in their own country.

If the claim by one American journalist that the current US Vice-President is interlocutor with Barzani in his oil business (3) is true, it begs the question: Who else is involved in the stripping of oil wealth from the Kurdistan region of Iraq? And if the CIA and FBI know who they are, why does the US Government not take any legal action against its citizens involved in Barzani's and Talabani's corruption?

The shame for everyone is that the ancient Kurdish laws endorsed peace, but now there is war throughout Kurdistan. Unless the international powers led by the US, recognize the massive swindles occurring in most parts of Kurdistan, leaders like Barzani and Talabani leave no choice for Kurds but to rise up against them and re-claim those laws, so they can be applied over the land, its resources, and most importantly to liberate its peoples.

Hamma Mirwaisi and Alison Buckley are authors of the historical novels Vashti Queen of the Ancient Medes (Kurds), Esther Mystery Queen of the Medes (Kurds) and Unified Kurdish Language: The Language of Zoroaster and Darius the Great. They are working to revive the ancient "Airyanem Civilization" record in this series of books, and are calling for the establishment of an "Economic Union" for the Middle East to solve some of the problems among the population of that part of the world.





Authors Bio:

Hamma Mirwaisi was exposed to the oppression of Kurds while still a youth, as his education was frequently interrupted by Iraqi government harassment. Forbidden from entering university in 1968, he had little choice but to join the peshmerga (freedom fighter) forces of Mustafa Barzani from 1968 to 1975 in their battles against the Iraqi Government forces.
Although the conflict was resolved by treaty in 1975, he foresaw reprisals by Saddam Hussein's secret service against his extended family. He took his wife and two children to Iran, and in 1976 they entered the US as legal refugees, settling in Valley City, North Dakota.
Mirwaisi completed BS and MS degrees in Electrical Engineering at the University of North Dakota. That led to a technical career, beginning in 1982 at the Sperry Corporation in Minneapolis. Sperry's merger with Unisys Corporation caused the end of his program, and he took up Ph.D. studies in Radio-Frequency (RF) Engineering at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. Eventually he returned to work at Honeywell, where he completed his career, becoming the Senior RF Engineer on the Air Force Satellite Communication program.
The tragedy of the Kurds intervened again in 1995. His sister and her two-year-old daughter were drowned while escaping Saddam Hussein's reprisals against the Kurds for their rebellion during the first Gulf War.
He returned to Kurdish affairs in 2004, when the US Army called on him to serve as an interpreter in the second Gulf War. At the end of that assignment, he began seeking American corporate sponsors for the rebuilding of Kurdistan. However, the Barzanis, who controlled the Kurdistan Regional Government, saw the initiative as a scheme to undermine their own influence and expelled Mirwaisi from Iraq. The doors to government and corporate sponsorship of works in Kurdistan (at least those that did not include a Barzani rake-off) slammed shut.
Since then, Mirwaisi has devoted his efforts to spreading the word about Kurdish history and culture through writing and speaking. After his first book, Return of the Medes, he was invited to serve for a year as an honorary member of the Kurdistan National Congress (KNK), a Kurdish parliament in exile that sits in Brussels. He is the author of many other books on Kurdish affairs

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