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December 22, 2012

NRA Defiant and Combative as Ever

By Dave Lefcourt

Yesterday the NRA's VP Wayne La Pierre gave us their defiant & combative response to the Connecticut massacre. Have armed volunteer guards in the schools financed & trained by the NRA. He said, "The only thing that stops a bad guy w/ a gun is a good guy w/ a gun". Of course no proposals to ban assault weapons. The NRA represents lunacy. Time to dismiss the rants of the NRA & ban these weapons.


NRA V.P. Wayne La Pierre yesterday in Washington, D.C. Photo by Even Vucci/AP

The sectarian among us often say, "God help us" whenever there's a horrible event that borders on the unimaginable. After reading about the NRA's combative response to the massacre in Connecticut, it'll take more than "God help us" to understand the mentality of this crowd as well as the gun nuts that support them.

  You've got to hand it to the NRA. After days of untypical silence in the aftermath of the Connecticut school massacre, yesterday Wayne La Pierre, the NRA's vice president came out swinging from the heels and "called for a program to arm and train guards in schools as the best way to protect children from violence." He then went on to say, "The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun".   He proposed the NRA finance and train volunteers to provide armed security in our schools.

That's right, armed volunteer sharpshooters roaming the halls to defend our children. To the NRA, there's no need to ban assault weapons; just have armed volunteer guards at the ready to thwart potential attackers.

He didn't mention it but how about installing an electrified fence surrounding each school just like the prisons. Maybe we should "educate" our students and have them carry small firearms just in case some bold crazy gets by the schools armed volunteer defender. Also arm the teachers as a last line of defense; you just can't be careful enough. But hey, why not have all the kids wear military style uniforms along with arming them. They'd be the modern version of "Hitler Youth". It'll all fit within the 2 nd Amendments "well regulated militia".

Sorry for the digression; did I get too carried away?

Getting back to yesterday; though reporters were present during La Pierre's "media event" he took no questions from the assembled gathering. Call it a sermon from on high. Just like the supposed word of God (no questions please) the NRA gave its version of "The Sermon on the Mount".

Let's get real. Any "supposed" advanced society that allows the legal purchase of assault weapons and ammo clips of 30 rounds is bordering on lunacy.

At the head of this lunacy stands the NRA along with our political "leaders" who accept their largesse, defend and support them.

Normally I wouldn't comment on anything the NRA spews out believing any comment would give them legitimacy. But yesterday La Pierre and the NRA threw down the gauntlet.

After last Friday's horrific massacre it time to dismiss the ranting of the gun toting NRA loonies and enact real gun control banning assault weapons.

That's if we have any sanity left to do it.

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