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October 9, 2012

The Certificate Of Cowardice

By Mark Sashine

We are poor, folks, We belong to the labor. There is a class warfare and " in the struggle you will obtain your right.' We should not care what those others will think about us because we are only human while we are something. NOTHING is not human. Burn those certificates, folks. Tear them out of you hearts and burn them.


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 Average man   is always a coward

Mark Twain

I recently   acquired an interesting   piece of   information. I   watched a semi- documentary movie about   occupied France in 1940s and   suddenly found   out   that in the Vichy territory, the so- called Free Zone, they had a special card- a card of non- belonging to the
"Jewish race'.

If we put aside for a moment that there is no such thing   as "Jewish race', the actual idea is fascinating.   Just think about it.    An average French citizen   could   approach the authorities with all his/her   genealogy ( sort of like they search   on and   present   sealed copies   of the documents,   proving that within three generations   he/she never had   his/her blood tainted   by   even a drop of Jewish blood.    Too bad the DNA does not have a specific    "Jewish   protein' or   French   chemists might have    discovered DNA earlier. In any case, all those documents then were to be notarized and upon scrutiny and   approval     a person would receive a certificate of non- belonging.   I bet   the good Frenchmen   had family holidays upon receiving such documents; they would invite the Monsieur Council on Jewish affairs and all his staff   and toast   to   a   triumph of   the bureaucracy. Eventually, when Germans occupied the whole France I am sure   some of those French folks   got   aware of the famous   phrase by Hermann Goering, " I decide who is   a Jew," but   who could predict the   future. For now let's celebrate.

  When I found out about that nice invention of the   people of Free Zone I wondered how would Joanne D'Arc   react to the idea that all   Frenchmen in then   Free- From - English   zone   would have to   obtain a photo- ID of non-belonging to the   English heritage. I am afraid   Joanne would behead an unfortunate councilman who would    suggest such nonsense, rightfully noting that most of France   had been under English for a very long time and vice- versa, so   it would be unlikely to find some pure- blood Frenchman among the good peasants. Oh, yes, there was   such attempt     before. .That was called   the selling of indulgences. The indulgence was a certificate of absolution     sold by   Catholic Church in   the 16th Century in Europe. For a hefty sum of money you could get a piece of paper   which absolved you for your future sins, sort of an insurance   policy on the way to Heaven. That remarkable idea backfired   so much   that   the Lutheran Church emerged.

But French, you know, they never recognized the experience of foreigners.

Turned out   not only them.   A certificate of non- belonging     sounds familiar,   doesn't it?

Right now,   in the good ole US of A,   a certain   institution named TSA offers   every citizen for a fee to   get a proof on non- belonging.   Just pay some money and surrender   to a background scrutiny   and you can   get a   document certifying that you are not an alleged terrorist and not a candidate to the no -- flight list, not   one of those saps   who stay in line. You can proudly enter the security zone and    puff   your   cheeks like a eunuch entering a harem; look, you, suckers,   I can see those women naked every day   while you cannot even see their faces.

Inadvertently we expand this. Like for instance    if you want to   go into   the public service you have to prove   that you are not one of the following: an atheist, a socialist, a Communist, a Bolivarian, a lover of young girls, a Moslem (or if you want to be a Moslem, you have to prove   that you are a eunuch), an angry black man ( angry white man is OK), an educated person, an illegal immigrant, an immigrant, a secular Jew, a non- mobster Russian, a   person who can speak English, a chess --player, a person who hates baseball, a person who hates Oprah, a person who hates American football and   (a carnal sin) a person who thinks Americans are not the best people on Earth, etc, etc. Oh, I forgot: you must not have compassion for any people killed by Americans. You cannot mourn the 100000 Japanese killed in one day and   ABSOLUTELY cannot   express   horror when witnessing   your President watching a killing of an unknown   man on   TV.

And boy, do we oblige.   We do not want to belong to anything. It is now called   being an "objective   decider'. 90% of the statements we read   start   with the   statement, 'I am not".. ( whatever, pick   from the list above) but ". blah, blah." I sometimes    have a temptation to post a template   starting   with "I am not' and   listing   all 666 features of being human, those we here are eager to   betray as soon as we plunge into the swamp of adaptation   to the so-called " reality' No, Sir, I am not this and I am not that,   I am NOTHING, ain't it cute?

Nobody asks a person who he or she is anymore.   The non- belonging had become a norm. It is easier that   way, It   evolved into a grotesque pathology. One of the most   proclaimed species   in this country is the fish called "fiscally conservative and   socially liberal.'

