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August 4, 2012

Pathetic, Deplorable; a Government and Society That Allows People to be Slaughtered by Monstrous Assault Weapons

By Michael Payne

And we call America a civilized nation and society? It is absolutely incomprehensible that this nation has descended to such a low point that its government and society cannot make a distinction between firearms used in protecting one's home and family, and murderous assault weapons that slaughter innocent people in a matter of seconds.


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And we call America a civilized nation and society? It is absolutely incomprehensible that this nation has descended to such a low point that its government and society cannot make a distinction between firearms used in protecting one's home and family, and murderous assault weapons that slaughter innocent people in a matter of seconds.

Yet again, the nation has been shocked by the slaughter of innocent people; this time the killing of 12 people and the wounding of 58 others in the town of Aurora, Colorado, the worst mass shooting in U.S. history. That has been hot news for a week or so, during which the American people were in a state of shock and disbelief but, as usual, it didn't take long for everything to quiet down and return to a state of normality. Our grief has a very short life span.

We need to talk about who should bear the responsibility for this travesty of morality. Who are those in America that are letting these things happen time and again, and never, ever taking the obvious steps needed to address and remedy this horrific problem that plagues our society?

Well, it's a Congress that refused to renew the Federal Assault Weapons Ban that expired in 2004. This is a Congress that has steadfastly refused to create logical and reasonable federal laws that would allow citizens to legally possess firearms in their homes for protection but would ban other weapons with firepower that only the military should possess.

It's a series of U.S. presidents who have, generally for political reasons and a lack of courage and conviction, failed to demand that such laws be enacted; they have failed to rally the support of the people to add pressure to the cause. President Obama fits this category perfectly as he had done virtually nothing on this important issue; recent reports indicate that he is not going to do anything about more effective gun controls even after this latest catastrophic event, an obvious politically motivated strategy.

It's the people of America, every last one of us, who should be morally outraged over this continuing succession of mass murders that have included the Columbine high school massacre, the murders of students at Virginia Tech, those at Northern Illinois University and others. It's the people of this nation, at least 50% of them, who either oppose any restrictions on any kind on weapons ownership, or who feel that the ones in place are sufficient; the ones who can watch videos of these atrocities and not budge an inch in their defense of the right to own these hideous weapons no matter what damage they do to our society. Their position is more than reprehensible.

It's the useless, disgusting national mainstream media that feasts upon these bloody acts of violence and does virtually nothing to raise this issue as one of this society's gravest problems; a media that has the time and the resources to conduct meaningful, substantive discussions and debates over the need for reasonable gun controls and the growing necessity to ban the most deadly of them that no one in this society has any right to use for any justifiable purpose.

Then we have the clergy of America who, instead of speaking out against these crimes against humanity and demanding that controls be put on these weapons, except for a few, remain silent and say nothing. If ever there was a time for this clergy to show strong moral leadership it is now. This continued silence emanating from the majority of the churches, the synagogues and mosques of America is absolutely shameful; if the religious leaders of America, those who should be the at the forefront of trying to advance the principles of morality in this nation forfeit this responsibility, then who else is going to do it?

When a government and a society cannot address the monumental problem that these murderous assault weapons represent, and are incapable of coming up with a reasonable and fair compromise that would protect citizens and guarantee the right of all Americans to possess necessary firearms, then they are also directly responsible for the continued decline in morality in this nation.

To think that America has arrived at the point that any of its citizens can go to a movie theater, be in school or in some other public venue, and that they can be gunned down by some maniac who has been given the right to do that by the failures of their government and millions of the American people to prevent it, is beyond any form of reasoning and comprehension.

The idea that this government and far too many people in this society feel that its o.k. for people to have access to what are called "assault weapons is just plain insane. The word assault is defined as " a sudden, violent attack; onslaught." And in the America of today, while that word, assault, is commonly referred to when these atrocities occur, there is simply no loud outcry, no evidence of outrage or demand by the people of America that this madness be stopped. Can anyone even begin to explain this?

Will this ongoing carnage ever end? Will this nation ever come to grips with one of the most egregious conditions in its history? Sadly, by all indications, this government, the Congress, Democrats and Republicans alike, the president, the clergy of this nation and many millions of its people can be counted on to do absolutely nothing to address this mammoth problem.

The story of the Aurora murders and the issue of massacre of our citizens by assault weapons has now, as expected, completely vanished from the scene. And the people of this society will, as they always do, emerge from their state of shock and disbelief and continue with their normal day to day activities, not giving the issue much more thought -- at least until the next despicable societal atrocity occurs. And then there will be more shock and disbelief, followed by more silence.

But, as we have been told numerous times; bad things happen to good people and we just have to accept that fact and then go on with our lives. Such is life in America and in this society.

Michael Payne

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Michael Payne is an independent, progressive activist. His writings deal with social, economic, political and foreign policy issues. He is a featured writer on Opednews and Nation of Change and his articles have appeared on many other websites such as Democratic Underground, Reader Supported News, Axis of Logic, Peakoil.com and in various countries around the world. He is a graduate of Northwestern University, Evanston, IL, and a former business executive. His writings most often concentrate on the great dangers involved with U.S. foreign policy, the proliferation of perpetual war, the associated defense industry, and the massive control that Corporate America holds over this government and our election process.