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February 24, 2010

ACORN Whistleblower / Anita Mailroom MonCrief

By Mike McCray, Esq.

Last week self-proclaimed ACORN Whistleblower Anita MonCrief attended the CPAC national convention. Anita MonCrief is featured favorably in the OGR committee report along with Karen Inman, Michael McCray, the ACORN 8 and Marcel Reid who also attended the conservative


By Michael McCray, ACORN 8 Spokesperson

WASHINGTON, DC Last week, self-proclaimed ACORN Whistleblower, Anita MonCrief attended the CPAC national convention in Washington, DC. This appearance coincided with Darrell Issa's (R-CA) release of a New House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Report on ACORN and SEIU. Anita MonCrief is featured favorably in the OGR committee report along with Karen Inman, Michael McCray, the ACORN 8 and Marcel Reid who also attended the conservative convention. Fox News Host Glenn Beck gave the keynote presentation at the CPAC convention.

Surprisingly, Anita MonCrief took this opportunity to launch an irrational diatribe against Glenn Beck, Marcel Reid, the ACORN 8 and others through various blog posts including Michelle Malkin's Hot Air entitled "For CPAC and Glenn Beck: the Truth about the ACORN 8." Anita MonCrief is merely jealous of Marcel Reid and ACORN 8 but why such vitriol against Glenn Beck?

On March 13, 2009 Representative Michele Bachmann (R-MN) appeared on the Glenn Beck show and announced a press conference she was planning on Capital Hill. Michele Bachmann disclosed the topic was ACORN and she invited both Marcel Reid and Anita MonCrief to participate in the event. In response, Glenn Beck encouraged Michele Bachmann to continue to put pressure on ACORN but he advised her to be careful with Anita MonCrief considering her checkered past. From that day on, Anita MonCrief has engaged in a personal vendetta against Glenn Beck and Marcel Reid for the slight she believes she received from Glenn Beck on March 13, 2009 hell hath no fury.

The real problem is Anita MonCrief is not what she proclaims, or is portrayed to be. That is an ACORN insider with high-level information who courageously blew the whistle on ACORN. But perhaps the most damning revelation comes from court filed pleading by Anita MonCrief herself in her answer to Project Vote's $5 Million lawsuit against her Case No. 09-cv-01109 (RWR).


Paragraph #22 which reads

"22. Defendant [Anita MonCrief] admits that a Pitney Bowes postage meter machine was installed at Project Vote's Washington, D.C. office. Defendant affirmatively states that she [Anita MonCrief] was named by Project Vote as the registered user of the machine and therefore subsequent mailings from Pitney Bowes were addressed to her. Defendant denies each and every remaining or inconsistent allegation contained in paragraph 22."

This is an incredible admission because it means that Anita MonCrief admits she worked in the mailroom at Project Vote:

Anita MonCrief is not a high-level associate she worked in the mailroom;

Anita MonCrief did not have access to boardroom minutes or financial information she worked in the mailroom;

Anita MonCrief has no way of knowing the inner workings of SEIU whether official or unofficial she worked in the mailroom;

Anita MonCrief couldn't know how much the embezzlement really was she worked in the mailroom;

Mailroom MonCrief made two powerful allegations which have never been publically verified (1) illegal coordination between Project Vote and Obama Campaign / Donor List and (2) SEIU Muscle for Money program which are two of the rights favorite accusations.

The reality is Anita MonCrief is a thief, who lacks credibility who worked in the mailroom. On her blog she previously admitted to charging nearly $1,500 in personal charges on a Project Vote company credit card because she was a poor single mother; after which Project Vote promptly terminated her for cause. So by her own admissions Anita MonCrief is at best a troubled witness to her own crimes, and at worse a liar and a thief since her "advocacy" only started after she was fired.

Over the last year Anita MonCrief's relationship with Marcel Reid / ACORN 8 disintegrated into the present state. In the beginning, we supported her as a young women and her desire to engage in individual advocacy, although she was never a member of the ACORN 8. Anita MonCrief was staff; an employee of Project Vote and thus was never eligible to become a member of the ACORN 8, which is comprised exclusively of ACORN leaders and members not staff.

However, we encouraged her to work with Greg Hall; since he was building an organization of ACORN staff members and would have welcomed her with open arms. Unfortunately, Anita MonCrief refused our advice and pursued her own individual advocacy against ACORN and Project Vote.

Since our inception, the ACORN 8 has been very consistent and concise in our strategy and campaign. We focus on the admitted embezzlement, criminality and corruption in ACORN. We simply sought Truth and Transparency within ACORN and Accountability for its corrupt leadership. We demanded a boycott of all federal funding, charitable donations and membership dues until after there was a forensic examination, independent audit and formal investigation of ACORN and its affiliates.

