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January 12, 2011

America Eats Her Checkers

By Mark Sashine

Life goes on. So does the violent death. America eats her checkers. Happy snacking.


  I am all for the    restrictions imposed   on  the mentally disabled. They    should not be able to buy a gun or ammo. Neither they should be able to run freely and become Presidents, Vice- Presidents or   members of Congress. Neither they should be able to run   the US Army. Neither they should be able   to   work in the media. Neither they should be able to run the country finances". Come to think of it,   if   we follow this mantra we will not have   anyone in   the official politics of power and information. That is because we have evolved- from the idiots in power and occasional psychopaths we have now psychopaths in power and occasional idiots. Times had changed.

A deranged man   goes to the rally with a gun and shoots indiscriminately.   Nothing   new here.   In the 19-th Century we had a lot of those shooting    indiscriminately at the Indians. Great shooting it was; we have Indians now as extinct species. Then we expanded our   shooting range and   in 1945 an ordinary psychopath in the WH gave an order to kill 100000 people in a   second. Don't retreat, reload- and we reloaded and unloaded   on another Japanese town   next day. What a shot, really. Since that time we built an   unlimited supply of ammo to satisfy the appetites of the upcoming psychopaths They did not hesitate to oblige. In the 60s the whole group of them   lured the country into the Vietnam catastrophe. Then   they   decided to engage in the nice game of political overthrowing and hundreds of thousands died in Chile,   Guatemala   and other countries.

Under the rule of the two-bit actor     we fortified   our attitude   at the   world in the cross- hairs. No big deal- we loved the stuff.   Turn on your TV and right after the Ipad commercial you will hear   the triumphant statements (usually accompanied by   a hysterical laughter)   about new people we have killed in the name of democracy. We do not need to   read   The Communist Manifesto or Mein Kampf to kill people. We just have to    let someone else to do the shooting for us.

In the Y1992 we had 80 people burned alive   in front of us. Didn't have   a moment of silence then.   Those were our people but we didn't care.   Then in 1995 a deranged young man   blew up   the OK Federal Building.   He said that   it was   a fair game.- 160   for 80. We   mourned our dead and continued the   killings. In   1999   our   forces courageously bombed Serbia, the   one and only   sturdy ally off the   Allies in the WWII. Follow the psychopaths, they will   set   you free!

In the Y2000   we culminated in electing a duo of exceptional psychopaths: one of them   was   unstable all the time and another one was Dart Vader personified.    The world hit hard at us   on 9/11 reminding   of the evil we had sown. But instead of embracing common sense we rallied    around our beloved psychopaths and leashed out. Since then we    have been killing all the time. Sickness took over and now we are so used to it that   we don't notice   anymore   when Obama loves the drones   or Sarah Palin shoots a deer for fun. So what? Cheney and his friends   shot   400 birds in one day and   that   did not prevent him from buying a gun or becoming a VP.

  Now we mourn, pray, say speeches and profess on the TV. Millions are earned by the TV pundits since the Arizona carnage happened. For some strange reason I have not heard any   statements    offering that money as donations to charity. People of the   US love to cry but   only if it   is profitable   Otherwise   the usual killings happen as we speak.   Life goes on. So does    the violent death. America eats her checkers.   Happy snacking.

Authors Bio:

The writer is 57 years old, semi- retired engineer, PhD, PE, CEM. I write fiction on a regular basis and I am also 10 years on OEN.