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December 22, 2011

Expect multiplied dissent by way of indefinite US military detention and human rights errors

By Sheila Dean

It may now be exceedingly apparent by now that locking up Americans and throwing out the Justice System with the bathwater is a good military solution to Obama's advisors.


In case no one else has noticed, the Congressional escalation of the NDAA, or the indefinite military detention bill, has occurred at the exact same time, as the delivery of legal consequence to Wikileaks founder Julian Assange and to PFC Specialist Bradley Manning.  You don't have to be a military strategist to see the indefinite detention of Brad Manning and supporters will spawn, literally, millions of legitimate oppositional dissenters and human rights defenders. So much so, the only thing that would make sense to a high ranking military strategist is locking up anyone who has a difference in opinion and whomever also has the legal high ground to do so - like a US citizen.  

The proximation of the NDAA's capacity to criminalize Internet speech and detain anyone in opposition to US foreign policy matters does not excuse the US Executive branch's descent into hubris. 

It may now be exceedingly apparent by now that locking up Americans and throwing out the Justice System with the bathwater is a good military solution to Obama's advisors.  Obama needs reminding there are more interests involved here than just the United States military.  They are top heavy brass, easily agitated to point of threat to maintain relevance or else?  Or else they lose power. 

What can we say to our President? Don't listen to bad advice given by a dysfunctional industry which requires blood, dead bodies, controlled substances and tyranny to survive. 

What will happen to Obama if Brad Manning is not thrown into Gitmo without any hope of being released?  He will still be President.  

What will happen to the Justice Department if they don't let the military take over their job?  They will still have a job and would stop worry about wiggling underneath El General's boot.

What will happen if Wikileaks drops that cable they should have let out a long time ago?  The People will see the faces of their betrayers. They will know the truth and become so empowered that the criminals will be defenseless against their crimes.

Who belongs in jail?  Not the people who oppose war crimes.

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Sheila Dean is the blog editor for and speaks for the 5-11 Campaign, an anti-national ID advocacy campaign.

Sheila promotes American Bill of Rights retention and deliverance from the federal banking system. She also produces podcasts featured at Beat The . She openly supports trans-partisan and grassroots movements with aims to rise above 2 party deadlocks in Washington. Her priorities are: war reform, monetary reform, ecological conservation, civil & human rights, civil liberty and truth in reporting.

Some of the organizations she has helped are: World Can't Wait, The Los Angeles National Impeachment Center, Dennis Kucinich, 9-11 Truth, Author Michael Weinstein, David Swanson, Ron Paul, and Focus The Nation.

She currently lives in the Seattle Metro are with her partner, John P. Edwards, a VFX supervisor.