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February 19, 2013

Forward On Climate Change isn't a request!

By Cory Clark

More than 45,000 protesters surround the White House in a demonstration demanding real action on climate change. On the back of Obama's State of the Union and arrests earlier in the week. "We have one demand; Obama stop," said Harris Mud.


'Save Me,' Polar Bears United
(Image by Cory V. Clark)
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"Save Me," Polar Bears United by Cory V. Clark
Washington D.C. - More than 40,000 Anarchists, Occupiers, Environmentalist surrounded the White House to demonstrate against the Keystone XL Pipeline; as well as, to demand real solutions to climate change issues.

The event began around noon in between the Washington monument and the front of the White house with music and speeches from various Environmental groups.

This march comes just a week after 48 people were arrested demonstrating against the Tar Sands also here in the nation's Capital, including several celebrities.

It also follows on the back of Obama's State of the Union speech where he spoke about climate change but gave no hard solution and even seemed to have Wall Street's interest in mind rather than the American peoples.

We need to be able to breath!
(Image by Cory V. Clark)
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We need to be able to breath! by Cory V. Clark

Obama is Clearly following a well worn path for his administration where no crisis goes to waste in pursuit of his globalist agenda, for him a deadly hurricane and winter storm is a chance to bring in Carbon Taxes and make more money for his friends than rather than actually fix the problem," said IER President Thomas Pyle.

"The Time is right for this rally, we want president Obama to know that if he takes bold action to stabilize the climate and create jobs the American People will get behind him," said Frances Beinecke of the Natural Resources Defense Council.

Indigenous Peoples lead the Way on Climate Change
(Image by Cory V. Clark)
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Indigenous Peoples lead the Way on Climate Change by Cory V. Clark

The march was officially led by several Native American groups including Indigenous Environmental Network and the Ponca Nation. But unofficially led by several groups of Anarchist and other Radical groups who seemed to motivate the marshals into moving the march along until they made it to the Lafayette Park side of the White House where several of the Marshals demanded they keep it moving while some groups cozied up to the White House fence.

45,000 plus strong and growing
(Image by Cory V. Clark)
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45,000 plus strong and growing by Cory V. Clark

(Image by Cory V. Clark)
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ClimateCare! by Cory V. Clark

"Everybody has to start somewhere, but the American People should have taken to the streets a lot hard and a lot sooner, I don't know what this entails, but we need more radical actions now," said said long time Anarchist activist and Philadelphia artist Dani Finger.

Although no arrest were made Secret Service did demand one woman keep a black Anarchist Flag below the top of the white house fence and told another individual that he could be arrested for climbing the fence as he bounced up and down while holding the fence to a nearby drum beat .

Code Pink, there is no plan B!
(Image by Cory V. Clark)
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Code Pink, there is no plan B! by Cory V. Clark

No others were asked to keep their signs below the top of the fence despite the fact that many of the signs carried on sticks were clearly above the top of the fence.

There was at least one case of Hypothermia as the temperature stayed below freezing and winds stayed constant throughout the day.

After the march protesters went back to the mall for a series of performances.

Let's give them a future.
(Image by Cory V. Clark)
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Let's give them a future. by Cory V. Clark

Later in the evening a second demonstration was held in front of the Canadian Embassy against the pipeline.
"We have have just one demand; Obama Stop," said Harris Mud!

No arrest were reported.

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Cory Clark is an Independent Photojournalist and writer, focused on Civil and Human Rights issues, National and international politics, and Social Justice Movements. He is currently working to document the lives of the homeless from their perspective, at the end of the project titled 'From The Ground Up,' with the intent of writing a book about their experiences as well as producing photo book from his time with homeless people on the streets. In addition he is currently photographing the anti-police violence demonstrations in DC.