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November 11, 2012

A Letter in Song Titles #3

By Cheri Roberts

"Song Title Series" #3 in the Song Title Series...AUTHOR'S NOTE: Nearly every word or phrase in this letter is compiled by song titles; each is linked to its appropriate YouTube video. Enjoy.


Psst! I'm talking to youAll of youHey JudeWhat's up BillyAlejandro?   Hey there DelilahJesseJeremy, ... Come on Eileen   Hey JoeLaylayou too St. Matthew and Sister Christian ... and yes, even you bad, bad Leroy Brown.  I'm talking to you, all of you; every American man and woman; every father and son; all of the mothers and daughters, and sisters and brothersYeah you America... hello...

What's Goin' OnDo you hear what I hear? That foolish beat of their drums of war? This is my town not their Police State where the streets have no nameWe built this city and this is our country, but their 21 guns will leave us face down on these streets and right before your eyes we will become nothing more than American remainsToy soldiers left by these War Pigs with a bullet in the head.

Enough is enoughWouldn't you agree?

WE are the 99 percent with 99 problems and then some. I hate this part, but you drive me crazy. Your complacency is just like a pill that's hard to swallow, but I know, like 99 red balloons I should let it go and try again. So let's move on togetherotherwise you'll just become somebody that I used to know. Instead, meet me halfway and stand by me against against all odds of this rich man's war because for what it's worth this War? It's happening and it's happening only in America. It's the War between the wars. You've heard, "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised", but the world is watching the rising in this computer age with an internet connectionNothing's gonna stop us now.

I love America, but America is under pressureThink about it. What they want is for us to collide time after time so they can clampdown on you and  I any place, anywhere, any time all Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue. That poor ragged old flag, it's been torn by every American IdiotSanctify yourselfWe didn't start the fire but we're in jeopardy on the frontlines at the point of no return and it's closing time.  I'm leaving it up to you, but It's now or never. My momma told me not to come too, yet I'm here and I'm going to do this with or without you. They have hurt us. It's time to take back the power America.  They have the money, but we've got the heart and soul. It's time.

I can feel the wind of change underneath it allA change IS gonna come.  It's the little things, the feelings you learn and nothing else matters unless you would rather put another brick in the wall and feel hopeless in this mad world? I don't. I can't.  I want to break free.  If you're out there I need youIf today was your last day would you sing a whiskey lullaby and wave a white flag or would you fight the Power somehow, somewhere, some way and never surrenderThis is straight from the heart and we are about to see your true colors.

Don't speak politics like a zombie.  This isn't politics as usual. Yes maybe you're right and it's not easy. It's complicated, but you and I can prevent the death of a Nation.  America, she will be loved once againdon't let it be the day that never comes. I'm all inare you with me?

With R-E-S-P-E-C-T,


See #1 AND #2 in the "Song Title Series"

AUTHOR'S NOTE: nearly every word or phrase in this letter is compiled by song titles; each is linked to its appropriate YouTube video. Enjoy. :)

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Submitters Bio:

Cheri has worked in media for more than 20 years in one capacity or another. Her media years were spent mostly in broadcast radio; from being a live on-air radio host to creating and implementing engaging and effective marketing and promotional campaigns. Although no longer directly employed by any media cluster she still writes copy for a range of clients and does the occasional voiceover. Having been a writer since childhood she was able to venture into most genres along the way, fine tuning her ability to write about anything; whether it's a technical manual, a company newsletter, killer ads or a hard core research piece, Cheri brings it to life with the passion of one who loves what they do. Publishing her first piece at the age of 7 yrs. old, Cheri discovered she could have a voice beyond the walls of her bedroom and realized "other people" were entertained by, and interested, in what she had to say. Writing has been her biggest passion and best friend ever since. From Poetry to Politics there is no subject that she cannot find an interesting angle to write from. She does not endorse a specific political party and instead prefers to keep her work issue based. Currently she is simultaneously writing a non-fiction book (with a tandem screen-play) and a bedside poetry book. In addition to being a diversely skilled freelance writer, Cheri works as a Marketing Director and Publicist for a variety of businesses across the country. By embracing and including today's Social Media tools and the power of live events, she teaches companies the value of accessibility and human interaction to a "Brand" and how to capitalize on that in the current marketplace. As a business networker and promoter she is fearless and spot-on in helping businesses get ahead. For her tireless work ethic and bottomless pool of creative ideas she has been dubbed "The Machine" by many. Deciding to create and maintain her own Blog as a sort of clearinghouse of all things "Cheri" www.CheriSpeak.com was born. In its highly organized and easy to navigate pages you can find countless articles on a variety of subjects that include politics, health, community, music, and more. You will also find a library of poetry from erotic to dark, countless audio files of interviews she has done over the years and accolades for her business endeavors. There are also samples of her drawings and singing voice as well as images that represent her activist, business, and personal lives. *All content on Cheri's Blog is original unless otherwise noted. "If we have connected here, it is my privilege. May we together find the reason for the connection and run with it!" ~ Cheri Roberts http://www.cherispeak.com