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April 8, 2011

Why OpEdNews and 99.9% of America's Progressive Political Websites Are Unwitting Enemies of Political Reform

By Carmen Yarrusso

Progressive websites divert our attention and our energy from any real political reform by harping on the symptoms of government corruption while ignoring the root cause.


Spend a few minutes on any progressive political website and note the gist of the writing there. You'll find example after example of the countless ways our corrupt government screws the American people, while giving billions of our tax dollars to corporate special interests. You'll find example after example of vast human suffering caused by our government's patently unjust legislation and actions. You'll find example after example of symptoms, but you likely won't find any serious analysis of the underlying disease (much less practical suggestions to treat that disease).

Thoreau wrote, "There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root." America 's "progressive" political websites are merely hacking at the branches of evil (symptoms) instead of striking at the root (the underlying disease). In this case, the underlying disease is big money in government. Just about every injustice addressed on these websites is a direct result of big money in government. Addressing the symptoms while almost totally ignoring the disease is a waste of our time and energy because the symptoms can't possibly go away as long as the disease remains untreated.

But worse yet, by stressing the symptoms, these websites are diverting our minds away from treating the disease, which is the ONLY way to reform our political system. As long as lobbyists transfer millions from big money special interests to our "representatives" in return for billions of our tax dollars, we'll continue to suffer the various symptoms railed about on these websites. So what if we hack off a branch or two of government injustice? New ones will grow in their place as long as big money controls our government.

These progressive websites are enemies of political reform because they divert our political energy and dialogue from analyzing and treating the root cause (big money in government) to futile and emotional branch discussions about this or that government injustice. These websites are predominately exhorting us to join them in the futility of hacking at the branches.

But unless we start striking at the root of evil, our corrupt government will continue on its path of mass destruction, human suffering throughout the world will increase, and real political reform will remain impossible.

For a clear, cogent, comprehensive analysis of the underlying disease and a practical plan for real political reform, click striking at the root of evil.

Submitters Bio:
Carmen Yarrusso, a software engineer for 35 years, designed and modified computer operating systems (including Internet software). He has a BS in physics and studied game theory and formal logic during his years with the math department at Brookhaven National Lab. He lives in New Hampshire and often writes about uncomfortable truths.