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September 22, 2011

Occupy Wall Street - Day 6: Revolution is Tweet

By Chaz Valenza

Yesterday was another rough day for those here in Liberty Plaza, but much better than Tuesday when the police harassment was a definite attempt to nip Occupy Wall Street in the bud.


Yesterday was another rough day for those here in Liberty Plaza, but much better than Tuesday when the police harassment was a definite attempt to nip Occupy Wall Street in the bud. 

Four more arrests yesterday.   So what?   Who cares?   When will Ryan Reed, arrested yesterday, be back on the job?   Soon.   And I bet he's going to be very motivated.

Link: 11 Things You Can Do To Support Occupy Wall Street

What's four more arrests compared to watching the police walk all over your video equipment, your very way of getting out your message; then having them take the plastic tarps protecting it from the rain?  Was the object to deny free speech?

For those of you at home keeping your box scores keep reading.

Liberty Plaza, New York City 9/21/2011
(Image by adbusters/#occupywallst.org)
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Liberty Plaza, New York City 9/21/2011 by adbusters/#occupywallst.org


Arrests of peaceful protesters for minor infractions: 12

Arrests of Wall Street banksters on major charges for destroying the world economy: 0

TARP for Wall Street: $325 billion interest free loan, no collateral.   Billions more hidden in Fed discount window transactions.   And, these guys are still not solvent!

Tarps taken from peaceful protesters in the rain: several $10 plastic

Gasoline: Wall Street makes billions upon billions of dollars rigging both open and private oil markets for years.

Gasoline: a few gallons confiscated from peaceful protesters by NYPD (Taking somebody's gasoline! How unAmerican is that?)

Strategic Resources:

The police have, so far, taken away the protesters' gas, food, water, tarps, signs, megaphones, electric power, ability to narrowcast video (for a short time), some measly civil rights and their colored big stick chalk.  

Other than that, this seedling organization has a few thousand dollars and its membership is basically living on the street.

I'm waiting for the NYPD to take their American flags away.   If they would do that we would have a fair fight.   Of course as soon as the opposition weighs in the protesters can be expected to be painted as traitors in a class war.  

So, soon we will have a fair fight.   Why do I say that?

Because the 400, 4,000, 40,000, 400,000, or 4,000,000 wealthiest people in America - that's just 1.3% of the U.S. population - are going to be no match for the three hundred and eight million, two-hundred and sixty-five thousand, four hundred and eighty-five of us that have been left out in the cold.

If you were among those 1.3% of Americans who have basically lived off the work and taxes of the rest of us, would you be scared?

Available Resources:

They are afraid, very afraid.  

They've spend billions, which is a spit in ocean for them, on security and protection, including bodyguards, guard dogs, private security police, video surveillance, alarm systems and gated communities.  

They are well-prepared for the mobs, hooligans and rabble coming with torches and pitchforks.   They are afraid of the very weapons they wield.   But violence is their weapon, not ours.

What these unprosecuted criminals of the financial con job are not prepared for is tweets and feets.  

What they're not prepared for is 400,000 or 4,000,000 of us - just 1.3% of the total U.S. population - gathering in lower Manahattan and Chicago and Atlanta and Detroit and Columbus and Los Angeles and Portland and on every Main Street in every Springfield in every state of the union.


What they're not prepared for is the tens of millions more who have no job, no money, no doctor, no home, no security and little hope left who are going to support this movement.

The police were laughing at us on Saturday, September 17.   The Party of Wall Street laughed on Monday morning September 19 when they came to "work."   Now, they're starting to fight us.   What comes next?   Does anyone remember?   How much do you think they know about Gandhi?     

9:00 AM - Major Occupy Wall Street rally/events set for Saturday, September 24 NYC

9:30 AM - Live video stream is up and looking good: See it HERE

10:05 AM - Call for Credit Card Cutting parties on Saturday, September 24

10:15 AM - Bureau of Labor Statistics latest numbers: 

In August, 1,587 mass layoff actions affected 165,547 workers

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Chaz Valenza is writer and small business owner in New Jersey. He earned his MBA from New York University's Stern School of Business. His current feature film project is "Single Point Failure" an insider's account of how the Reagan Administration caused the greatest tragedy of the space age based on Richard C. Cook's book "Challenger Revealed." He is a former Director of Public Information for Planned Parenthood of NYC. His website is: www.WordsWillNever.com