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May 1, 2010

Dear Major General Smedley D. Butler.Letter to a dead man. May your ideas never die.

By Chris Landau

I am hoping to avert another ecological crisis on the west coast. As Vandenberg will also be hit by the natural disaster of the earthquake and tsunami, I was hoping that they might want to use their influence to stop the oil and gas drilling and pumping of oil and to shut the oil wells down permanently. I also wrote an article which began, "Dear Goldman Sachs and BP"" These are some of the GREY MEN making the huge profits. Win


Dear Major General Smedley D. Butler

Letter to a dead man. May your ideas never die.

I have come to ask for your help. You are dead, but alive through your actions and your written words. I write to people that tell me they are alive. But really they are dead. Dead to their fellow man's suffering. Dead to the planet, our environment. Dead to the animals they abuse. They place money where only they and a few friends will benefit. They build their dreams on paper and electronic noise. Nothing has changed in 70 years. Are you surprised?

I agree with you 100%. You summed it up perfectly. How does one get it across to each new generation of young people that get sucked into each new profitable war?

Most will only learn this near the end of their lives, that they were just a pawn in somebody else's manipulative game.

I used to believe the old saying that when old men can not agree, young men die. And of course "War is good business. Invest your sons."

Now I believe it is, "War is good business. Invest your neighbor's sons."

It is the quiet grey men that we really have to be afraid of. Those that manipulate the politicians and the public for their own gain. Those that keep their friends close and their enemies closer. Those that learn our psyche but never let others know theirs.

I think before we wage any war, the public must be made aware of the military contracts and who will benefit from this new war. Their profits should be published weekly in the press. On the front page, there should be a column of companies listing not only the weapons, the food, the beds, the tents, the trucks, the planes, the paper, the pens that are being used, but companies should not be allowed to use other "shell companies" to hide their involvement.

Follow the money trail may stop many wars. Let the man in the street see who profits, before he acts before thinking.

A geologist trying to stop oil drilling into a gigantic fault zone off the coast of southern California

Now I am a geologist trying to stop the oil drilling into the 3000 mile fault zone crossing the Pacific Ocean. There was a massive blowout and environmental disaster in 1969 off the Santa Barbara coast. It is much like what is happening now off the Louisiana Coast with the Deep Water Horizon oil rig that exploded and sank that was operated by Transocean and leased by BP that was the cause of this new ecological disaster. I think that the crew got careless and were not watching their mud weight and nobody was paying attention to the background units of gas and the many gas horizons that they must have intersected. I think that Halliburton did a shoddy job of cementing the well casing. If they were running the e-logs which is an instrument, let down on a thick cable all the way to the bottom of this 18000 foot well, that measures resistance, conductivity, porosity, pH and many more technical parameters. They were probably down the open hole too long or had got the instrument stuck. In any case this time delay allowed the heavy drilling mud to fill with gas and oil and to turn to froth, which lowered its density and allowed this high pressure well to blow out.

Some past history

I prevented a blowout south of Sacramento as the logging geologist, by informing the company man to weight up the mud. The company man said my instruments were wrong and I did not know what I was talking about as he had been in this business for 28 years. I called the drilling engineer off site who wanted to know what the background gas and the gas shows were(those many layers, up to 30 in a single well that produce oil or gas) When I informed he told the company man to weight up the mud. I was removed from the well and sent to another well. The well began to flow of its own accord, a sign that you have lost control of the situation. The blowout preventers were actuated and a disaster averted. The lower 3500 feet of well was cemented closed as they could not control the tremendous pressure at 11500'. They used the upper 8000 feet in a producing well.

My point here is that I know that there is a tremendous amount of oil and gas at greater depths and it is not brought onto line because the drilling companies have not been that successful at controlling high pressure gas and oil.

Stop drilling oil wells into fault zones

I left the oil business in early 2007 and am glad I did. I was only involved for a year and a half and that was a lifetime for me. I would like to see every well in the world closed. Oil is a toxic carcinogenic compound and it is being spread around the world and killing the planet. Oil drilling should stop for everybody's sake. Maybe man can then find a new cleaner energy source to fight and kill for. At least we save the environment. Who can save man from man?

I would like to stop the insane drilling for oil and pumping of oil that is taking place off the coast of Los Angeles and Santa Barbara. Al these wells are being sunk into one of the world's biggest fault zones that can clearly be seen in Google satellite photos. It is a 3000 mile fault zone crossing the Pacific Ocean and going on shore. You can see it by putting Santa Barbara into Google search, selecting satellite viewing mode in the top right hand corner and panning out until you see the size of this fault zone which is as long as the US is wide. It is 30 miles wide and because the bedrock is fractured here, the oil leaks out naturally at a slow rate and has done so from the time of the early Spanish Explores. The Native American used to use the tar to water proof their boats. The slow leak is good as it means the fault is full and sliding smoothly. When you remove the oil, you lock the tectonic plates and cause earthquakes (for those earthquakes at 7 miles and shallower.)

