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February 11, 2013

The Puppy chases it's tail...Do you?

By Paul Repstock

When prominent people admit to lies and deceit, how do we trust that anyone tells the truth?


screen grab from youtube video
screen grab from youtube video
(Image by youtube by Roland Rhodes)
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screen grab from youtube video by youtube by Roland Rhodes

Much to the delight of playfully tormenting humans, an inquisitive and energetic puppy can easily be encouraged to chase and even bite it's own tail.

We can all see the image clearly in our minds.

What we don't see so clearly are the implications of the same thing being done to people. Yet it happens all the time and has throughout history. The selective application of stimulus and feeding of disinformation, can lead us to "rush off madly in all directions'.

The Media, acting as an imperfect mouthpiece for various figures of authority and expertise is our chief source of stimulus. We try to reconcile the external stimuli fed to us with our very limited personal sphere, and fail miserably. There is no way to avoid confusion.

Now it does not seem so impossible that our "News Feed" has merely been generated to provide amusement for some "greater' beings. However, considering the time and energy apparently expended, one could also consider larger objectives.

If we believe that we are being mislead there are several key requirements to counter it successfully:

First, we must be certain that there is wrong information being spread. In the reporting of many recent controversial events this is relatively easy, because there are competing and contradictory narratives. Therefore some of the "facts" must be false, spread either in error or maliciously. Our job is to find the means to nail down at least some of the key facts. (For example: What was Adam Lanza's connection to Sandy Hook Elementary School? Or, why were First Responder Paramedics denied access to the victims till after the forensics team had attended?) If there are solid points of reference a pattern can be formed.

Second, we must identify the primary sources of the competing narratives and seek a pattern of connections between various types and biases in the narratives. (In the prelude to the invasion of Iraq, the American White House was releasing information about "Weapons of Mass Destruction". This information was contradicted by some people in the intelligence services, until the eve of the invasion.) Unless we know exactly who told the story in a certain way, we don't know the weight to give.

Third, we need to identify possible motives for disinformation to create a benefit matrix that would then link certain groups and individuals with certain information biases(Lies??). Sometimes the motives and biases are obvious. ( Philip Zelikow was a White House insider who had effective control over what the 911 commision report contained. How could anyone expect him to publish a report which was critical of the Administration or the President?) Everyone has an agenda, and that agenda need not be obvious.

Fourth, then we need to construct an objective and reliable source, a data base, which publishes only the verifiable facts from specified sources. For many, such a source would be deadly boring. But, much of colour commentary is actually bias by the use of linguistic tricks. Descriptive adjectives can be used to create false images. ("A passer by in a hoodie" automatically becomes a menacing black man; even if the only thing reported was the hoodie.) Facts can be obscured intentionally by use of connotation and association, or they can be skewed by factors as subtle as the reporter's body language. Constructing such a fact base is a huge undertaking. Only the existence of computers and the internet makes it possible. (There are examples of Verification Matrices. The broadest based being the Bitcoin Matrix. In order for a value to be accepted by the system, all other databases must confirm that value.) In such a system the more positive points of reference for a news source, the greater would be the credibility of that reporter, and by extension the more credibility to the story they present. This is not represented by systems such as Face Book where anyone can "Like" a posting without any responsibility or obligation.

The Modern Media, including the Alternative Media, are not providing objective and reliable news. In many cases the news is nothing more than opinions or analysis on a few points. Often the reader is required to accept anonymous assertions from unnamed sources. In the race to be first and score points with reader's attention there is too little weight put on verification. And give the absence of consequences for missreportage,   other agenda can be pursued with impunity. Unnamed and anonymous sources can no longer be accepted as having credibility, even if, and perhaps specially if, they are supported by the weight of popular opinion.

We must become the puppy, finally tired of the game, which leaves us exhausted and looking like fools, or worse. To maintain our dignity and even our sanity, we have only two choices. We must either, opt-out and ignore the game and the potential machinations of our leaders (Many people have gone this route, "Screw you and your dumb game, this is not relevant to my life"), or we must be assertive and take control of our portion of this game by demanding a level playing field which includes our own copy of the play book. Making the latter choice may appear more interesting. But, it demands that each of us must be more rigorous in our thinking and more positive in our actions.

The middle road, the path of the dilettante, is dangerous for us personally and for our society. An interest in current events not supported by a commitment to finding the truth wherever it might be, will probably lead to a psychic failure. And it will certainly contribute to the anxiety and confusion of all you communicate with.

Editor's note: for your edification and distraction, here's a video of a puppy chasing its tail. 

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The (formerly)reluctant revolutionary.
I am concerned that human forms of organization and governance have become obsessed with control rather than fair representation of the people. I fear that this will not only stunt our development, but may destroy us all, an organism which does not grow ultimatly dies.
The No Fly Lists are only one obvious and lasting evidence that Justice and Freedom have been defeated.
is proof positive that not one of them has a Democratic agenda.
Since there is no mention in government of the loss of individual Liberty, we have to assume that the government does not consider Liberty to be a good thing.
That is plain as I can state my position. I see no other answers. We have to stop playing this rigged game by their rules. If we don't, most of us sheep will be lined up along a ditch and slaughtered. That is what usually happens to those too weak to resist.