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February 2, 2012

Let's Prosecute These Perps

By Linda Turner

The Bush administration made it possible for Pharmaceuticals to access our children. Crimes against humanity have been commited and monetary judgements are all that have been imposed. It is time to bring this group of criminals to justice, starting with Texas, where it all began.


1 boring old man; , attended the J&J Risperdal trial in Texas. Here is an excerpt of his blog with transcript quotes, posted Saturday 28 January 2012 :

"Janssen was standing on it's head to find a way to push Risperdal for controlling hostility and aggression in children -- retarded kids, ADHD kids, autistic kids, "Bipolar" kids, whatever it took. It was a huge market and they went for it full bore -- approvals or not. My point is that the doctor in question apparently went for the idea ["spark"] too. First, Janssen was hell bent on finding a way to medicate disruptive kids with antipsychotics, but it obviously fell on receptive ears and has morphed over the years into a problem of its own -- mainly discussed these days as the massive overmedication of children in Foster Care and children with disabilities.

"Had an entire waiting room of foster kids; Rosemary said she sees at least 10 Risperdal prescriptions go out a day."

"That Janssen and PHARMA in general have gone in every direction possible to legitimize and popularize using antipsychotics with hostile, aggressive, or disruptive children seems without question, to their shame".

  1 boring old man has written a petition that I wholeheartedly agree with. Our children have been targeted by the Pharmaceutical Companies and every day there is more and more proof of their crimes against humanity. No one has been prosecuted for these crimes. It is time we start.

Please read and sign if you agree.

The Petition

As a result of the state of Texas vs Janssen settlement of $158 million dollars; to seek and find justice for those who have been harmed by the illegal marketing of the antipsychotic Risperdal; for criminal investigation of J&J Janssen on behalf of those who used the drug as a result of deceptive marketing practices; for admission of guilt by J&J Janssen, this petition is signed by those supporting and seeking truth, and justice, and criminal charges placed to parties responsible for withholding information, hiding data and purposely deceiving the public, including Medicaid patients and providers. The public who have been deceived by J&J Janssen and the children who have been harmed by taking Risperdal due to illegal marketing practices deserve to see a criminal investigation.

You can sign it online at;

Submitters Bio:
American concerned about Pharmaceutical companies targeting our children for Psychiatric drugging. Concerned about the detrimental effect these drugs have on our children and our society. Concerned about the numerous, hideous, adverse effects of Psychiatric drugs which affect every system of the body.