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October 26, 2012

Pass it on

By Angellus Californicus

Some tactical suggestions for non-violent protest.


Here are some tactical suggestions for non-violent protest:

(1) Protest in white. At least wear clean dress clothes and mostly white. White is usually thought of as representing peace or holiness, but that is not the object. The object is to stay clean. Romans wore white togas. It was a sign of high status because it was so hard to keep anything clean in those days. Let the authorities soil all the sharp and clean protesters. The blood and dirt will stand out against white.

(2) Take a lesson from the pioneers. Find at least a dozen vehicles--they need to be operational but worthless. Drive them in a circle then try to gently lock them together bumper to bumper. Set up camp.

(3) Celebrate a hero. Pfc. Manning may have committed a serious crime, but his heart was in the right place. Plenty of other members of the armed forces simply "swallowed the muzzle" after having such a belly full of mental excrement. They gave the man water torture. Like the inquisition...way back when. Anybody and everybody is now named Bradley Manning. Say it, my name is Bradley Manning.

(4) Throw some shoes. They don't need to be wooden clogs. Find old sneakers at a thrift. Never use them in offense. Always use them only in defense. A protest without shoefire is a successful one. If someone is forced to throw a shoe, think of W. smirking and throw it hard.

(5) Sing a song. Once upon a time a lot of people sang. Workers, soldiers, teachers, grandmothers and prisoners all knew songs. There is a time to chant, but a song gives release. It sublimates. They don't need to be hymnals, but they need to be vocal--like a choir.

(6) Fix the message. Economic inequality is certainly an issue. Percentage figures paint a picture, but a focus on mammon is oversimplified. What is truly important? The message should consider water, soil, seed, knowledge, children, privacy, truth, security, dignity, upward mobility, national integrity and accountability. The demand for reparation comes later. Broken machines do not heal. They need to be fixed or replaced. Living people can learn and can heal. The time has come to teach. Do it peacefully.

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