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April 8, 2010

"Deep Stability" In Afghanistan - - The Sperry Plan Of Disengagement

By mac Sperry

The article describes a new use for a method of war "prevention" called PeeCE (Peer Certified Elections), that would provide a "way back" in the event war did break out.


If the fragile uncertainty that is the Middle East continues to devolve, the only certainty it will produce is war. The latest high-tech weapons will make that war unlike anything previously imagined. Massive loss and devastation beyond description will make a "win" by any measure of the word impossible. Once immersed in all out confrontation, those weapons will make it abundantly clear to all sides, that a tremendous mistake has been made.

It will be at this point that a way back will be sought. One similar to a flood victims frantic search for any kind of high ground, even a "stone in the stream", when caught up in raging floodwaters. Society As A "System" From Biology and Physics, to electronics and even the mechanical, natural and man-made systems are replete with various forms of "negative feedback" that sense, then appropriately respond to variable parameters. It is this feedback that maintains ideal conditions and even prevents the system from uncontrollably running away with itself.

In light of this, one might expect social systems to also contain some type of feedback. On October 1, 2009 the esoteric published an article, the headline of which read: "New Tactic - Ends War - Forces "Peace". It was an article that detailed the recent discovery of a naturally occurring societal force dubbed, the Debs Principle which automatically moderates a society to such a degree, that it is claimed to be able to "prevent" war. That feedback operates directly and exclusively through genuine suffrage, the citizen's vote.

"Warlike Society And Genuine Suffrage Are Mutually Exclusive", The Debs Principle.

The Debs Principle dictates that if a society possesses a genuine vote, it will automatically moderate itself and thus prevent most, if not all war. The reason is that those who actually declare war, are always people who are other than those who will have to actually fight and possibly die in that war. Thus, without the feedback of a genuine vote to forcibly moderate and control the declaration of war, the system called "society" can easily veer out of control and into war. Note: The word "genuine" is being used here to differentiate between the facade that many nations today field at election time and an irrefutable vote, the superior product of a super-reliable vote system.

Afghanistan: The Stone In The Stream Presently the United States exercises great influence over much of Afghanistan. It seems, given the Obama administration's rhetoric, that it would be amenable to some type of reasonable solution there. One that would allow the U.S. to disengage from what many see as its duty to maintain peace in the region, and yet not create a vacuum that would invite the potential for regional destabilization.

The ideal would be a solution in which "deep stability" could be achieved. Stability so great that it would with confidence allow withdrawal and at the same time, serendipitously provide a "stone in the stream" should it be needed in future war. This stone would serve as a proven model to future leaders caught up in war. Leaders who without it would only see "no way back". Their only visible path being forward, to possible oblivion. What is being suggested here is an application of a complete system for ending war, as described in the above mentioned article.

That system would first return to the people of Afghanistan genuine suffrage in the form of a super-reliable vote. It would then follow up with several "tools" that would together create, support and cement in place "deep stability". These tools would include: 1) PeeCE Peer Certified Elections. Certification of elections in Afghanistan might initially be conducted by the U.N., then later by other countries in the Mid East that might be persuaded to join in. Iraq possibly? 2) Vva or Voter verified audit. A highly reliable vote audit system originally designed to alternately audit U.S. elections. Vva or a similar vote audit system is an integral requirement of PeeCE. 3) TATP The Afghanistan Truth Project.

A means by which the people of Afghanistan could come to know well established truth concerning important issues. It would operate in a manner similar to the U.S. GAO, or Government Accounting Office that provides to the U.S. Congress, in a structured non-partisan manner, established facts and multifaceted argument concerning various issues of import to the Congress. 4) SuperCapitalism A simple means by which ordinary people, friends and neighbors, could gather together in small groups for the purpose of fail safe investment in local high-return, ground floor ventures. "Work", or the selling one's labor in the labor marketplace is rapidly being diminished.

SuperCapitalism replaces work as the individual's primary means of support. On this same website see: SuperCapitalism: The Sperry Plan To Rescue The U.S. Economy 5) Amnesty Acknowledges that we are now going into a new age in which all will come to know their history and thus the truth of their nation and world. Without amnesty there will be powerful resistance from powerful people, who would fear a backlash of the shock of sudden discovery. A result of present society's well fostered ignorance.

These people would be motivated to prevent a move into the future, no matter how beneficial it might be to the future or the masses. Amnesty would remove that motivation.

Making Our Way Back.

The one thing that may stand in the way of a successful implementation of PeeCE in Afghanistan are the various factions, especially political and religious. Most people ascribe to political and religious beliefs out of self interest. Given no other options, they choose those perceived as being of greatest benefit. PeeCE as an "option", will surely be seen by most people as an opportunity to control their own destiny, leading to new found freedom and security the people of Afghanistan have never known. Any political or religious leader who stands between the citizen and PeeCE, might soon find themselves without constituency or flock. Time is short. PeeCE must be implemented soon in Afghanistan to give it time to take root and grow.

In that time the world will be watching to see how the experiment fares. If successful, it will provide us with a viable new option to end war. And if war still is in our future, it will also provide us with a way back, our stone in the stream.

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mac Sperry is a writer living in San Diego. He is an "out of the cage" free thinker, who brings to his writing innovation and creativity honed from years in industry in Southern California. There he was as a successful troubleshooter for hire, a troubleshooter of "unsolvable" problems. He left that lucrative work behind nine years ago, to devote his time and talents to the unraveling of the most formidable problems he's yet tackled, those of government and society.