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November 2, 2012

Book Review: Presidential Puppetry: Obama, Romney and Their Masters by Andrew Kreig

By Rob Kall

Read "Presidential Puppetry: Obama, Romney and Their Masters," a book just published this week by OpedNews contributor Andrew Kreig. and you'll learn a lot more than you could have imagined, and you'll start seeing the world, politics, and the justice system in a very different, clearer, smarter way. This book exposes the puppet masters who pull the strings of leading officials in both major U.S. parties, including Obama


Read "Presidential Puppetry: Obama, Romney and Their Masters," a book just published this week by OpEd News contributor Andrew Kreig. and you'll learn a lot more than you could have imagined, and you'll start seeing the world, politics, and the justice system in a very different, clearer, smarter way. 

This book exposes the puppet masters who pull the strings of leading officials in both major U.S. parties, including Obama and Romney. 

Obama, for example, is reported to have worked for a CIA front company, Business International Corporation, in his early twenties. At the time, he was dating, in his first serious love affair, Genevieve Cook, the daughter of the head of Australia's CIA. 

Obama thus developed, like George Herbert Walker Bush and Bill Clinton, career-enhancing intelligence connections in his early 20s, according to the book, which draws on declassified CIA materials and other reports. Obama's formative ties are just one of many examples of how the military-industrial complex and its Wall Street allies maintain a special relationship with presidents no matter which party prevails in any given election.

The reporting is entertaining and cutting-edge, and provides the kind of information we in the independent press believe vital to informed decision-making. 

As a publisher of the author Andrew Kreig's work, I confess to looking forward to publishing his postings because he combines investigative journalism with constitutional scholarship.

This book takes his investigations to the next level, connecting the dots to unveil a big picture that is startling, yet not surprising at all. At nearly 500 pages and 850 footnotes, the book goes into great depth to reveal the goals of those directing the candidates.

For example, I wrote last week that Mitt Romney should be regarded as "Bishop Romney" because his experience in that LDS post is longer and more relevant to voters than his single term as governor. Kreig's book amplifies that theme into a full historical context regarding Bishop Romney and his ascendancy within the revamped, tea party-oriented GOP. From that background, Kreig portrays Romney as inspired by his sense of destiny to elevate his church and its flock in the tradition of its founder, who was assassinated during his 1844 campaign for the United States presidency. 

Ominously enough, the kind of preference that prompted Romney to name fellow Mormon leader Mike Levitt to be Romney Transition director (and presumptive chief of staff) resembles Romney's unseemly deference to business cronies, fellow GOP partisans, and "empire builders" whom he so often lauds as especially worthy of his support.  

That helps explain, in the author's view, Romney's view that LDS missionary work is the equivalent of wartime military service, along with Romney's apparent view that his tax-deductible church contributions should be generous and his taxes minimal because so much of tax revenue is, in his mind, wasted on the undeserving, aka the despised "47 %." 

That context helps make more understandable the dire predictions that author Chris Hedges has been making about how the ruling class controlling both parties has enacted a program to "Harvest America" of its resources, including our sustainable environment, our tradition of civil rights, and our middle class jobs and savings. 

Hedges, a former foreign correspondent for the New York Times, has just authored, "Days of Destruction, Days of Revolt." Hedges described in my two-part OEN interview this weekend how cold-hearted governmental arrogance of a Third World-style is increasingly apparent in the United States. This destruction of our community via class warfare is most obvious in our huge prison population, and poverty-stricken ghettos. But it is apparent also in the relentless attacks by leaders of both parties on middle class jobs, benefits, and legitimate expectations of pensions and health care after years of taxes. 

Kreig's book makes this process more understandable. He demonstrates how the major party candidates, in this instance, both graduates of Harvard Law School, are quite similar in important ways. True, they are differentiated slightly for marketing reasons, much as some vodkas are sold in plastic bottles and other domestic vodkas go to stores in glass bottles at higher prices for image-conscious consumers. 