I am afraid such interesting concoction would not fly with hiring for the harem management. Either you have   the attributes or you don't. If you have some of this and some of that- it is time to finish the operation. What does that mean' fiscally conservative'? You don't like spending money?   How about wars? Those are the wasters big time.   You like them or not? How about donations to churches. They are tax- free. Why? You give money   to the totally bogus organizations, the ones who   do nothing and produce only noise and " no taxes on that? Charity? You don't need an intermediary   for that. Give some money to a homeless. How about   ANY MONEY GIVEN TO A HOMELESS PERSON ON THE STREET TO   BE TAX- FREE.   No? Why not?    Socially liberal, what does that mean? You don't beat your wife regularly, only on Sundays?   Oh yes,   there seem to be a double- jeopardy   explanation, "I am right-of -- center".   That's a gem.    What center and how right? If we adopt a   Gaussian distribution, how many standard deviations to the right of   the average or median are you?   Come to think of it- if we   assume the left --of- center as   a separate area the two   standard   deviations to the right will cover about  47%. Familiar number? Mitt Romney already sealed your fate. Maybe you had chosen the wrong   crowd?

  In the history of this country there was a moment when   the majority of the population suddenly was presented a certificate of non- belonging. That   happened when   someone came with the idea of the Middle   Class. See,    Marxism is still the only real economic and political theory which   can be called scientific and it has   a nasty feature of putting people where they belong. So in that theory there are classes   defined   by common   interests, common goals and common areas of operation, identified by their   place in the labor cycle and   visibly distinguished by the level of wealth and power. Those   classes struggle   and the fight is eternal   like the fight in nature and all the moral suppositions are associated with that struggle.    Not cool.   Our dear wealthy folks do not want to feel threatened all the time. They want to feel good. In order   to feel good they needed some kind of all-encompassing chemical   castration, a new category of people who would   have no identity, no potency, no interest in   power and struggle, the nation of   eunuchs. That nation they called   The Middle Class and anointed it with   non- belonging.

Everything about   the Middle Class   has a   negative sign. You are a member of it    because   the media says so, not you, not even some great   philosopher like Marx. Middle Class does not have goals, does not have    a level of wealth defined, does not have allies, does not have   future;   it has only present. It is   a vessel full of ideal gas molecules whose   interests are only individual. It is all- inclusive and all -- exclusive; a   millionaire and a homeless person, a professional and a politician, a worker and   a farmer- all   can   be   proclaimed   members of the   Middle Class and also immediately excluded   if necessary, There are no   real features; a middle- class person is elusive   and chameleonic; nobody knows where it starts and where it ends.   Middle Class is defined by not what it is but by what it is not: it is   not a working class, and it is not an elite rich, it   does not like   to belong, it does not like   to take sides, it does not   CARE!

It had been proclaimed by the new pundits that   THE INDIVIDUAL SATISFACTION is   the goal of every middle- classman and guess what, when proclaiming that they did not know that Leo Tolstoy defined such goal as " the one of animals.'

As soon as the concept of the Middle Class was adopted lock, stock and barrel,   our masters started to have a great time. Before they had to deal with a society   for which an eternal struggle   was a defined path   to the future, the society   which was supposed to grow as a    Humanity on the way. Now   they were facing a bunch of castrates. Now they could preach that not everyone was equal, that some people were bound    to poverty, even countries and nations. Now they could   develop a concept   that   there was only one way to "prosperity'   because   there was only one definition of it- the individual one. Not that they followed it; they not only remained tightly knit in the Marxist-defined class interest but even raised it to the power of 10 by multiplying it by   the Global corporate domination. But they made sure that   muscle- relaxation poison   was to be pumped relentlessly into the veins of the people   from generation to generation so that the people become a herd    of   non- belonging     non- personalities and   enjoy that. Middle Class does not have to grow, it does not have to fight for the future, it does not need to   have interests- everything is covered by the    loving masters; it is time to dance   under the   everlasting monitoring by the   good shepherds.   Cowardice had become a virtue   and   there is an open door to obtain a certificate of cowardice, disconnect yourself from those who struggle and   forever   feel good about yourself.

There is   one very persistent myth about   the Middle Class- that is    the myth   about   them working hard in achieving their individual goals. The   owners of the   "non- Jewish'   certificates sort of proclaimed the same thing- that they worked hard for their   property and their status and that   they were within their moral right to protect themselves and their families. But that was a lie then and it is a lie now.   Herd does not do a good job. Herd does not work hard. Herd does not go forward.   Eunuch is not a man.   We are mediocre EXACTLY because we are castrated and   we have neither tenacity   of labor   nor the power lust   of the rich. We voluntarily surrendered our freedom and our power for   an illusory   flattering, for   the childish feeling of   being pampered by those who could care less. So when they use us, eat us and call us heroes we howl with satisfaction and wave our certificates of cowardice in the air.

In all times and in all battles of Humanity    cowards   were   killed by stray bullets.   Such bullet   this time can be very large, it can be   a bomb big enough for all of us   if we don't   acknowledge who we are and reject the myth of the Middle Class, burn the certificates of non- belonging. We are poor, folks,   We belong to the labor.   There is a class warfare and    " in the struggle   you will   obtain   your right.'    We should not care   what   those others will think about us because we are only human   while we are something. NOTHING is not human. Burn those certificates, folks. Tear them out of you hearts and burn them.

Authors Bio:

The writer is 57 years old, semi- retired engineer, PhD, PE, CEM. I write fiction on a regular basis and I am also 10 years on OEN.