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POLL: Is The Two party System Dead in The Water? Lets Use This System Instead!

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POLL: Is The Two party System Dead in The Water? Lets Use This System Instead!

    POLL: Is The Two party System Dead in The Water? Lets Use This System Instead!

Election? We Don't Need Any Stinking Election We Need An Exorcism! The Trouble Is Finding S/He Without Sin To Perform The Ritual.

Have a fun time with this poll. Rob Kall wrote about the New Zogby/Reuters Poll: Obama Down 5.

Rady Ananda wrote about the Zogby Poll, which found that 62.4% of Americans would prefer more candidates and more parties. Is the two party system dead? Well, since it was organized, despite some minor blips where fragmented parties showed up here and there, it has survived intact but badly tattered. I'm guessing that because we are such individualists, that after the two parties merge and we create a Third, But Really Second/Third Party, we still won’t agree on much.

Very negative stuff? No, just a repeat of what many others including myself have been saying for the last ten months or more.

There are no longer two parties, there is one separated by two degrees. Two degrees of Separation, not much and if indeed 62.4% of the voters polled would really vote for a third party candidate, why haven’t the poll numbers of those 3rd, 4th and 5th party candidates excited their interest. To an advertising agency Creative Director to which polls are second nature, the answers are rather obvious:
A)-People often say things they really don’t mean. People like being negative, but will they follow through on what they rant? I know a guy who has ranted about his wife for 33 years but he is still married to her. I wouldn’t take her on a bet, but I know of few who would take him either.

B)-Maybe we have not seen any excellent 3rd party candidates? If they are not exciting much interest, maybe we need other voices, but where are these voices hiding out? In business making money, that is where.

C)-Maybe we need to jump-start a completely new system? What system is that you say? Well, I just happen to have My New, Hot Off the Assembly Line Very Latest with all the bells and whistles spanking new system! Ready? Here is:

Step One: Some one with cojones needs to undo everything that has been done since 1945 to our Constitution and Bill of Rights and Supreme Court. That means for starters dumping the Military Commissions Act of 2006, The Patriot Act, The Bankruptcy Act and much, much, more.

Then we need to fuse the two present parties into one and re-label IT, I’ve always favored the root of most western Languages Latin for such purposes, and if my Catholic Prep School Latin ahs not failed me, let us start by an entirely appropriate name
Avaritia Eunuchus. In English, The Avaristic Eunuch Party. I chose it because to the sanctimonious hypocrites in politics SEX is the great enemy of Humankind. I wanted to name it The Impotent Avarists but my people, the Italians, back in the days of The Roman Empire had no true word for impotent, take that all you deriders of (Rudolpho Valentino and Frank Sinatra!) Once that party is assembled, we need to find a real exorcist and have him do the ritual and lure out into a flock (okay Herd) of Pigs the demons. Once we have all the loser democrats and the demoniac Neo-cons into the herd of pigs and run them off the cliff, we can exorcise all of those 62.4 %ers. Then we may have two purely (Yeah, Right!) altruistic parties, one of which claims it is two parties and the other, which claims it, is the THIRD PARTY. Well, that takes care of 37.6% of the voters. NOW FOR THE 62.4%.

I would Call THIS SECOND THIRD PARTY the Progressives or the Liberals because I am still going to use Latin for the Base and as I said above there is no word in that ancient archaic Language for Impotence. AND, last time I visited Italy and my great grand parents home town where the very, very, old men were still Standing (really sitting) on the corner watching all the girls go by, dad da da da, dadalada da da da…

I asked them to tell me the modern Italian word for impotence and it was as though I was on the South Side of Chicago wearing a Cubs Hat and Jersey. Some laughed so hard they almost croaked, some swore every word they new that were profane, but n one admitted to ever hearing of the word.

Now, for the rest, the other 62.4% ? We call that party now shorn of the impotent, greedy bastards; we should have purity, no?

Well, what the hell do we believe in? It cannot be Christianity because many people like the idea of baby killing, I don’t. But wait, hey, all of those folks are over in The Avaristic Eunuch Party! So, we can be Christians and Jews and whatever other or no religion we want to be, no? But I prefer to keep religious names separated from politics, so why not name the party after the man who passed more laws in favor of human kind than any other leader in history. The man who incorporated all of the Sermon on the Mount and most of the body of Jesus’ 30 some years as the perfect Liberal/Progressive without compromise-FDR. So let’s call it The Franklyn Party! A party dedicated to the will of the electorate and the people of America. Well, at least maybe, ostensibly 62.4% of them. I will, however, now hear form those whose grandparents or great grand parents called FDR, THAT MAN! You have to admit however that he did the most ever for the working class of any president and in fact any world leader in history.

Well name the party anything you want, I was just chain yanking on a party of freedom except for the unborn, and those who are stylish Progressives, Limousine Liberal Progressives and I know a lot of them.

Now, I know I will hear from those who think they are Progressive, but are abortion huggers (But I thought they all left for that other party?) However, abortion was created as a concept at least in this nation by the old guard of the neo-cons. It was a Bilderhamburglar idea to be rid of minorities and what the upper class saw as Human Debris. It was aimed at the poor and the Blacks back then because they thought them to be stupid and without principles and would leap at the chance to be even poorer without unions or children. It was an ELITIST idea. Now it is just a horribly inhuman/inhumane idea-YUK!

Do we at least want to start a third party, regardless of what we name it? If so, you can take the poll below but I will only impose one rule on this party, we chose for candidates those most reluctant to run. Those who are dying to be king have always stirred in me, UGH!

I said all of the above because I wanted to tell you that we still won’t all agree, many will still want to cling to some of the old parties things, like avarice, abortion, wars, killing an getting rich faster than Cresus.

Here then is the poll and please be more honest than bandwagon jumpers-on, okay?

Okay! POLL: Is The Two party System Dead in The Water? Lets Use This System Instead!
ELECTION? WE DON'T NEED ANY STINKING ELECTION WE NEED AN EXORCISM! THE TROUBLE IS FINDING S/HE WITHOUT SIN TO PERFORM THE RITUAL. Well, we already did the exorcism, now lets do the party! Well here is the system, but it is my system and maybe you won’t like it so good here’s your chance to see if even Three parties is enough.

Do we want to fuse the one party system and create a system free of both impurities? Well, my guess is that we will not get 62.4% to agree on this party either and they will want a THIRD, THIRD, Party and so on. Anyway, so, here comes the REAL QUESTION:

Do we really want an Organized Third Party system free of the impurities of jackals of the TWO now present in the really ONE party system?



(Meaning I don’t know yet Pete)


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