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Daniel Ellsberg, Johnson, Bush, Loyalty vs. Betrayal

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Daniel Ellsberg, Johnson, Bush, Loyalty vs. Betrayal A story of morality and ethics, and how Ellsberg exceeded the value of both presidents, by forsaking displaying courage, and trampling all-over, greed, violence and stupidity. When Doctor Daniel Ellsberg was just 33 years old, he was appointed special assistant to Assistant Secretary of Defense John McNaughton. In his very first day, there the North Vietnamese navy allegedly fired 21 torpedoes at U.S. naval ships in the Gulf of Tonkin. Less than one hundred people were allowed access to top-secret transmissions, which indicated that the news was incorrect or bogus-the attack never happened. With more than 200 people at the inaugural Ware Seminar on Global Citizenship at Elizabethtown College's Center for Global Citizenship, last Thursday evening Ellsberg said, "I knew Congress was being deceived into a declaration of war and that the public was being totally deceived into a landslide victory for a man who was about to plunge them into a big war." President Lyndon Johnson, used the situation of the false report of the non-incident to enflame the American people and thereby dragging America into war with Vietnam." Doctor Daniel Ellsberg was not only a very bright young fellow but he also possessed a conscience. That cannot be said about many of those to which the title of this article refers. Ellsberg, now a 76-year-old activist, first gained attention during the Vietnam War by releasing the Pentagon Papers to several newspapers, including the New York Times and others, thereby outing unknown U.S. policy decisions concerning the war and its escalation. Ellsberg said that of late he believes a coup has been organized with the presidency of George Bush, calling it, "rogue administration." I hail Dr. Ellsberg, in repeating what I have been saying since the impeachment of President Clinton. The Democrats paid no attention either to many who tried in vain to set them on the right path, including me back then and even less now. These days I find little difference, aside from talk between the two parties and those who pretend that this is not the case, are engaging in intellectual masturbation. Ellsberg is convinced, as are many of us, that if another terrorist attack occurs in the United States, the president would suspend and dismantle the Constitution and that hundreds of thousands of Middle Easterners and dissidents could end up in detention camps. "I think we're in danger - we're in a crisis," he said. I think he is partially correct. I think this is the one time in history that real men must come to the aid of their Constitution, but because, perhaps unlike Ellsberg, I believe that the mercenaries which are allegedly picking-off innocent civilians, are practicing, for what they are planning to do here to Americans who oppose the bevy of treasonous cowards. I further believe that it isn't a matter of chance that "IF" there is a new 9/11 terrorist attack, or even that it will be a matter of chance that there "may be a terrorist attack." I believe with all of my heart that the grandsons of those who attempted, along with Prescott Bush, to usurp FDR's presidency, in the 1930's, are hard at work planning a faux "terrorist attack," planned and executed by agents of members of this administration who have displayed enough treasonous behavior, that had they lived in General George Washington's or Abe Lincolns administration would have been dragged from the White House and congress by their collars and slammed into prison awaiting trial for High Treason. I further believe that if the Democrats capture the presidency and do not commence a War Trial and High Treason Trial against this administration, from top to bottom, then they are as guilty as these traitors. Further, were I president, the day after the election, I would declare war on the mercenaries, every single one of them and the companies that hired them and their executives, and bring them to justice. It is time money stops talking and shuts the Hell up forever. Real Americans are sick and tired of overt, covert, treason and of cowards in congress and to that effort my time and money are going to Cindy Sheehan to begin a process of bringing the demoniacs to justice. I would then search out all of the subversive institutions, whether churches, "think tanks," mercenaries, industrialists, businesses and sweep the nation free of treason to our sacred documents, and for spilling blood and guts and defecating all over the dignity of this great nation and its people and for mass-murdering the people of another nation to satisfy the insanity of a group of men and women who are in league with Satan's biblically illiterate faux churches, which are a blasphemy upon the name of the True God and Satan's oil companies. Lincoln, said: "The people are masters of both congress and courts, not to overthrow the constitution, but to overthrow those who pervert the constitution." In the coming election, (2008) I am asking here, and now, for all Americans to wake up and vote out the bastards. It is time for the single, employed, females, 60% of which did not vote in 2004, to put aside their personal agenda and pretend that they are responsible citizens and vote. It is time for those males who claim to be Americans, but often neglect they duty to their nation by pissing away their lives watching TV and drinking beer until their tummies look like watermelons and instead serve it as best, they can, by at least voting in presidential elections.

