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July 19, 2005

America is ready for the Supreme Distraction Tonight

By Anthony Wade

Tonight the President will shock and awe the country with his Supreme Court nominee. We must not fall for the distraction.


July 19, 2005

Tonight the planned distraction comes to America in the form of a Supreme Court nominee. I say distraction because nothing else has worked for Mr. Bush over the past few weeks to deflect the onslaught of the truth against this administration.

I say the truth, because the truth has always been a sticky thing for the Bushies. It is something that is relative, to be massaged through the GOP disinformation machine in this country. You see, a few years back Bush was asked point blank about the leak of Valerie Plame and he flat out said anyone involved from his administration, would be fired. I am sure at that time; Bush had never considered the White House Press Pool would finally awaken from their coma and have the internal courage to actually ask journalistic questions. I am sure he had no idea that his gay-prostitute Press Pool plant, Jeff Gannon would get busted. I am sure he never envisioned this world, the one we all have been living in this whole time, catching up with him. No, I am sure he simply did not consider he would get caught. I bet he really did not consider that the Brits would be writing meeting minutes which would prove impeachable offenses he will have to face.

Now faced with the truth, Bush has decided to moonwalk away from his previous statements faster than Michael Jackson at an amusement park (give it a minute, it will hit you). Yesterday, Bush actually looked us all in the eye and said that he would fire anyone who committed a crime involved with the Plame leak. The difference is stark and was not missed by the media. I assume Bush must not understand that we have videotape in these latter days and can always revisit what has been said previously. The Treasongate issue has now blown up completely in Bush’s face. First he tried to send out his emissaries to smear Joe Wilson while his Press secretary pretended they could not answer any questions because the investigation was still ongoing. Unfortunately for Bush, Matt Cooper testified and it was revealed that the GOP talking points were all lies. That combined with the deluging of Scott McClellan every day, drowning in the Press Pool, and Bush has decided it is time to roll out the supreme distraction for the press and the people. We cannot allow it America.

That being said, and having witnessed the way this administration divides and conquers, I will bet that tonight’s nominee, presented live on national television, will be VERY controversial. The last thing Bush can afford is a lukewarm choice that generates no controversy. Such a nominee would result in no drama, no change in the pressure from the media and populace. You must understand that Bush needs to be deflecting questions about his nominee, as long as it means he no longer has to answer questions about treason and impeachment. That is why he has chosen a national television debut for the controversy. The maximum exposure he hopes will divide America over a battle he could care less if he wins. The media will drop its blistering coverage of Rove and the opinion columns will wax profoundly on the choice and its implications. All the while, Bush and Rove laugh at another masterful distraction at just the right time.

No America, the true story remains two interconnected items. One is the clear fact that Rove and Libby have committed treason against this country and the second fact is that they did so at a time that the administration was fixing the intelligence around the policy of invading Iraq, as clearly proven in the Downing Street Memos. Please do not lose sight of these facts. Do not let the smoke and mirrors deceive you tonight. The shock and awe of his nominee has a definite design. It is designed to make you forget. In 2002, George Bush decided to sell his war to Congress and the American people with lies, of which, was the lies of Saddam Hussein trying to buy yellowcake from the Niger. Despite what you have heard, Dick Cheney’s office most definitely sent Joseph Wilson to investigate, and NOT at the behest of his wife. The administration decided that Wilson’s report did not help their cause so they ignored it. When Wilson turned on them and spoke the truth, they decided to pay him back by exposing his wife as a covert CIA operative. To do so, Lewis Libby and Karl Rove passed along classified information to several reporters. To assume they did this without instruction is preposterous. The mistake a lot of people are making is not connecting the dots. Yes, this is treasonous activity which deserves imprisonment for crimes against this country but more importantly, these actions support the proof contained in the Downing Street Memos. That proof results not only in crimes, but high crimes which should result in impeachment.

That is the real game. That is what the distractions are really designed to conceal. Rove can fall on his sword, and make no mistake, he will if it comes to that as long as the administration is protected. The fact is that while the treason committed by Rove and Libby is certainly despicable and worthy of attention, how much more so is conclusive proof that our President lied to Congress to start a war that has now claimed the lives of 1,800-7,000 American soldiers? Make no mistake about it, that is the real game here.

So, tonight the President comes to prime time again. He will look in the camera and say reasonable things written for him by people like Karl Rove. He will use similar language as McClellan said today when he said “America expects the confirmation process to be dignified.” No Scott, America expects you and your crooked boss to stand up for America, not Karl Rove. America expects you to stop stonewalling and hiding behind the skirts of the prosecutor. But what America really expects, is for Bush to use tonight as a supreme distraction to take the heat off. I understand why you would think this strategy would work since it has been so useful to you over the last five years but the American people are awake now Scott. They are awake and angry at being lied to for so long about matters so sacred to whom we are as a people. They are awake and angry about the lives that have been claimed due to those lies and the blood that has been spilled in their name.

No Scott, your boss can moonwalk all he likes tonight; it simply won’t matter this time. Tomorrow the sun will come up and we will all be asking the same questions about why treason was committed and why our President lied us into a war that spilled all that blood. Your days of treating the American people with such disdain and contempt are over Scott and it does not matter who Bush chooses tonight. It does not matter what he says tonight. The truth is out and the light has been turned on. Let the cockroaches scatter.

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Anthony Wade, a contributing writer to, is dedicated to educating the populace to the lies and abuses of the government. He is a 46-year-old independent writer from New York with political commentary articles seen on multiple websites. A Christian progressive and professional Rehabilitation Counselor working with the poor and disabled, Mr. Wade believes that you can have faith and hold elected officials accountable for lies and excess, regardless of party.

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