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Do not be afraid. Lead.

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Fear was the propaganda du jour bellowing from Pastor Rod Parsley's bully pulpit at the World Harvest Church in Ohio this morning. As if on cue, Pastor Parsley harvested fear among his congregation of sheep as he prepped them for the Armageddon that Bush promised them, and which Cheney is planning to deliver in April. For many in Parsley's congregation, fear is fuel for it is the emotion that feeds their needs. Why have "faith" when you can have fear? Parsley's delusion du Jour?: "The End Times." I guess, if you have enough money in Bushworld, you can buy your way into heaven. "Hold tightly to your money and your fear and you will be just fine when the 'end times' come" is the delusional thinking here. If you're Bush, having someone on your payroll like Parsley and the corporate media to do all your fearmongering for you sure makes Armageddon easy. Better make your appointment with the Rapture-Ready Moving Service Pastor Parsley, because from what I understand, you're planning on taking it with you. One can purchase Rapture-Ready Kits from Parsley at only 89.95, last I heard, but I plan to wait until they go on sale. It is always good to be prepared for the nuclear fallout we have all been warned is coming, after all.

Yesterday on OpEdNews, Richard Clarke announced that the Saudi's, Bush's friends who own at least 7% of America, have been warned to protect themselves from nuclear fallout from Iran after we bomb the crap out of that country too. Well, it's actually all of us who should prepare because once that stuff blows around the planet a few times it will be the "end" of all of us, with the exception of Cheney of course, who plans on taking all of his Halliburton profits with him-to HELL. This news comes just a day after Dick Cheney's visit to the Middle East. Yes, our very own Dick who cried fear. This week the architects of Armageddon are harvesting fear all over the planet, but, who's PAYING for this bad theatre in our church's, in our government and in our media? Just follow the money. I would love to see Parsley's bank statements. Oh, incidentally, the money these criminals are doing deals with? It's OUR money and it is being printed up copiously by the Federal Reserve Bank, a private bank run by the ruling elites. It's my understanding they are printing more and more of it these days. A printing press sure comes in handy when your banks need to be bailed out and you need to devalue the currency and plunge your own people into poverty and powerlessness.

We Americans who are paying taxes on a devaluing dollar can't help but pay attention. We are acutely aware it is we who are paying for the failure of leadership in Washington. We pay with our children, our families, our life savings our communities. The ruling elite won't stop until we are off the surface of the planet, apparently. They don't want us here. O.K. we get it.

Whose lives are being threatened? Yours and mine. Those who are paying attention can clearly see that our Executive, our Congress and our Judicial branches of government are collapsing in on themselves because our government is broken and corrupt. As it turns out "We the People" are the last people on their list of priorities. Ya think?

The neocon true believers at the World Harvest Church have watched their false paradigm, their house built on oily sand slide into the ocean of a new age that still refuses to be defined by the delusions of a small group of small-minded little bullies of men with enough power to destroy humanity either from the pulpit or the cockpit. Why do they want to destroy us? Because they fear us. The problem reamains that there are too few in Washington with enough genuine courage to uphold the Rule of Law to stop these insane people. It would seem fear has taken over. You see, the people who think they run America are more afraid of their own end times as they must all be getting bribed, blackmailed or threatened. It is not too much to assume that their phones are also being tapped. Ya think?

No matter what false paradigm is sold to us; no matter how many attempts are made to co-opt our minds and hearts with the poison of fear, we must remain resolute and insist on justice and a peaceful world that is defined by our genuine faith in humanity, not our fears.

I guess if you repeat the talking points to yourself enough times, you, yourself begin to believe them. In the end, the "End Times" actually turn out only to be the delusion of some very sick people who, at this time in American history, thought they could take over the world by enabling the end times themselves. Maybe Bush will come down from the heavens dressed like Jesus. Now, THAT would be the best bad theatre ever. No doubt they fear us more than we fear them. It is my hope that the "end times" will be the "end" of the neocon fascist coup on America. We the People need to bring the "end times" to all the fearmongering. Let's end the Bush Administration.

Then, after we throw the bums out, let's foster a return to the founding principles of a great nation. let's work to restore the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Then let's make restitution to the nation of Iraq. It will be a glorious day when every single crony fascist is removed from office and dealt with by the authority of the people, although I'd settle for an International Tribunal. Then let's NEVER let this happen again. That would go a long way to restoring America's image in the world and restoring dignity to our once great democracy. It will be a blessed day when every single congressman who voted for the war and who is complicit in covering up Bush Administration crimes to be driven out of congress on a rail. Now, THAT is something to have faith in-our own power. No longer should we tolerate being bullied by little men who fearmonger their way into power, then use fear to hold onto it. If congress won't act, then the people will. History tells the same story over and over again. The Roman Slave Rebellion, the English Peasant Uprising of 1381, the French Revolution, as well as our own: They all come to mind as they are much more than cautionary tales. These are events in history that should be studied by anyone who has designs on the entire planet and all it's resources. Neocons never studied history though and criminals are usually not very intelligent. Fascists never learn. Their brains only function on fear. That is the realm of their limited understanding. Their paradigm of fear and retribution is propelled by a dynamic that distorts religion and politics and uses these institutions to oppress humanity.

I believe that Americans of all stars and stripes are fed up with the military-industrial-media complex. The military-industrial-media complex is our economic problem. It is this paradigm that makes slaves of us. We hold it within our power to free ourselves from fear and to stand faithful and firm against the fearmongering of tyrants. We need to hold fast to faith in ourselves, our local governments and our communities, then fight like hell to protect our liberty. We are all hungry to get back to what is real. To get back to the foundation of what drives our hopes and dreams, not our fears. What will lead us to renewal when we once again may live our lives from faith, not fear? We are the ones we've been waiting for. We all must be determined to hold onto democracy, act like we own it and fight for it even though our once glorious republic has been subverted into a failed empire now attempting to destroy, not only it's own people, but most of humanity. Do not be afraid. Lead.
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