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March 6, 2012

CEO Lied Under Oath To Greatly Reduce His Child-Support Payments

By Roger Shuler

Court documents indicate a CEO lied under oath over child support.


Cross Posted at Legal Schnauzer
Ted Rollins, CEO of Campus Crest Communities, lied under oath in a child-support document he filed in his Alabama divorce case.
Sherry Carroll Rollins, Ted's ex wife and a Birmingham resident, makes the allegations in the third installment of a videotaped interview with Legal Schnauzer. (See the interview at the end of this post.)
Ted Rollins signed a CS-41 form stating that his only income was $4,166.67 a month, from employment at Reynolds Mortgage and Investment Co. of Brentwood, Tennessee. A CS-41 is an Alabama child-support document, an affidavit that is signed under penalty of perjury. The form was perhaps the single most important document filed in Rollins v. Rollins, a case that Ted Rollins initiated in Shelby County, Alabama, after Sherry Rollins' initial divorce complaint had been litigated for three years in South Carolina (where the couple had lived).
In a post titled "CEO With Deep Pockets Has Children on Food Stamps in Alabama," we published both a blank CS-41 form, plus a copy of the one Ted Rollins filed in Shelby County Circuit Court.
Based on Ted Rollins' sworn statement, his total income was $50,000.04 a year, and his child-support payments (for two daughters, Sarah and Emma Rollins) were based on that. The figure, however, seems to be greatly at odds with facts found by a South Carolina judge, as we described in a previous post:

How did Ted Rollins, who regularly flies around the country on private jets, manage to get a support judgment that might be expected for a janitor, a school teacher, or a journalist? We are continuing to investigate that question. But one answer appears to rest with a CS-41 form, an Alabama child-support document that is signed under penalty of perjury. . . .

The CS-41 is dated April 27, 2005, and published reports show that Campus Crest Communities already had started at that point, with Rollins as CEO. The South Carolina court found that Rollins was president of St. James Capital LLC, an investment firm he founded with his cousin--R. Randall Rollins, chairman of Rollins Inc. in Atlanta. The South Carolina judge found that the Rollins family is "extremely wealthy."

It appears that Sherry Rollins caught her former husband red-handed in a lie--and it's not just a garden-variety lie. Ted Rollins' actions in his divorce case appear to constitute perjury and perhaps fraud on the court.
Is this a serious matter? Here is how the Code of Alabama defines perjury:

Section 13A-10-101 - Perjury in the first degree.

(a) A person commits the crime of perjury in the first degree when in any official proceeding he swears falsely and his false statement is material to the proceeding in which it is made.

(b) Perjury in the first degree is a Class C felony.

Submitters Bio:
I live in Birmingham, Alabama, and work in higher education. I became interested in justice-related issues after experiencing gross judicial corruption in Alabama state courts. This corruption has a strong political component. The corrupt judges are all Republicans, and the attorney who filed a fraudulent lawsuit against me has strong family ties to the Alabama Republican Party, with indirect connections to national figures such as Karl Rove. In fact, a number of Republican operatives who have played a central role in the prosecution of former Alabama Governor Don Siegelman (a Democrat) also have connections to my case.

I am married, with no kids and two Siamese cats. I am the author of the blog Legal Schnauzer. The blog is written in honor of Murphy, our miniature schnauzer (1993-2004)who did so much to help my wife and me survive our nightmarish experience with corrupt judges.

I grew up in Springfield, Missouri, and I am pretty much a lifelong St. Louis Cardinal baseball fan. I've lived in Birmingham for almost 30 years and have adopted the UAB Blazers as my Southern college football and basketball team to follow. Also, follow East Tennessee State basketball.

An avid reader, both fiction and non-fiction. Influential writers on public affairs are Kevin Phillips, Michael Lind, Thomas Edsall, E.J. Dionne, Molly Ivins, and Scott Horton.