Vandenberg Air Force Base

I wonder if you have any contacts at Vandenberg Air Force Base. They could be warned to take a look at the geology and satellite maps for themselves, before the pumping and drilling for oil here triggers this gigantic fault zone and causes massive tsunamis and earthquakes. The fault is obvious to any school boy doing earth science today and is even on globes of the world sold since about 1990 showing bathymetry features under the water. My articles that I began writing in March 2010 have been published on line by The Santa Barbara News Press, The Ventura Star, Op-ed News and others.

I am hoping to avert another ecological crisis on the west coast. As Vandenberg will also be hit by the natural disaster of the earthquake and tsunami, I was hoping that they might want to use their influence to stop the oil and gas drilling and pumping of oil and to shut the oil wells down permanently. I also wrote an article which began, "Dear Goldman Sachs and BP"" These are some of the GREY MEN making the huge profits. Win of lose, they are always on top. They keep a low profile, let the others get the flack and quietly pocket the profits. Huge profits require huge volatility and uncertainty. What better way to make a profit than stir up controversy?

It seems an insane thing to do to deliberately drill into an active fault zone. My published articles can be found by putting in Chris Landau oil or earthquakes and my technical publications can be found on line and though the American Institute of Professional Geologists and The Association of Engineering and Environmental Geologists.

Good luck on sales for your book." War is a Racket." You should make it required reading matter for kids at school to make them think three times before going to be a pawn in somebody else's money game(war) They need to question things early not to be manipulated. War, who benefits? Who makes a pile of loot?


Chris Landau

530 751 9829

April 30, 2010

Submitters Bio:

I was born in South Africa in 1958. I came to the USA with my wife and three daughters in 2003. We became US citizens in 2009 and 2010. My wife Susan is a Special Education English Teacher. She has a bachelor's degree in Micro anatomy and biochemistry. I have two daughters at university and one in the tech world. I am lucky to be surrounded by such talented women. I am a vegetarian and enjoy growing trees, vegetables and plants from seed. My interests lie in astronomy, meteorology, geology and biology. In astronomy, I am interested in dimensions, the speed of electromagnetic radiation in different density conditions, redshift, magnetism associated with rings of planets and stars, black holes and contracting galaxies and the rotation of the universe. In September 2010 I presented three new concepts on our Earth, our Sun and the planets and stars that surround us. The American Institute of Professional Geologists (AIPG) published my ideas on October 4, 2010 on Planetary-Spin heat relationships, Jupiter-Saturn-Solar Tidal-Sunspot coupling and Planetary-Solar alternating magnetic fields. The paper can be found at the AIPG website at: http://www.aipg.org/Events/2010 Annual Meeting/final papers.htm In meteorology, my interests lie in long-range hourly weather forecasts through tidal and magnetic forces for both convectional and cyclonic rainfall. In geology, my interests are in the inorganic origin of oil, gas and coal, under reducing conditions, through hydrogen sulfide and water acting on coal, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide and calcareous formations. My chemical and thermodynamic equations to prove how this occurred have been published. As a geologist, I delivered two peer reviewed presentations to prove the theory, one to the Association of Engineering and Environmental Geologists in 2008 (AEG). http://www.aegweb.org/files/public/abstracts.pdf, page 17. The other was to The American Institute of Professional Geologists (AIPG) AIPG 2009 Geology and Resources Conference Grand Junction, CO October 3-7, 2009 Proceedings Page 93 http://aipg.org/Events/pastmeeting.htm These publications include methods of carbon capture that help generate new energy and make carbon dioxide a reusable resource. Understanding fracking by water is when hydrogen is added to carbon through the coal gas, Fischer Tropsch and Wurtz syntheses. Fracking is chemical Cracking and Fractional distillation in situ. It is making oil and gas by adding hydrogen to carbon. It is not hydraulic fracturing of rock. My other interests are in the driving forces for continental drift, "magnetic rock vortices". I enjoy growing my own fruit trees and vines and hope to be self-sufficient one day. I hope that the world will one day all be vegetarians. I believe we can only truly respect ourselves and the other animals if we do not see them as a food source. No human being likes the thought of being eaten by animals. Animals should not be raised as a protein source. I would like to see the oil, gas and coal being recycled daily, so no carbon dioxide or other pollutants are released into the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide can be reduced back to methane under reducing conditions. Solar power should be stepped up in a huge way to create clean renewable energy for the world. Desalination of seawater by solar power is the long-term solution to our water needs and our food production. Education to limit global population growth is vital to have sustainable resources for the world and its animals. I look forward to mutually beneficial relationships that exploit neither party. Chris Landau