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February 17, 2006

Declare We Are Not At War

By 2LT Morrisseau

Since there is no Congressional Declaration of War vs. Iraq, we are not legally "at war" there and should get out. Additional result: the conflict must be managed under close supervision of Congress. Congress should declare WE ARE NOT AT WAR with Iran, Syria, Korea, Venezuela.... NUKES ARE BEING CONSIDERED vs. IRAN



FROM: Dennis Morrisseau
West Pawlet, VT
(802) 645-9727

(Morrisseau is a declared Republican candidate for
Vermont's single seat in the U.S. House.)

Senators and "Representatives":

Three times now you have evaded your Constitutional responsibility
to Declare War (or not) in major conflicts leaving the decision in
the hands of Presidents: Truman in Korea, Lyndon Johnson in Vietnam,
Bush in Iraq and Afganistan. The power and responsibility to declare
war are yours alone under the Constitution and cannot be delegated.
The United States cannot legally wage war unless you declare war.
Since there is and was no emergency in Iraq, and there has been no
declaration of war, we are not now "at war" there in any sense under
domestic (U.S.) law; and the President must therefore manage this
conflict subject to full Congressional oversight in all things.

The Bush Administration is now seriously looking at an expansion of
the present conflict, perhaps into Syria or Iran. The use of nuclear
weapons by U.S. forces is under discussion. Secretary Rice, speaking
for the President, has ruled nothing out, and has clearly stated his
view that he is free to do as he wishes in the matter of an expanded
conflict in the Moslem world, without consulting Congress.

In light of this, and mindful also of the gravity of our situation and
yours, I think you need to declare whether we are "at war" or not in
Iraq as a matter of law. In addition, you should DECLARE WE ARE
NOT NOW AT WAR with Iran or Syria--Thus, putting the President on
notice that Congress has forbidden an attack on these countries without
consultation and a new formal Declaration of War.


Dennis Morrisseau,
U.S. Citizen

PO Box 177. W. Pawlet, VT 05775

Authors Website:

Authors Bio:
The Lieutenant was a candidate for Congress in Vermont running under the ballot line: Impeach Bush Now in '06. He intends to repeat the effort in the '08 election cycle, and vows to recruit from dozens to 100s of Independent candidates to run AT Congress from all across the country.
The goal is to remove all incumbent, professional politicians without regard to party, and REPLACE THEM with ourselves. This he calls "Lieutenant Morrisseau's Rebellion."
While an Army 2nd Lieutenant, Morrisseau was court-martialled in 1968 for refusing shipment to Vietnam, but he and his legal team beat the court-martial. The Rebellion continues.