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Every parent's nightmare.

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W has decimated the Middle East and turned innocent US kids looking for cheap money to afford college into disabled, bitter and mean future PTSD victims as in the kids in "War--What is it Good For"?

If W and his incompetent advisors such as Rumsfeld hadn't gotten our youth into a 4th generation warfare battle in which the super-power in every instance throughout history has ultimately lost, then our youth wouldn't have been in this hazardous situation. Urban guerilla warfare is a living hell and that is what W has subjected our youth to!

The article "Squad Leader Shot Haditha Civilians, Marine Testifies -- Witness's Credibility Is Questioned" at
details how the underlings in the US military are being help to account for their criminal actions.

It states "A Marine testifying under immunity Friday said he saw Staff Sgt. Frank D. Wuterich shoot five unarmed Iraqi men moments after a roadside bomb exploded in Haditha in November 2005, a week after Wuterich said that if such an attack occurred, "we should kill everybody in that vicinity."
The damaging new testimony by Sgt. Sanick P. Dela Cruz was diluted by withering
defense attacks on his credibility. At one point in a contentious four-hour
review of his earlier, often contradictory accounts, the quest for truth grew so
convoluted, the witness implored to be disbelieved: "I did lie about that, sir,"
Dela Cruz said.
The muddled exchanges underscored the difficulties the prosecution has faced in
the Haditha case, which broke as accusations of massacre -- Marines acknowledge
killing 24 Iraqi civilians -- but in military court has produced nothing approaching certainty."

The certainty is that these kids didn't have to be there. This Iraq war was the first pre-emptive war in US history and was condemned by the UN. Rumsfeld, who was famous for saying you didn't go to war with the military you wished you had, but with the one you had, was an incompetent fool. Why go at all to a war that we didn't need to go to and why not wait until the US had its desired military for the pre-emptive, unnecessary adventure?

The article "British Generals Criticize Rumsfeld on Iraq" at
shows what are closest ally thinks of the incompetent administration of this war. It states "The general who headed the British army during the 2003 Iraq invasion
said that former U.S. defense secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld's handling of postwar
Iraq was "intellectually bankrupt" and pointed to Rumsfeld as "one of those most
responsible for the current situation in Iraq."
Mike Jackson, the British former chief of general staff who retired last year,
strongly criticized Rumsfeld and the U.S. postwar effort in Iraq in his new
book, "Soldier." The Daily Telegraph is to begin serializing the book Monday,
after publishing some excerpts and an interview Saturday.
Jackson's stinging comments come at a time of growing tension between the
British and U.S. military efforts in Iraq. Britain has been Washington's closest
ally since the war began in 2003, but the military relationship has frayed, and
Prime Minister Gordon Brown is under growing pressure to speed the reduction of
British troops in Iraq.
Jackson criticized President Bush for putting the Pentagon in charge of the
postwar administration of Iraq rather than the State Department."

"All the planning carried out by the State Department went to waste," Jackson
wrote. He said the Pentagon did not deploy even half the troops it would have
needed for a country the size of Iraq.
He said Rumsfeld and those around him took it as "an ideological article of
faith that the coalition soldiers would be accepted as a liberating army."
Jackson also characterized Rumsfeld's claim that U.S. forces "don't do
nation-building" as "nonsensical."

Is Petraeus going to be as incompetent as Rumsfeld? Yes, but they are following W's dictates. W wants the war to drag on so the next president, probably a Democrat, will have his party ruined by W's Iraq failed policy. Why-understand this ploy furthers Rove's partisan quest for permanent GOP advantage.

Is Petraeus going to speak the truth in his September report? How will we know? We have already seen that the GAO report and the Jones' report have had "Newspeak" applied to them. Petraeus is on the record as of April 26, 2007 saying "I wouldn't try to truly anticipate what level might be some years down the road." However, he noted historical precedents to long U.S. peacekeeping missions.
"It is an endeavor that clearly is going to require enormous commitment and commitment over time, but beyond that time I don't want to get into try to postulate how many brigades or when we would start to do something."

Answers such as that-which answers nothing, are the trademark of Rove written propaganda. The first casualty in a war is the truth. What W is doing is so much more radical than anything previously that his continual campaign to remain a war-time president, in his "everlasting Crusade against terrorism" is reminiscent of Orwell's "Ministry of Truth". The apathetic proles, via "Doublethink" believe big bro 43 as he has always protected them against the undefined "those who are against us"! The proles can't admit to themselves that not only is big bro 43 failing in protecting us, but he invented GWOT and sustains it by attacking Iraq-the greatest terrorist recruitment effort ever.

People remember ancient songs because the lyrics still apply. W's Iraqi theatre of GWOT has turned our naïve children in the US military into killing machines as in Haditha. What has happened to our youth in the military can be culled from "War-what is it good for" as "
War, it ain't nothing but a heartbreaker
War, it's got one friend
That's the undertaker
Ooooh, war, has shattered
Many a young mans dreams
Made him disabled, bitter and mean...
War can't give life
It can only take it away...

Peace, love and understanding
Tell me, is there no place for them today
They say we must fight to keep our freedom
But Lord knows there's got to be a better way"

The war has created decimated our US military and the article "W's War Crimes Decimate Middle East and US Soldiers" at
includes the article "Fatigue cripples US army in Iraq" at
which states "Exhaustion and combat stress are besieging US troops in Iraq as they battle with a new type of warfare. Some even rely on Red Bull to get through the day. As desertions and absences increase, the military is struggling to cope with the crisis.... They are on duty for five days at a time and off for two days.
When they get back to the forward operating base, they do their laundry and sleep and count the days until they will get home. It is an exhaustion that accumulates over the patrols and the rotations, over the multiple deployments, until it all joins up, wiping out any memory of leave or time at home. Until life is nothing but Iraq...A whole army is exhausted and worn out....Where once the war in Iraq was defined in conversations with these men by untenable ideas - bringing democracy or defeating al-Qaeda - these days the war in Iraq is defined by different ways of expressing the idea of being weary. It is a theme that is endlessly reiterated as you travel around Iraq."

The atrocities against innocent Iraqis has created more terrorists than "Shock and Awe" can kill-the essential self-serving thesis of Rumsfeld's "slog memo". Taking down Hussein has created the vacuum of power in which al-Qaeda in Iraq developed. The Shiites and Sunnis have been killing each other for ages and the Mahdi and Badr Shiites in the south are attacking each other to get the greater benefit for their particular people.

W has produced every parent's nightmare. In the US we don't want innocent youth caught in the urban guerrilla warfare hell there another moment. Every time an atrocity is committed against innocent Iraqis the number of terrorists expands exponentially.

You see where 41 wants to stand up for 43! What positive remark can 41 say about 43? It is not like a kid striking out three times in a baseball game. 43 is a mass-murderer in the mold of Nixon and Kissinger. 41 is the typical GOP ghoul. Red staters have a lot of resentment and that can be turned into GOP votes by the "Daddy Party" if they can paint the Democrats as being soft on defense-being caught in the pre-9/11 thought mode. W has made the calculation that votes for the deaths of youthful US soldiers and innocent Iraqis-- every parent's nightmare, beats being a decent human.
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