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March 24, 2006

'Daily Voting News' For March 23, 2006

By JGideon

a run-down of the days elections/voting news from across the country and overseas.


Guest Blogged by John Gideon of VotersUnite.org and VoteTrustUSA.Org

Today a federal court told New York state to present a HAVA plan by April 10. The court also found that intervention of LWV, NYVV and others would not be allowed. Essentially the court found in favor of chaos. Meanwhile the disaster in Illinois is continuing with thousands of votes still to be counted. Sequoia has done a good job of deflecting the machine failures into personnel errors and 'glitches'. At the same time election officials are saying that Sequoia should have to pay for the myriad equipment failures. The editorials and articles coming from Maryland are all pointed toward the state changing their voting system now....

  • NAtional: Andrew Gumbel - Electoral Dysfunction LINK

  • AR: White County - Polling site changes rile some at quorum court LINK

  • CA: Editorial - A voting machine test LINK

  • CA: Electronic voting can't stand burden of suspicion LINK

  • CA: San Mateo County – County Officials Unsure About Electronic Voting Systems LINK

  • CA: Santa Clara County - County's Voting Machines in Question (Possible legal action against Sequoia too) LINK

  • CA: Shasta County - Creating a paper trail LINK

  • FL: Crist asked to investigate voting-machine companies LINK

  • IA: House Republicans Confuse Voters LINK

  • IL: Machine Woes Slow Vote-Counting in Illinois LINK

  • IL: Chicago/Cook County - Ballot madness LINK

  • IL: Chicago - Thousands of ballots remain to be counted LINK

  • IL: Chicago - Election officials say voting machine company should pay for repairs LINK

  • IL: Chicago – Chi-Town E-Voting Meltdown LINK

  • IL: Chicago – Poll Workers Concerned About Voting Accuracy LINK

  • IL: Chicago: Vote snafu: Some blame new equipment LINK

  • IL: Cook County - Votes still not tallied LINK

  • IL: Cook County - Poll workers needed voting system training LINK

  • IL: Cook County - County Board race unsettled; voter fraud charged LINK

  • IL: Henry County - County spends $260,000 for one voter LINK

  • MD: Dissing Diebold LINK

  • MD: Editorial - Common Sense in Maryland LINK

  • MD: Myers says early vote too costly LINK

  • MD: Delegate accuses state official LINK

  • MI: Ottawa County - Stille recall attempt fails as recount upholds election results LINK

  • MO: Cape Girardeau County - Cape County officials test election equipment LINK

  • NM: Santa Fe - Council win cut to 2-vote margin LINK

  • NY: State ordered to produce HAVA plan. Interest groups not allowed to intervene. LINK

  • PA: Opinion - Don't trust easily manipulated computer voting machines LINK

  • PA: Adams County - Adams OKs purchase of new voting machines LINK

  • PA: Carbon County - Carbon scrubs voting machine order. Disenchanted by first supplier[AVS], county goes with second choice[Diebold]. LINK

  • PA: Fayette County - Fayette OKs e-vote vendor (Hart) LINK

  • PA: Fayette County - County to buy voting system (Hart eSlate) LINK

  • PA: Fayette County - Fayette should have new voting machines by mid-April LINK

  • PA: Luzerne County - Threats bring results in voting machine saga (ES&S iVotronic) LINK

  • PA: Luzerne County - Each precinct getting 1 new machine. Paper ballots will also be available to those who don’t want to wait to use iVotronic. LINK

  • TX: Texas Supreme Court Judge Cries Foul LINK

  • TX: Tarrant County - Deadline passes without any recounts requested LINK

  • TX: Tom Green County - Officials work on ballot puzzle LINK

  • WI: More-accessible voting machines get state OK LINK

  • IReland: E-voting machine storage pegged at €696,000 (For never used Liberty machines) LINK

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