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July 18, 2010

Tea Parties are Unmasked as Republican attempt at Rebranding says Gallup

By Steven Leser

If Republicans and Tea Partiers are one and the same, why bother to call these Tea Party rallies anything but Republican Rallies?



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Unmasked by Steve Leser

It has taken 15 months for this kind of analysis to be done but a major polling agency has validated my initial take on the Tea Party:

Some Republicans are mad they lost the election and they cannot get over it.

Gallup's analysis shows that there is no discernible daylight between the Tea Party and Republicanism. This immediately prompts the question,

If Republicans and Tea Partiers are one and the same, why bother to call these Tea Party rallies anything but Republican Rallies?

The answer is, people do not like what Republicans did with their last turn at governing. The folks at FreedomWorks and the other Republican think tanks who fund and organize the Tea Parties know this and came up with a scheme to try to rebuild the Republican Party without calling it "Republican". That is how and why the Tea Parties were born in the first place and they have not moved ideologically or any other way since then.

What would happen if the Republicans score a major victory in the 2010 elections? The answer is that the Tea Party would be disbanded. They would have served their purpose and they would have been exposed for what they are. There would be no point in continuing them.

Gallup had this to say about their findings:

The Tea Party movement has received considerable news coverage this year, in large part because it appears to represent a new and potentially powerful force on the American political scene. Whether Tea Party supporters are a voting segment that is unique and distinct from the more traditional Republican conservative base, however, appears questionable.

Gallup is being generous in their commentary as their polling data makes it completely clear. On questions about Nancy Pelosi, Barack Obama, who they are going to vote for in November, and a host of other issues, there is little or no daylight between the two groups. Republicans and Tea Partiers are one and the same.

Will the Mainstream Media acknowledge this Unmasking of the Tea Parties?

Probably not. It is too exciting to continue to portray the Tea Parties as they have been attempting to sell themselves, i.e., something new, something grass roots and something unaligned. Regarding the Tea Parties, the truth seems to have become a casualty for which few are willing to fight.

This study by Gallup needs to be sent far and wide. People must be made to understand what the Republicans have done here. There has been a concerted attempt by Republicans and their media friends to sell, as I have put it, a sham and a fraud to the American people. Once this is well known, people need to take a look at the other meme's Republicans have tried to sell to the country. There has not been a single true assertion made by Republicans about Obama and Democrats since inauguration day. If Republicans want rebranding, we should give them a moniker that reflects who they are. "The Prevaricator Party" or PP for short.

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