While others have waged a war of rhetoric and words against ACORN and President Obama we have focused on criminality within the association. However, we have never denigrated any other activist's attempts at advocacy -- but remained focused on our own. We have not criticized others for their activism and collaborate with those whom we share common interests; and we respectfully disengage from those who do not share our goals or approach.

Other's have sought to "coax" us to use our credibility to further their advocacy objectives i.e., Voter Fraud, Project Vote or Barack Obama; not ours. We are committed to rooting out ACORN Corruption. We have never professed to be anti-ACORN or anti-Obama. Although many other conservative activists want us to be; which brings us back to Anita MonCrief

We have tried and tried to stay on message "Truth and Transparency" and focus on target "ACORN Corruption" for nearly two years now. We have refrained from excessive rhetoric, needless distractions or baseless accusations to the chagrin of many conservative activists.

We have ignored previous slights and remarks against us, with one exception, because we did not want to confuse our message or the real issue ACORN is our target not other activists. However, we will not stand idly by and allow the ACORN 8 and our hard work to be "swift boated" by either ACORN or Anita MonCrief.

Anita MonCrief began her advocacy by purporting to expose illegal coordination between ACORN, Project Vote and President Barack Obama. However as other ACORN critics and advocates emerged; Anita MonCrief and her blogger cohorts MGM (MonCrief, Gaynor and Malkin) began attacking other activists instead of ACORN. The list of the individuals and activists MGM has disparaged include:

Marcel Reid a former ACORN Board member (DC) who blew the whistle following the $1 Million Embezzlement and co-founder of ACORN 8;

Karen Inman a former ACORN Board member (MN) who blew the whistle following the $1 Million Embezzlement and co-founder of ACORN 8;

Michael McCray a former ACORN Board delegate (GA) who blew the whistle following the $1 Million Embezzlement and ACORN 8 spokesperson;

ACORN 8 A non-profit membership organization consisting of former ACORN leaders and members following the $1 Million Embezzlement;

Greg Hall former ACORN Organizer who seeks organize ACORN workers into a service worker's union;

Truth to Power an association of former ACORN workers who attempting to unionize ACORN;

Hanna Giles Student journalist and conservative activist who dressed as a "prostitute" in undercover video sting that sparked the recent ACORN turmoil;

James O'Keefe Filmmaker and conservative activist who dressed as a "pimp" and who "s undercover video sting sparked the recent ACORN turmoil;

International Association of Whistleblower grassroots association of Persons of Conscience that advocate on behalf of individual whistleblowers and a member of the Make It Safe Coalition/Public Interest Advocates;

James Murtagh Outspoken Medical Whistleblower and co-chair of the International Association of Whistleblowers/Persons of Conscience;

Zena Crenshaw Judicial Reform Advocate and former Chair of ACORN 8 Legal Affairs Committee and Executive Director of NJCDLP;

National Judicial Law and Disability Law Project non-profit Judicial Reform organizations that provides administrative support for grassroots groups;

Power Over Poverty Under Laws of America Restored Grassroots judicial reform organization supported by NJCDLP.

The 3-5-7 Commission a scholarly judicial reform research and case study project supported by the NJCDLP;

Matthew Fogg U.S. Chief Deputy Marshal who blew the whistle on racism and discrimination in the U.S. Justice Department and won a $4 Million verdict;

Congress Against Racism In Law Enforcement association of Legal & Law Enforcement professions fighting racism and discrimination in the justice system;

Kappa Alpha Psi, FCU Kappa Alpha Psi has a 99-year history providing community service to minority communities. KAPFCU is a certified Community Development Financial Institution and designated Low-Income Credit Union. KAPFCU was contracted by an ACORN management committee to investigate and perform due diligence following the $1 Million embezzlement;

Oh yeah and Glenn Beck, the Conservative Fox News Host and keynote speaker for the CPAC convention.

So the reality is, over the last six months, Mailroom MonCrief has been much more likely to attack other activist rather than engage ACORN itself. Anita MonCrief, offered one piece of information purporting to link Project Vote and the Obama campaign which has yet to be publicly proved. She studied the ACORN 8 website and presented our arguments and information as her own until the ACORN 8 cut her off. She became frustrated and resentful having no other contacts or access to inside information, and so she began to attack the ACORN 8 and any other noteworthy ACORN critic.

Submitter: James Murtagh

Submitters Bio:
James J. Murtagh, Jr. is a doctor of pulmonary, critical care and sleep medicine, and the Medical Director of several sleep laboratories in Southern Ohio. Dr. Murtagh extensively writes on medical ethics. Dr. Murtagh is the founder of a new company launched August 3, 2011 to promote innovative methods to treat sleep disorders. Dr. Murtagh maintains a consulting service with Georgians for Justice to advocate for dignity and respect for all healthcare workers and patients, and to protect electronic privacy.