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November 11, 2012

Flugtag Photo Report

By Bob Patterson

Some aircraft at the Flugtag competition float like a butterfly others sink like a stone.


Better luck next time.

Float like a butterfly or sink like a stone?

The Flugtag competiton was held at McCovey Cove in San Francisco on Saturday November 10, 2012 and the Op Ed News columnist took about 200 photos to get one or two to use with next Friday's column.   This Photo Report from Flugtag shows what thousands of folks in the Bay Area came to see this past weekend.   Some other "feature" style shots from the event will be used to illustrate the columnist's next column scheduled to be posted on Friday November 16.

Submitters Website: marijuana-news.org/smokesignals

Submitters Bio:

BP graduated from college in the mid sixties (at the bottom of the class?) He told his draft board that Vietnam could be won without his participation. He is still appologizing for that mistake. He received his fist photo lesson from a future Pulitzer Prize winner. (Eddie Adams in the AP lunch room told him to get rid of the everready case for his new Nikon F). A Pulitzer Prize winning reporter broke BP in on the police beat for a small daily in Pa. By 1975, Paul Newman had asked for Bob's Autograph. (Google this: "Paul Newman asked my autograph" and click the top suggested URL.) His co-workers on the weekly newspaper in Santa Monica,(in the Seventies) included a future White House correspondent for Time magazine and one of the future editors high up on the Playboy masthead. Bob has been to the Oscar ceremony twice before Oscar turned 50. He is working on a book of memoirs tentatively titled "Paul Newman Asked for my Autograph." In the gold mining area of Australia (Kalgoorlie), Bob was called: "Col. Sanders."