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July 29, 2010

NO to Fox at the Whitehouse

By Paul Kruger

Should FOX be given the seat at the White House vacated by Helen Thomas? No...please tell the White House Correspondents' Association NO


Today I sent this letter via both email and fax to the White House Correspondents Association regarding the application of, among others, Fox News (not) to fill the seat vacated by Helen Thomas.

I urge readers to also object to lending credibility to the Fox network by giving them a seat.


White House Correspondents' Association
600 New Hampshire Avenue, Suite 800
Washington, DC 20037
202-266-7453 (v)
202-266-7454 (f )

Julia Whiston, Executive Director.

Do not give Helen Thomas' seat to FOX !

The are NOT news...they are a politically motivated racist organization who lie, distort and deceive viewers to promote a specific political agenda.

They have FCC complaints filed against them for using their "news" status contrary to federal rules against bias and distortion in the news. The recent scandals where Fox assisted in slander and personal attacks against blacks such as Shirley Sherrod, Van Jones and Acorn all indicate their inability to present news using accepted and honorable journalistic standards.

Putting FOX in that chair would be a black mark on your organization as it would amount to an acceptance of their extreme distortions as being the equal of your other distinguished members.


[ Add your name and fax or email from their web site ]

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