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The Rob Kall Bottom Up Radio Show Podcast

Paul Craig Roberts on collapse of American Justice and Rights, 911, Rescue by Collapse of the Dollar or Revolution

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Transcript of this interview
Hon. Paul Craig Roberts has had careers in scholarship and academia, public service, and journalism. He served in the Congressional staff and as Assistant Secretary of the Treasury in the Reagan Administration. From 1971 until 2004 he was associated with the Hoover Institution, Stanford University. A former editor and columnist for The Wall Street Journal and columnist for Business Week and the Scripps Howard News Service, he is a nationally syndicated columnist for Creators Syndicate in Los Angeles.
Rob kall: Why stop writing, as you stated you were doing in your last article, in March.
I've repeated myself, mainstream media isn't covering
offshoring destroys economic prospects of tens of millions of Americans-- to the benefit of a few super-rich people. This take is opposed by libertarians because it opposes the free market ideas of the WTO.
we have lost the constitution and have a police state
We have wars based on deceptions that serve a very few powerful, rich, special interests.
We've seen the federal judiciary simply abandon civil liberties. They go along with fake, show trials of alleged terrorists.
All of these arrests they made are the result of a federal agent going in stirring things up, trying to get them to do anything. There's very little comment from law schools, bar associations.
The willingness of people to give up their civil liberties is astounding.
They say, if you defend civil liberties, that you're on the side of muslim terrorists.

Then of course we have the 911 issue. 911 is the reason we have these wars and the police state. Yet we can't even talk about 911 on many sites.
Makes you realize the whole thing is sort of futile because you can't cut through any of the issues.
The idea that all these things that are attributed to 911 by one guy is beyond fantasy.
It's dynamite for them. It's such a blatantly obvious inside job that they've got to close it down.
Towers-- those are buildings blowing up, not buildings falling down.
The die is cast. American militarism is going to run the course. There is nothing that can be done. Unless the collapse of the dollar, then there will be no way to finance it.
Lindorff-- 53% of tax revenues, more than half of federal budget is spent on military.
$1.6 trillion a year on military
offshoring destroyed the unions. Dems are now dependent on the same funding as the republicans-- finance, healthcare, pharma, big Agra...
George wallace said there's not a dimes worth of difference between the parties. Then the unions were still there.
Tea Parties-- a lot of people angry, but for different reasons. It will be taken over, probably by the republicans... What they are upset about is not necessarily rooted in truth or facts.

long discussion on taxes.

belief in government is achilles heel of progressives
federal judges are not defending the constitution--
Torture is illegal
habeus corpus is a constitutional right. Due process- the courts have done nothing.
Bush admin knew the people they held in guantanamo were innocent.
before Bush admin, I wrote a book on how the law was lost. The Tyranny of Good Intentions
got rid of all the protections so we could go after child abusers, drug dealers...
How to deal with government?
rebirth of respect and veneration for the constitution. Go back to what the founding fathers told us.
Rob: this is what Glen Beck has been saying.
PCR: even an idiot can say something right sometimes. But Jefferson said it too. It's not an ideological idea.
The constitution has been shredded in my lifetime.
over 95% of felonies are settled by coerced settlements. No jury trials, not police investigations.
used to be that the function of a trial was to find the truth. Of course there are very few trials anymore, so the defendnt is forced to admit to a trial that never occurred.
how to deal with government's threat to the constitution-- answer-- example of recent revolution in one of the "-stans"
On Oklahomans wanting to create a state militia to defend their consitution-- that's their right.
Second amendment doesn't protect us well because we are so outgunned by the govt, including the police, who are there to protect government, not us.
Cass Sunstein, Harvard, Obama appointee-- suggested infiltrate 9ll truth movement to get them involved in things so we can arrest them.
When People with power don't respect constraints on power and don't respect truth, then the situation is lost.
People in govt don't have any respect for the people, for truth.
So, what are you going to do, Paul? He answers.
They're going to attack Iran. It's just a matter of time. They keep telling blatant lies...
Our real hope that the govt in washington has so abused that the dollar will lose its role of reserved currency. then the power of the US would evaporate-- couldn't bring troops home, no oil... the US would go to a 4th world backwater in minutes. No imports, no financing the federal govt. That will end the wars. It will put the american people through the mill. BUt it will stop the empire in its tracks.
The failure of the dollar as reserve currency may cause a revolution and cause the destruction of both parties, which are really only one party.
bottom up-- Americans are more brainwashed than ever... the consequence of all the violent video games is they aren't shocked by killings, mass murders and slaughters because they've been doing it all their lives on their video screens. When I was a kid growing up we went to cowboy movies. The good guy shot the gun out of his hand, used a right to the jaw. Today, by the time a kid is seven or eight, he's probably killed a million people in these violent video games.
killing is okay. will lead to a nuclear war.
There are still a few semblances of the old system-- still some older people of what the police are supposed to be and do.
John Pilger famous English documentary filmaker-- documentaries are absolutely devastating in exposing evil machinations of American and British govt. The places he will go and risks he will take to get the story on film are simply amazing. I'm surprised he's still alive. We have one of our own, Michael Moore, but Pilger is in a class of his own.
Harvey Silverglate head of MA ACLU, recently wrote a book exposing corruption of DOJ
William Anderson-- econ prof at small college in MD, taken on wrongful prosecution, like Nifong disbarred prosecutor of team accused falsely by stripper
It drains you when you see the brutality of prosecutors and judges when they know a person is innocent and go on to destroy them.
Anybody who can go through what we're going through without a sense of outrage just hasn't any humanity.

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