In such ways, "Presidential Puppetry" explains why the Obama Justice Department has so far enforced the political prosecutions mounted by the Bush administration in such outrageous cases as the frame-up of former Alabama Gov. Don Siegelman. 

A Rove-inspired apparatus destroyed Alabama's leading Democrat on trumped-up charges in a pattern apparent elsewhere around the country under "loyal Bushies" who remained after the U.S. attorney purge in 2006. But the Obama administration regarded the department's internal loyalties as far more important than individual rights, according to this book's analysis.

The national intelligence background of the president may be among the biggest surprises to the general reader. So, it is worth a moment to summarize the book's documentation, which is similar to that on other topics, including his harsh assessment of the Supreme Court. 

Kreig describes how declassified CIA documents (with hot links in his footnotes) illustrate how Business International Corporation, a New York global research company, was a CIA front company. His history of the Cold War further illustrates how the Obama-Dunham family's path through Kenya, Indonesia, the University of Hawaii, Occidental College, and Columbia University involved hotbeds of Cold War and CIA intrigue. 

The available evidence is compelling, even though no single document has been publicly released that specifically names Obama as a CIA asset. But why would the CIA or anyone else release any such material when even his school and other basic records are hidden or lost? 

Also, this administration has sought draconian prison sentences for those in intelligence work who reveal any secrets, as indicated by a guilty plea this month for former CIA officer John Kiriakou for his discussion of a secret with a reporter, reported here by the NY Times.  Donald Trump has craftily exploited this secrecy with his phony $5 million offer last week for Obama's "missing" records. 

The book ends on a note of hope, suggesting that disclosure of secrets (including regarding the threat of rigged electronic voting machines) will inspire reform.  

The author has been a respected,  valued OpedNews contributor for years. So I am not surprised this book's revelations have enduring and even global significance. Like the dystopia Chris Hedges portrays, this book challenges us all to act wisely and bravely in what I call a "bottom up" movement to preserve the rights and freedoms we inherited.

We have in Andrew Kreig, and this work, a tool, an information weapon that will help us in our fight to win true justice and democracy in America.

Here are some blurbs from other endorsers of the book. 

Andrew Kreig uses his decades of investigative talent to unmask the characters who manipulate our democratic institutions. His formidable sources and insights enable elected officials, journalists, professors, and voters to evaluate the interests at stake in the November 2012 elections. This is a frightening book that challenges all of us to act bravely. We must rouse ourselves to prevent a small number of wealthy, cynical men from usurping the power that rightfully belongs to the American citizen. He identifies these men, reveals their motives, shows us how they intended to accomplish their goals, and thus puts all of us on notice in this powerful exposé.

  • -- Lillian McEwen, author, D.C. Unmasked and Undressed

Andrew Kreig was for many years a celebrated reporter for the Hartford Courant and author of Spiked. He went on to lead with distinction the Wireless Communications Association and the Justice Integrity Project. These efforts help provide the intimate knowledge of the Washington, national, and global affairs required for such ambitious reporting.

  • -- Robert Ames Alden, former president of the National Press Club, co-founder and -former president of the National Press Foundation, and former Washington Post World News editor 

Thought provoking. Controversial. Presidential Puppetry is sure to raise lots of eyebrows. One of those books that inspires readers to look deep beneath the surface.

  • -- John Perkins, New York Times best-selling author of Confessions of an Economic Hit Man and other books

Four decades ago, I described shocking abuses of the troops and taxpayers on-the-record with Jack Anderson following my resignation from CIA service in Indochina during the Vietnam era. The situation is far worse now.

  • -- John Kelly, former news editor at NBC-TV and CBS-TV, and former CIA officer

Veteran investigative journalist Andrew Kreig delves deep into the underbelly of Washington politics, coming up with startling new revelations that are bound to shake up the status quo.

  • -- Dick Russell, co-author, 63 Documents the Government Doesn't Want You to Read

Andy's talents continue to ensure that darkness of media manipulation is not the only characteristic that envelopes the issues in Washington and the world.

