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An Open Letter to Pennsylvanians Regarding Primary



I'm a native Pennsylvanian currently in Vermont. I've lived most of my life in Pennsylvania so I feel qualified to offer some advice to my fellow Pennsylvanians. The imperative at this time is to remove Hillary Clinton from the race. That's what needs to be done because it is clear to me that she is acting like a Republican, using Republican tactics and supporting Republican ideas. Since Obama is the only clearly Democratic choice, he is the one you should vote for at this time.

The so-called "debate" last Wednesday was disgraceful. Who cares whether Obama wears a lapel flag pin? The economy is crashing, oil is at $116 a barrel, Iraq is a debacle, the military is as exhausted of fighting as we are of this phony campaign, and the criminals in the White House continue without any serious challenge from the Congress. And we were focused on lapel pins and capital gains tax cuts. Those are Republican talking points.

We need a new political system. It's going to be up to the Democrats to create it. The Republican party is finished. If you doubt this, then take a look at my database of Reasons to Reject Republicans ( http://stevemoyer.us/reason ).

Republicans have given us a good demonstration of bad government. Reject them. All of them. END the party. Once this fake primary contest is finished and Hillary is cast aside we can get on to the important work of de-constructing Republican ideology and destroying the Republican party.

I want the Republican party to go away ... forever.

I implore you to reject Hillary Clinton because she is a "closet Republican." She is the "trojan horse" inserted into the Democrats as a way of destroying the party from the inside. She puts on a good face about supporting workers' rights while her chief strategist meets with the Columbian capitalists to see how they can continue exploiting workers. She claims that Obama is "unelectable" when in truth SHE is unelectable. How many Republicans would vote for Clinton? Many have already voted for Obama. Same with independents.

Clinton's campaign manager Mark Penn recently met with Republican strategist Karen Hughes. Clinton voted for this Republican war in Iraq, a clear violation of the Constitution and international law, and then had the audacity to say "if I knew then what I know now ..."
Obama knew more than she did then and he wasn't even in Congress! Face the facts: Clinton is a Republican "mole" in the Democrat party. The Clintons are worth more than $100 million dollars and she has the gall to label Obama as an "elitist." Excuse me? That's a classic Rovian tactic: accuse your opponent of your own weakness. It's the Republican party which is "elitist."
The Republican the party of the "rich, the super-rich and poor fools."

Clinton supported the "flag desecration" amendment which was really a "Constitution desecration" amendment. It failed to get the 2/3 necessary in the U.S. Senate by ONE VOTE. That was a Republican initiative. Clinton voted for the atrocious Bankruptcy bill which made it more difficult for common people to declare bankruptcy. And on and on and on.

Clinton practices Republican "Rovian" character assassination tactics. She exploits popular prejudices for political gains, just like the Republicans have been doing for years. She plays on the fears and prejudices of the people rather than lifting them up to a higher standard of behavior. She justifies prejudice while Obama eschews it. I urge you to reject her totally. She isn't really a Democrat. The world famous musician Roger Waters ( Pink Floyd ) recently described Hillary as "ghastly" and said if she was elected we would have a war with Iran. We have had enough war. We need to come home to America and take care of the people's needs. Charity begins at home.

We can start with Health Care. Hillary already had a chance to show her leadership in 1993. What did she do? She met with insurance industry lobbyists behind closed doors while ignoring the calls from people like me for "open hearings." She made her plan in secret ( just like a Republican ) and her plan flopped --- it was "dead on arrival." Is this the kind of leadership "experience" she claims qualifies her for the highest leadership position in American government?

Hillary Clinton is a "corporatist politician." Look at her record of contributions. Obama has raised more money from regular people in small amounts. Clinton is a favorite of the financial industry, the same industry that created the financial crisis we are experiencing now.

Clinton proposed the Economic Stimulus Plan which will send checks of $600-$1200 to every working American who files for it.
This is a horrible idea. It increases dependence on government. It teaches that "money is the solution" when truthfully "money is the problem." We are in debt because all money is debt. Debt is slavery. By increasing the debt we increase the slavery. Who owns us? China, Japan, Saudi Arabia among others. How about "living within our means" and "consuming less?" The truth is that while we need to do these things the economic system doesn't support them. It supports an ever-increasing debt spiral until the system crashes. This is what we need to be talking about ... creating a new economic system.

But in the "debate" last week the substantial issues were replaced by the insubstantial issues. Our political discourse has degraded to the absurd. Leading the way into absurdity are the TV "news" networks such as ABC and FOX. We hear a great deal about "global warming" but very little about "global pollution." We hear about "food crises" but not about "overpopulation." We hear a great deal about the "war on terror" but almost nothing about the "war on freedom."

The more we depend on government to solve our problems the more willing we become to surrender our civil rights for the cause of "national security." These are important issues for us to discuss this election year. Do you notice how our attention is constantly being diverted from the issues which deserve it? The corporate media aren't working for the "good of the people" ... they are working for the profits of the corporations, to subdue the people with diversions while the concentration of wealth and power continues unchallenged.

When was the last time you heard a commercial which said "CONSUME LESS AND SHARE MORE?"

Once HIllary Clinton is out of the race we have a chance to start substantial discussions about our nation's future. Obama wants to do it and McCain can't help himself. He'll go whichever way the political wind blows him. That's why conservative Republicans detest him so much. McCain is another "poll politician" just like Hillary Cllinton.

The media will have to cover substantial issues once Obama raises them. If the Republicans raise these ridiculous issues we can use their own pettiness to attack the party as a whole.

Never vote Republican.

That's what needs to be done. Clinton has been doing the "dirty work" of the Republicans. She's the "trojan horse" candidate, the Republican mole inserted into the Democrat party to destroy it from the inside. Her performance in the last few weeks and at the "debate" last Wednesday prove the point. Get her out of the race now.

Let the real politics begin!

Steve Moyer
South Hero, Vermont

Permission to publish and distribute in any manner, with or without attribution, is granted.


"Consume less and share more."

Think virtue. Teach virtue. Live virtue

Steve Moyer

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I ran for the U.S. Senate in Vermont as an independent on the platform of "Teach virtue and reject Republicans because Republicans have lost their virtue."
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An Open Letter to Pennsylvanians Regarding Primary

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