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January 20, 2013

Poem for MLK Day

By Sherwood Ross

The American people oppose war, yet their elected officials support it; the American people want to preserve Social Security, and expand Medicare and Medicaid, yet their elected representatives are threatening these humanitarian programs. The time is ripe for a new non-violent mass movement based on love and compassion of the sort that transformed the country for the better in the 1950s and 1960s.


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Rise up! Rise up, Americans! Too long have you delayed! While imperial-minded presidents Their cruel wars they have made. The hard-earned coin for which you toil Is spent on wars on foreign soil, The liberties you enjoyed of late Are clubbed to death by the police state. Rise up! Rise up, Americans! Adopt the non-violent creed!  MLK showed us the way Love is all we need.

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Sherwood Ross worked as a reporter for the Chicago Daily News and contributed a regular "Workplace" column for Reuters. He has contributed to national magazines and hosted a talk show on WOL, Washington, D.C. In the Sixties he was active as public relations director for a major civil rights organization.