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February 19, 2006

Listen to Sen. Boxer and Mark C. Miller today on

By Barry Gordon, "Barry Gordon from Left Field"

Today, Sunday, from 2-5pm Pacific Time at KCAA 1050 AM and at Be there or be square!


A new experience in weekend talk, veteran entertainer Barry Gordon delivers powerful political insights that are engaging, intelligent, and often irreverent. You'll meet some fascinating guests and have a chance to talk with many of them yourself, live and unscreened every Sunday from 2:00 to 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time at KCAA 1050 AM and at

Barry's got another great line-up of guests today!

Senator Barbara Boxer will be talking with Barry during the very beginning of the show Sunday, Feb. 19, about the inquiry that the Republicans have apparently thwarted into the NSA wiretapping. She will also tell us about her new novel, "A Time to Run" (Read more below, including about her book signing this Wednesday evening at Book Soup in West Hollywood).

Deborah Burger, President of the California Nurses Association, will be talking about the California Clean Money Campaign and other issues important to the health care community.

"Barry’s Bookshelf" will feature Mark Crispin Miller, professor of media studies at NYU and author of the just-released book "Fooled Again: How the Right Stole the 2004 Election, and Why They'll Steal the Next One Too (Unless We Stop Them)." (For another great work about election fraud, see the DVD "Invisible Ballots," below.) Mark's previous books include “The Bush Dyslexicon” and “Cruel and Unusual: Bush/Cheney’s New World Order.”

In the third hour, we’ll be talking to author Ben Kaplan about his book, “How to Go to College Almost for Free.” With February beginning the 2006 financial application season, he’ll be clueing our listeners into all the tricks in his book. He is also making available FREE packets at his website,

In the coming weeks, Barry's guests will include more celebrated experts and insiders. Check back for schedule updates or sign up for "The Dugout" to receive breaking news!

Barry's latest picks and recommendations in books:

A Time to Run. In her debut novel, Sen. Barbara Boxer relates "a story I had long wanted to tell" about aspiring political activist Josh Fischer and aspiring journalist Greg Hunter who are best friends and roommates at 1970s Berkeley. Publishers Weekly says "Boxer brings been-there nuance to the backbiting, hazardous personal disclosures and naked power mongering of California and Washington politics." Senator Boxer will present and sign "A Time to Run" at Warwick's Books in San Diego on Tuesday, February 21 at 7:30 p.m. and at Book Soup on the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood (8818 Sunset Blvd., W. Hollywood, CA 90069) on Wednesday, February 22 at 7 p.m.

Invisible Ballots (on DVD) is an in-depth exposé of all-electronic computerized voting, with no paper trail to audit, by companies with little government oversight. This DVD is available for purchase through In addition, Joan Brunwasser, the Voting Integrity Editor of, is also offering individual copies of the DVD on a "lending library" basis to individuals and groups, with a suggested donation of just $10 to cover shipping and handling; house parties showing this eye-opening video have been springing up across the country.

America, Fascism and God: Sermons from a Heretical Preacher by Davidson Loehr In a mere 140 pages, Dr. Loehr offers his own brand of non-religious religion. In his opinion, God is less like a puppeteer and more like a hand puppet, being manipulated by human beings to pursue their own, often less-than-holy agendas. Along the way, he takes on the icons of fundamentalism, capitalism and corporatism, and smashes them like so many golden calves. He also takes on liberals for failing to offer a moral values-based alternative to conservatives. If you are a “true believer,” beware! This book will shake you up.


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Joan Brunwasser is a co-founder of Citizens for Election Reform (CER) which since 2005 existed for the sole purpose of raising the public awareness of the critical need for election reform. Our goal: to restore fair, accurate, transparent, secure elections where votes are cast in private and counted in public. Because the problems with electronic (computerized) voting systems include a lack of transparency and the ability to accurately check and authenticate the vote cast, these systems can alter election results and therefore are simply antithetical to democratic principles and functioning.

Since the pivotal 2004 Presidential election, Joan has come to see the connection between a broken election system, a dysfunctional, corporate media and a total lack of campaign finance reform. This has led her to enlarge the parameters of her writing to include interviews with whistle-blowers and articulate others who give a view quite different from that presented by the mainstream media. She also turns the spotlight on activists and ordinary folks who are striving to make a difference, to clean up and improve their corner of the world. By focusing on these intrepid individuals, she gives hope and inspiration to those who might otherwise be turned off and alienated. She also interviews people in the arts in all their variations - authors, journalists, filmmakers, actors, playwrights, and artists. Why? The bottom line: without art and inspiration, we lose one of the best parts of ourselves. And we're all in this together. If Joan can keep even one of her fellow citizens going another day, she considers her job well done.

When Joan hit one million page views, OEN Managing Editor, Meryl Ann Butler interviewed her, turning interviewer briefly into interviewee. Read the interview here.

While the news is often quite depressing, Joan nevertheless strives to maintain her mantra: "Grab life now in an exuberant embrace!"

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