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Bush nominates HAM sandwich for Supreme Court and Harry Reid bites

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The Washington Post story headline says it all, "A Deep Dedication to the President." The nomination of Harriet Miers to replace Sandra Day O'Connor is a non-starter. It does not even deserve serious consideration. The universal chorus of catcalls and derision from every corner of the media should tell you something. This woman has absolutely no qualifications to be a Supreme Court justice except the one and only thing that George Bush ever cared about, personal loyalty to him and him alone. And everybody knows it. And on that basis it must be rejected out of hand, no hearing required, end of story, PERIOD.

In a Republican controlled Congress that would rubberstamp a ham sandwich if the president sent one down, this one may prove to be just too hard to swallow even for them. Even the conservative pundits are howling about it. So where the hell is the Democratic leadership? Where is it? When they caved on the original filibuster confrontation and agreed to be fitted for a custom one party only straight jacket, Harry Reid was playing cheerleader in the background, as they waved through some of the most objectionable nominees ever put forward as federal judges. And for what, so that we can now be stuck with two stealth lifetime reactionary cronies on the Supreme Court, the second no more than a one speed Bush groupie, without even an organized opposition? And that is why Harry Reid has GOT TO GO as minority leader.

There should not have even BEEN a hearing on Roberts. The Democrats should have put their feet down and demanded the documents necessary to properly examine the nominee as a PRECONDITION of the examination itself. They should have filibustered until they got them. And now you see the fruits of their insane cowardice, yet another nominee for whom the administration will stonewall a mile high, to conceal from the American public what they really stand for until it is too late. We've heard this broken record over and over too many times. Roberts has established the "take the fifth on the issues" model already. All they're going to do it roll it out again.

We must raise an outcry like none ever heard before. To even consider a hearing on this nominee is ITSELF a losing move. THERE MUST BE NO HEARING ON THIS NOMINEE. There must be a boycott of any proceedings on this, cold and flat. Even if there were a fine line between appearing to be reasonable and actually being chumps, the Democrats sailed past that one a couple nominees ago. Their foolhardy, passive acquiescence in every respect has their own base in utter despair, and the other side can't stop snickering. And the first step back in turning this thing around must be the removal of Harry Reid from the position of minority leader.

There can be no doubt that the captain of the Titanic thought they knew what they were doing. And Neville Chamberlain surely believed that he could rely on the personal assurances of Adolph Hitler and was just "picking his battles." We have seen nothing in the last year from the minority leader except cave-in after cave-in on issue after issue. Even in rejecting Bolton for stonewalling of documents (and God forbid they should have rejected Roberts on those SAME grounds) he practically prostrated himself on the Senate floor apologizing for taking a stand and promising to cave again at the next opportunity. Let him remain a Nevada senator as long as he votes the right way himself, but as a leader Harry Reid is nothing but an embarrassment and deserves a vote of no confidence from the people themselves.

This is potentially the third and final strike on separation of powers and our whole form of government, including all checks and balances. You must speak out now or we can kiss all of our hard won rights goodbye forever . . . privacy, minority and women's rights, labor standards, environmental protection, limitations on corporate and government power . . . kiss it all goodbye, all of it. They don't need another legal genius on the Supreme Court. They now already have the biggest, baddest precedent twister of them all in position number one in the person of Roberts. The key sparkplug is in place. But they need one more partisan vote to seal the domination of their crony elite and to doom the rest of us all.

You remember when Roberts in his hearing was talking about how he was the moot court master, who could take either side of an argument and make it sound reasonable. Get ready to deal with some of the most specious, snaky opinions that have even left the desk of a Supreme Court justice. And the problem is, with one more vote now there will be nobody left to stop him. Expect Miers to be nothing more than a sycophant, a "me too" judge. Just like Thomas, who never has an intelligent question to ask, and probably has never had an original thought not cribbed to him by Scalia or Rehnquist, expect a justice Miers to have Roberts basically coaching and ghostwriting all her opinions for her in the background. That's what this represents.

They told you we were "picking our battles." They told you we were "saving our ammunition." It was a sham, all of it. The hearing on Roberts was a sham. You don't go to trial without your evidence. You don't need a Supreme Court judge to tell you that. Did any of the senators questioning Roberts ever set foot inside a law school? What you saw was some TOKEN opposition for show and then 20 some odd Democratic traitors rolling over like collies in heat. It all turned into some parody of the Family Feud, with all the senators chiming in, "Good non answer!" And they are already prepping us for more of the same charade. There was never going to be an actual fight ever. Harry Reid has had only one plan since day one and that has been, and will always be, total, abject and cowardly surrender.

Perhaps the biggest honking lie of all is that secrecy is somehow an important part of Bush's good decision making process. When has Bush ever made a good decision as president even one time? From the original willful ignorance of the terrorist threat which made the 9/11 attacks such a cake walk, through the mishandling of the Afghan dragnet around Bin Laden, through the illegal invasion and occupation of the non-player Iraq which has destroyed the stability of the whole oil market, through the wrecking of our budget to finance tax cuts for the most wealthy, to the criminal incompetence first in cutting levee repair appropriations and then in getting relief to the victims of Katrina, this administration has an immaculate record of NEVER coming up with the right answer.

Bush hasn't spent one second of his presidency thinking about what is good for the American people. He has missed no opportunity to harm our country and the interests of its people in favor of a handful of crony corporations who engineered his election campaigns, including the theft and corruption of votes in multiple states, once already affirmed by a baldly partisan Supreme Court decision. And his only criteria in selecting new justices for the Supreme court are installing cronies who will save his personal skin when the day of reckoning comes for his own malfeasance, and to extend his corruption into the middle of this century.

We have time to get this one right. What we must do is what we SHOULD have been doing all along, build a national consensus that ANY new Supreme Court nominee must be a true MODERATE, representing ALL the American people, not just some wacko corporatist fringe. When you hear the words "strict constructionist" they do mean strict all right, but the strict they are talking about is adherence to a strict agenda, with a predetermined result regardless of facts or the precedents they will dispose of along the way. And anybody who is not prepared to start fighting now and keep on fighting, and filibustering, until the American people get the result they deserve, has got to go.

Bush's introduction of Harriet Miers reminded us of the person whose job it is to make everything on the menu sound delicious, even if the waitress herself wouldn't eat it. But Harry Reid couldn't wait to stuff this one in his mouth, along with his own foot. He has been a disaster as minority leader, almost as bad for this country as Bush himself, turning the opposition into a dog with no teeth and hardly even a bark. He has led us to nothing but defeat as the popularity ratings of not just the president, but BOTH parties, continue to plummet. And just like Bush, he must be replaced with new leadership that will fight for what we the people want.

Tell your senators NO HEARING on the crony Miers. Tell them Harry Reid has got to go as minority leader. If they hear it from enough of you, they must listen. If there is a senator out there who's got the stuff to really step up to the plate they can be the next president of the United States. Otherwise, there will be no tomorrow.

TAKE ACTION NOW TO STOP MIERS AT http://www.nocrony.com
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