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March 31, 2011

American Boots ARE on the Ground in Libya, Libyan-American Boots that is.

By Mac McKinney

Some Libyan Americans, not to mention Libyans in other countries, after seeing the horrors Muammar Gaddafi has been inflicting upon his own people, are returning to their homeland to join up with the rebels to liberate their country before it is too late, acts of real courage against a regime known to beat, torture and/or execute prisoners.


Sanad, the son of Ibrahim Elfirjani, has followed his
father to Libya to liberate his homeland.

Excerpt from MSNBC:

Age wasn't about to stop Libyan-American Ibrahim Elfirjani from joining the fight to oust Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi. So the 60-year-old owner of an auto repair shop left his home in Illinois and trekked to Libya to help the opposition on the frontlines of the conflict.

"I decided my birth country needs me today. " I'm an old man but I have energy to kick this dictator out," Elfirjani, of Orland Park, Ill., told by phone from Libya, during a stop near the Egyptian border to pick up communications equipment for the rebel fighters. "My heart is still young " 25 years old."

Elfirjani is one of an unknown number of Libyan-Americans who have journeyed home to join the fight against Gadhafi. While some have taken up weapons, others are helping in the humanitarian effort, working to create a transitional government or shuttling supplies to the rebels on the frontlines. Their participation comes with a risk: At least one Libyan-American man has been killed in the fighting.

"We do whatever we have to do to free our country," Elfirjani said, noting that he had evacuated women and children from the areas of fighting and armed himself with a Kalashnikov rifle for protection.

'We need our freedom'
He arrived in Libya from Egypt on Feb. 22 and was first in the key oil town of Ras Lanouf. But he was soon forced to retrace part of his travels as Gadhafi troops pushed the rebel forces eastward to the country's second largest city of Benghazi in mid-March. At one point, he recalled, a mortar hit the hood of the Land Rover he was riding in. (READ THE FULL ARTICLE HERE)

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