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May 23, 2011

Pakistani Rulers Must Be Made Accountable

By Muhammad Khurshid

The United States must not give a clean chit to the rulers of Pakistan as they have played a dirty role during this mad war on terrorism. Pakistani rulers have played a role in creation of terrorism, which played havoc in the whole world.


The US administration must not give a clean chit to the rulers of Pakistan as they are responsible for the killing of thousands of people in Pakistan and other parts of the world. They can also be held responsible for wastage of world resources. Rulers of Pakistan have played double games during this war on terrorism. On the one hand they remained US ally in war on terrorism, but on the other hand they have always extended full support of terrorists.

So far US President Barack Obama has been handling the situation in Pakistan in a very good manner. Credit must be given to Obama as he has successfully eliminated the symbol of terrorism without going to war with Pakistan. But now the situation is really alarming as terrorists have been trying to reach to the corridors of power. They have also been trying to get control of atom bomb. Terrorists are actually present withing the system so it is very easy for them to reach to atom bomb. The Sunday attack on the naval headquarters in Karachi is a proof that they can do anything.

According to media reports, gunmen armed with rockets and explosives stormed Pakistan Navy airbase, destroying two US-made two P-3C Orion aircraft surveillance aircraft and killing 12 security personnel.

Geo News correspondent reported from the vicinity of PNS Mehran that four militants blew themselves up, while the security forces have arrested four other militants.

According to official spokesman, 11 navy and one Rangers personnel embraced martyrdom taking the toll to 12. The operation against militants who attacked PNS Mehran started at 10.30 pm on Sunday.

The latest attack is really a proof that terrorists have the capability to target their targets anywhere in the world. 

A newspaper report said that  US President Barack Obama has said he would order another covert military raid in Pakistan like the one that killed Osama bin Laden if another militant leader was found in the country.

In an interview to BBC broadcast on Sunday, President Obama made it clear that while he respected Pakistan's sovereignty, his main job was to protect his own country and he would not hesitate in doing so.

Asked what he would do if one of Al Qaeda's top leaders, or the Taliban leader Mullah Omar, was tracked down to a location in Pakistan or another sovereign territory, he said the US would take unilateral action if required.

"Our job is to secure the United States," he said. "We are very respectful of the sovereignty of Pakistan. But we cannot allow someone who is actively planning to kill our people or our allies' people."

President Obama made it clear that he was focused on other concerns. "We can't allow those kinds of active plans to come to fruition without us taking some action," he said.

Also, last week White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said while the US took Pakistan's complaints seriously, it would not apologise over the May 2 attack.

President Obama went a step ahead and said he hoped the raid would be "a wake-up call where we start seeing a more effective cooperative relationship" with Pakistan.

Mr Obama also underlined the general feeling in America that Bin Laden must have had a strong support network in Pakistan to have lived there undetected for so long: "What we know is that for him to have been there for five or six years probably required some sort of support external to the compound," he said.

But Mr Obama did leave some room for Pakistani officials to explain their position, saying that he did not know whether that support was "non-governmental, governmental, a broad network, or a handful of individuals". Those were the "things that we are investigating, but we're also asking the Pakistanis to investigate", he added.

Pakistan denies official involvement and has launched inquiries to determine what and who allowed Bin Laden to hide in Abbottabad for six years. Islamabad has promised to share the findings with Washington.

Last week, the United States sent its special envoy Marc Grossman and a senior CIA official to Islamabad to discuss these and other issues as US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said the future of US-Pakistan relations depended on these talks.

In his interview to BBC, President Obama said he had taken a "calculated risk" in launching the Bin Laden raid, a triumph that could easily have ended in disaster. He said the US SEAL team was exceptionally well prepared, "but there's no doubt that that was as long a 40 minutes as I care to experience during my presidency".

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Authors Bio:
Muhammad Khurshid, a resident of Bajaur Agency, tribal areas situated on Pak-Afghan border is journalist by profession. He contributes articles and news stories to various online and print newspapers. His subject matter is terrorism. He is also heading Voice For Peace working against terrorism in tribal areas. The aim of the Voice For Peace is restoration of peace in Bajaur Agency, tribal areas and whole world. He is looking for freelance and correspondent work from media organizations, to cover the part of the world where Al Qaeda and the Taliban are most active.