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February 25, 2006

The Bush Regime has clearly lost any connection with reality!

By tedbohne

The people must retake the decision making responsibilites from the Bush Regime


I certainly hope the Russians have their ears and eyes open at this time.

With Marines and US Army Special Forces in Iran pulling the same crap they tried to execute in Venezuela, it's likely to work.

To disseminate dissent in Iran, unlike Venezuela is likely to light off a fuse on a social degeneration which would very likely dwarf the current civil war in Iraq.

I'm unsure how many more "civil war freight trains" have to hit these mopes in Iraq and Washington before they realize they're dead in the middle of one. It's not enroute, it's already here!

If Iran goes up, then it will be interesting to see what President Putin says and/or does in response.

The US's insane actions at this point are, or are on the precipice of destabilizing the many other countries in and out of the Middle East.

Think not?, look around. The wars in Africa, the Middle East, Philippines, and the mess in Haiti. The US upcoming attempt to organize South American countries against Venezuela.

It is clear that the Bush people have lost control of themselves in their lust for power and money.

Bush's speech last night to the American Legion was littered with lies concerning health care in the US for both civilians and veterans, and retirees, among others.

If one is a watcher of the blogs and news sites, it is impossible to miss the rapidly rising anger around the US and the World.

Given the precarious position the US is in economically and militarily, it would be wise for American's to at least begin to entertain the idea that ridding themselves of the Bush Regime.

Further, given the long sordid history of the Republican pary, perhaps the Republican Party as well.

Disposal of these lunatics is going to increase the possibility of the America's children and grandchildren reaching adulthood, in a Safe sane America.

The Bush regime is presently on a course that is clearly toward more war, and possibly of collision with the Russian Federation which has stated unequivocally it would take a dim view of an American assault on Iran.

Iran's nuclear program, if it exists, should be construed as defensive. Certainly in the presence of US and Israeli threats.

They won't have a delivery system that can get anything close to the US.

The only worry then, would be Israel, who, like the US would only be reaping the fruit of it's long use of terrorist behavior.

The behavior of the Bush Regime over the past six years has caused many countries to consider nuclear weapons if for no other reason than to stave off an American attack.

Most likely in an effort to steal their natural resources, most notably oil.

Yes, oil. Whoever controls the flow of oil, controls the world. Everything that moves in this world other than military nuclear powered ships and submarines, moves by oil.

It is extremely important to remember that fuel isn't the only reason to pursue control of the world's oil.

Countless other products, most of which are unknown to most are produced from petroleum.

Bush and his people are clearly not well mentally. With all jocularity aside, these people are sick, and dangerous.

No rational person anywhere supports their actions and most would clearly like to see them, at very least, gone.

Given what we now about the events of 911, one can see where PNAC, (Project for the New American Century) many members of which are now in the Bush Regime, may have received their "Pearl Harbor" marching orders with which to launch this ill fated ship of terror and doom.

Though this short exegesis sounds alarmist, it is based in cold hard fact. Facts that many are doing their best to avoid.

Though unheard of in the US before, it may be time to call for new elections as do the British from time to time.

Realistically, the American people can no longer tolerate the behavior of the Bush Crime Family and associates.

The Bush Regime's apparent inability to predict world reaction to their own crazed actions, clearly indicate how dangerous their presence in any position of power is.

American's have no experience in disposing of a rogue government. This, of course, will make the act harder to plan and execute.

However, the abyss the Bush creatures are steering the US toward cannot be recovered from.

Once the world calls your bluff and you can't produce, then the respect lost, can never be regained.

If the US can't take Iraq militarily, then what makes people think the US military can handle larger more sophisticated countries.

None of the weapons systems touted by the Bush Regime are battle tested, including the people. Battle tested means your people and equipment performed well against a competent well armed opponent.

It means you didn't have to shore up your people with at least 20,000 mercenaries, or use defective equipment whilst your soldier's families buy the right equipment and send it to their sons and daughters in combat.

It means you don't have a SECDEF (Secretary of Defense) telling soldiers "you go to war with the army you have!, not the army you'd like to have!"

It means that the SECDEF doesn't have to be told by Companies that produce needed equipment such as armored Humvees that sure, they could make some two hundred fifty to five hundred more per month, always could have.

It also means that you don't have to listen to an endless string of lies about the status of a war that is actually failed. A war whose beginning was founded on lies.

Over a hundred thousand Iraqi's have died at the hands of US personnel. Nearly half of those were civilians.

In the battle for Falluja, the first US target bombed was the damned hospital. Then after allowing people to leave except males fifteen and older they then proceeded to use chemical weapons White Phosphorus and napalm.

Both in stark defiance of any and all forms of law and civilized behavior.

The same is true of the willful destruction of water treatment plants, the infrastructure to provide water to the people and remove wastes. Electrical facilities and such.

Do you suppose the American people will wait for an attack from a foreign country before getting off their dead asses?

Perhaps a large country. One that is easily prepared to lay waste to the US. A country that has more than it's mouth and canary ass to fight with.

A country with much more power in terms of nuclear weapons than the US, or one with parity at least. Iraq can't help itself. It currently has no one to stand up to the US on it's behalf and assist the US back to sanity.

It is also possible for other countries to freeze US assets, call in all debt owed by the US, to boycott US products, and to cease the purchase of any US made products?

If the World decides to use an economic blockade against the US, AND THEY MOST ASSUREDLY CAN, life as people know or imagine it in the US ends at that moment.

So, the question to be considered is simply this.

Is the fear of replacing the current Rogue Regime so bad that Americans are willing to take a chance on such actions as mentioned above, or perhaps a third world war.

Be advised that these scenarios, as frightening as they are, are well within the parameters of possibility.

Some extremely fearful questions must be answered and now. The world is heating up even as we speak.

So what DO you REALLY want for your children and grandchildren. There is little time left to decide with the illegitimate Bush Regime calling the shots for all of us.

Authors Bio:
Mr. Bohne is a clockmaker and activist. He HATES the US Government, and without stretching the truth (reality) will do anything to dig up dirt on any of these bastards, as long as it's REAL dirt.

"the first man to raise his fists, is the first man to run out of ideas."