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9/11 Truth is Truth 101 (An Apple is an Apple)

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It is hard to believe, as we watch the actions of the criminals in the government day after ominous day, there are still those who haven’t wrapped their minds around the lie of 9/11.  We are watching the end of liberty and the destruction of everything that we have built and believed in and hoped to leave behind for our children and grandchildren.  We are watching as the GOP acts and even accelerates their actions, in spite of the will of the people and the very real threat (even with the rigged electronic voting machines) of being, not only driven from power, but being destroyed as a party. 


And yet, as if immune from the laws, immune from the will of the people, immune from the Congress, immune from world opinion and immune from journalistic oversight; the Cheney/Bush regime expands the disaster in Iraq and is planning to attack Iran.  We have seen Gingrich, Santorum, Chertoff and many others in the GOP threaten us with impending terror and actually suggest that America has grown weak.  However, they add, when the next attack happens, we will all fall in line behind the GOP leadership again.  The Military Commissions Act, the Warner Defense Bill, Presidential Directive 51 (a Presidential order that makes Bush dictator in the event of an ‘emergency’) [1] and the treasonous Patriot Act are all pretexts for martial law and complete suspension of our system of government, rules of law, courts, National Guards, police and protections of liberties (including freedom of speech, gun ownership, right of privacy, property rights, right of assembly and so on).  The administration and the GOP cannot say ‘9/11’ and ‘war on terror’ and ‘terrorism’ enough. 


The administration is obviously criminal and yet they are fearless.  They continue to say that an apple is an orange and polls suggest that an overwhelming majority of Americans and an even greater number of citizens of the world do not believe their words at all.  Iraq is an apple, not an orange.  9/11 is an apple, not an orange.  The war of terror is an apple, not an orange.  The criminals running our government are an apple, not an orange.  The truth is the truth, no matter how many times the liars in the administration and their paid whores in the corporate media repeat orange, orange, orange; the truth is, an apple.


Understanding that your government is systematically destroying the Constitution, bankrupting the country and continuing to use even old lies to justify their actions is not enough anymore.  We are at a crisis stage now.  The father of Reaganomics and former Wall Street Journal editor Dr Paul Craig Roberts fears that the administration’s ace in the hole is the next 9/11.[2]  This is a dire warning.  He’s not a ‘lefty’ or a ‘kook’.  He’s a conservative economist who knows our government inside and out.   Even the informationally challenged out there in TV land USA know that things are very bad, most just don’t have a clue as to how bad.  We are not talking about the ‘end of days’ my fundamentalist friends, we are talking about the end of the Constitutional Republic of the United States and the beginning of totalitarian rule, endless wars and the outright servitude of the masses.  But, how did we get here in six years?


The answer is, we didn’t get here in six years, we just witnessed the mass acceleration of the long-term plan during the Bush years.  With the exceptions of the massive tax cuts for the very, very wealthy and the bankruptcy bill to ruin the middle class and the poor who run into major debt because of illness or some other calamity, every single action by the Cheney/Bush regime has been prefaced on its relation to or as a reaction to 9/11.  Even though most of the reactions were not even related to 9/11, such as the barbaric attacks of two countries, the already written Patriot Act, the warrantless spying on Americans (pre 9/11 and in fact, pre Bush), the ‘free speech zones’ and the sanctioned torture of innocent Iraqis.


9/11 changed everything for American citizens and increased the power of the executive exponentially.  9/11 silenced the media and the theatrical opposition known as the Democratic Party.  9/11 brought ‘shock and awe’ to the American heartland and scared people into a patriotic circling of the wagons around the flag and around a plummeting George Bush.  9/11 is the justification for over 800 presidential signing statements, the complete diversion of the people’s money and interests away from what could’ve benefited the American citizen, to bloodshed, torture, fear and tyrannical rule, instead.  The problem is that 9/11 is an apple, not an orange.


You’ve been told for several years now by fellow Americans about the lies, inconsistencies, improbabilities, impossibilities, forewarnings, destroyed evidence, planted evidence, silencing of whistle-blowers and the cover-up of the murderous, traitorous, treasonous attack of 9/11.  Some of you have listened and researched it for yourselves and become activists.  At least 1/3 of our nation’s population openly questions what happened on 9/11 and yet the corporate media and the lying government pretend that the only people who question the official tale are a small group of crazies.  The actions and inactions of the government and its corporate media alone should make you question the whole thing.  And yet, some of you look the other way and pretend that the government’s apple is indeed, the government’s orange.


My fellow Americans, if you do not at least have questions at this point about 9/11, then you are going to be completely blindsided by what comes next.  If you do not understand the vicious, merciless details of 9/11, chances are you don’t know anything about the Federal Reserve, the Council on Foreign Relations, CIA terrorism throughout the world, the massive election fraud that makes our elections a sham, the Security and Prosperity Partnership (North American Union) or the world government being implemented through the WTO and the World Bank domination over the planet.


If you haven’t taken the time and mustered up the gumption to research the tome of data made available to you through the courage and tireless efforts of fellow Americans detailing all of the specifics of the 9/11 myth and reality, because you think that the government would never do something like that or because it would take too many people or because you’re scared someone will call you a ‘conspiracy theorist’, then you probably don’t know anything about Operation Gladio (government staged terror in Europe), the Gulf of Tonkin lie, the military/industrial complex’s murder of President Kennedy and its take over of America, the purposeful infection of black men with syphilis (Tuskegee Experiment), the take over of the American media on all levels by the CIA (Operation Mockingbird) and on and on and on.


Number one, we’re not talking about the entire government here, we’re talking about certain entities, who control our government.  Number two, disregarding the government’s involvement in 9/11 because you believe they would never kill 3000 Americans in order to implement their plan is the ultimate in naiveté.  3600 of our sons and daughters have now died in Iraq, a war based on lies.  The real figure is more like 12,000.  The government doesn’t count those who die after leaving the battlefield.  650,000 Iraqis have died (a conservative number), but the government claims it’s ONLY 45,000.  Number three, claiming that this regime is inept and incapable of pulling off 9/11, when the history of US/Israeli/British staged terror is proven and plentiful, seems the height of ‘head in the sand’ analysis.  And number four, a conspiracy is exactly what the government alleges happened on 9/11.  The conspiracy theorists, who floated the  government’s story, did not provide you with any proof, whatsoever.  Why wouldn’t you question such an outrageous and improbable tale?  Do you question the authenticity of Santa Claus?


9/11 Truth is Truth 101.  Once you have looked into the evidence, you will be a changed person.  You will no longer believe anything that a government representative tells you.  You will no longer believe anything that a shill in the mainstream media tells you.  You will find that every story is molded and presented to the public as a package and that all information, such as secondary explosions, scientific data that contradicts the official narrative, government action or inaction that speaks to its guilt, corporate complicity and, the actual truth, will be edited out.  Once you know 9/11 Truth, you know that an apple is not an orange at all. An apple, is an apple.


Some questions you might ask of the government conspiracy theorists:


Where are the planes from the WTC and the Pentagon attacks housed?


Why is Flight 93 housed in Iron Mountain under armed guard?


Why, for the first time in modern aviation history, did the NTSB NOT do an investigation and put the planes back together?


How did 93,000 pounds of concrete in each tower become pulverized dust in a pancake collapse?

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I am a concerned composer from Austin. I occasionally comment about the manipulation of society by the media and so forth. My catalog of music is available through my website at www.knotrillyrecods.com .
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