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December 12, 2011

SETI Team Intercepts Alien Message A Hoax, say Aliens

By martin weiss

Aliens use finance to dominate earth. Strategy to "poison them in the egg" cited.


A team of scientists at Uhuru Center has received and deciphered signals from deep space. The message is evidently an inquiry regarding the progress of the mission to suffocate humanity in its embryonic stages before it can become an impediment to an interstellar empire. Shortly thereafter, a reply was sent from earth orbit asserting that the final stages of the operation are well underway. According to the SETI team, the reply listed many current environmental and social crises having the concerted effect of increasing ignorance and fear, poisoning the air and water, financial manipulation imposing servitude and political paralysis, and engendering conflict between factions of the disenfranchised. Imposition of authoritarian controls, including the internment of millions and starvation and enslavement of billions, is in progress. The SETI group suspect the message to be a hoax conceived by radical groups bent on destroying Western civilization. But computer operators using advanced algorithmic systems emphatically support the veracity of the information. They note a reference to a "first effort" two hundred thousand earth-years ago which reduced human population to a few thousand, but cite words to the effect that "a few ingenious rascals got away". Further updates have been interrupted by technical difficulties.

Submitters Bio:
Avid reader, jazz musician, philosopher, chef, stone mason, carpenter, writer, painter, poet,humanist, teacher, holistic ethicist who believes consciousness and love pervade the universe, except among self-obsessed humans. I perceive the philosophical unified field to be consciousness and joy. The entire universe is composed of waves, which we surf by understanding. Worked and marched for CORE in the 60's. Built 100-ft., 80-ton sculpture on Pratt Beach, Chicago. Planted trees in Oregon. Solo canoed Illinois, Mississippi, Chicago, Rock, Missouri and Wisconsin Rivers. My big thrill as a kid was building small rockets, archery, cruising my woods and going to the Birdhouse on weekends to see the Miles Davis Quintet and many other Jazz Greats.
I was in San Francisco in '65, '66, '67, and '68. Built Burr Tillstrom's puppet theater for Kukla, Fran, and Ollie at WTTW, Channel 11, Chicago. Briefly taught stage carpentry at De Paul Univ. Technical Director one season at Oak Park Shakespeare Festival.
Played trumpet in many small jazz bands, Sextessence, Nova Express. Played on road tour with rock band and many union and studio gigs. Lived with the Rasta in Blue Mountains, Jamaica.
Drove millions of accident-free miles Over the Road in big trucks, 48 states and Canada.
Currently living alone, caring for four rescued animals, one of which a kitten I recently found 'helpless as a kitten up a tree', abandoned in a city park. He came down to my call, so we folded him into the family. Without someone to care for life makes little sense. All reason is born of the heart. As Maya Angelou wrote, "Love holds the stars in their courses."