  • -- John Edward Hurley, Washington commentator, civic leader, and historian.

As I read key portions of Andrew Kreig's book I had the feeling that its insights could make good leaders better, and could give bad ones serious concern that their ongoing injustices have been exposed in a way that demands remedial public action.

  • -- Clifford Arnebeck, public interest attorney who has challenged the integrity of the 2004 Ohio presidential election

Andrew Kreig's keen investigative skills, outstanding authoring and established track record make his aptly titled, Presidential Puppetry, a ready source of vital information!

  • -- Ron Fisher, Captain, U.S. Navy (retired) and Chair, WeThePeople.now.org

This is clearly the worst of times in many decades, perhaps since the Civil War. The problem that a writer has is that you can write this, explain it, argue it, prove it. But, in the end, the reader and friends have to do something about it. 

  • -- Sam Smith, Progressive Review publisher and author of Captive Capital, Shadows of Hope, and Why Bother?

Andy Kreig is the man to see in Washington, DC to report the most important stories.

  • -- Dana Jill Simpson, progressive political analyst 

Andrew Kreig reveals the unvarnished truth about our political system, which we never get from the corporate media"A powerful indictment and a must read if you care about true democracy.

  • -- Richard Charnin, Author, Matrix of Deceit: Forcing Pre-Election and Exit Polls to Match Fraudulent Vote Counts

National politics has never been a very wholesome game. But the odor of wholesale deception and cynical choreography has been ripening of late into an overpowering stench that our media seems hell-bent on spraying with Febreze. Kreig connects the myriad of dots, from corrupt and cynical jurisprudence, to the ruthlessly edited candidates' playbook, to outright computerized election theft. What emerges is a pointillist "big picture" of terrifying impact. Imagine a Seurat rendition of "The Scream," and you'll get the idea. All of this is well researched and powerfully written. No book bearing nearly 900 endnotes can be said to be a romp. But Kreig carries us on a wave-crest across an ocean of alarming, and often outraging, reality. Presidential Puppetry shows us our time, shorn of its crowd-pleasing decorations.

  • -- Jonathan D. Simon, Director, Election Defense Alliance and author, Code Red: Computerized Election Theft and the New American Century

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Rob Kall is an award winning journalist, inventor, software architect, connector and visionary. His work and his writing have been featured in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, CNN, ABC, the HuffingtonPost, Success, Discover and other media. He's given talks and workshops to Fortune 500 execs and national medical and psychological organizations, and pioneered first-of-their-kind conferences in Positive Psychology, Brain Science and Story. He hosts some of the world's smartest, most interesting and powerful people on his Bottom Up Radio Show, and founded and publishes one of the top Google- ranked progressive news and opinion sites, OpEdNews.com

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Rob Kall has spent his adult life as an awakener and empowerer-- first in the field of biofeedback, inventing products, developing software and a music recording label, MuPsych, within the company he founded in 1978-- Futurehealth, and founding, organizing and running 3 conferences: Winter Brain, on Neurofeedback and consciousness, Optimal Functioning and Positive Psychology (a pioneer in the field of Positive Psychology, first presenting workshops on it in 1985) and Storycon Summit Meeting on the Art Science and Application of Story-- each the first of their kind.  Then, when he found the process of raising people's consciousness and empowering them to take more control of their lives  one person at a time was too slow, he founded Opednews.com-- which has been the top search result on Google for the terms liberal news and progressive opinion for several years. Rob began his Bottom-up Radio show, broadcast on WNJC 1360 AM to Metro Philly, also available on iTunes, covering the transition of our culture, business and world from predominantly Top-down (hierarchical, centralized, authoritarian, patriarchal, big)  to bottom-up (egalitarian, local, interdependent, grassroots, archetypal feminine and small.) Recent long-term projects include a book, Bottom-up-- The Connection Revolution, debillionairizing the planet and the Psychopathy Defense and Optimization Project. 

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