However, in the thirteen months leading up to that election, we must ask, are our top military commanders, and everyone of those of the Republican Party, and those who hold office in Washington, are they all treasonous cowards-Traitors-are not one of them Patriots? Americans are not subscribed to preserve the president, but to preserve the Constitution. And this, none of those in congress have done. Political War Criminals have charge of our government-criminals who have matched the atrocities of Hitler, Stalin and Mao, but because they have money, and because their opponents are timid to the point of the distraction of supporters, their crimes go unabated. Those in The White House, their contractors, and supporters, still steal the wealth of our people and our treasury to emptiness, and still nothing is done. Oil is projected to rise to between $150-$200 a barrel and nothing is done. Habeas Corpus has been eliminated and still nothing is done. The Constitution has been fragmented and still, nothing is done. Dr. Daniel Ellsberg Ph.D., said he has been called a traitor numerous times for breaking a "vow of secrecy" when he released the Pentagon Papers. Dr. Ellsberg pointed to actions taken by Bush that he said violate the law, including endorsing warrantless surveillance and lying to Congress about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. At the same time, he was quick to chastise the Democrats in Congress, saying that by going along with Bush's war they've failed their duty to uphold the Constitution. He said the Senate resolution passed last Wednesday declaring Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps, as a terrorist organization is an invitation for Bush to declare war on Iran. Ellsberg compared Wednesday's resolution to the Gulf of Tonkin resolution, passed Aug. 7, 1964, that gave Johnson a virtually blank check for combat in North Vietnam. He laid out a scenario of $200 a barrel for oil, the possibility of retaliatory attacks against the U.S. and the president keeping open the "nuclear option" to attack Iran. He said he is asking people in government who have information that could stop such a war before it happens to not do what he did by releasing the Pentagon Papers after the war started. He said they should do what he didn't do - release the information before a disaster happens. "Don't wait till the war has started," Ellsberg told the audience. "Don't wait till the bombs are falling or thousands more have died." Dr. Ellsberg said he took an oath of office to uphold the Constitution - the same oath all-military and public servants are required to take. "It is not an oath to the president," Ellsberg said. "And it's not an oath to keep secrets. This is/was not an oath to the commander in chief, or the Fuhrer or Caesar or to the flag. "It is an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States, so help me God, against all enemies, foreign and domestic." Ellsberg's actions were taken back in the 1960's when common sense was the law of the land, long before mental patients who thought their cure was some anomaly-a bizarre form of witch-hunt, hypocritical Cult which called itself the "Christian" Right (of which they are neither, Christian, nor Right about much of anything). Their movement was a combination of types; predator-marketing guru's who were about as Christian as Beelzebub, and three followers and collaborators. One set of followers were some inbred, brain dead, barely literate, pick-up truck, white-trash, booze guzzling, gun collecting, black-folk-lynching, wife battering, southerners, with IQ's close to single digits and proud of it. The second group was more schooled southerners and others who were educated beyond their intelligence, but bereft of foresight and common sense. In short, people with roughly the same IQ as the others, but enough money to go to third rate colleges that passed them through with high grades and sent them rollicking to Federal Jobs for the terminally lazy, menial paying teaching jobs (God help their students) and Ministerial appointments... and, oh yes faculty jobs at "universities" where the hiring guidelines are far more concerned with highly inaccurate religious beliefs, drenched and twisted, as blurred and blearily viewed more with prejudice, than with what the bible actually says and means. Such institutions, (and I was interviewed by one of them, and could hardly keep from giggling during the interview and subsequent job offer) give lip service to learning, concentrating more on traditional Cult brain-washing and moral intimidation, suppression and regression of free will. The very last group to be discussed herein, are a group consisting of marginal intelligence, but definitely higher than their targets, but distant from even a fringe sense of morality and ethics (meaning -0-) far smarter than those who were about to be shorn by them. These last were the "handlers" of the rest and handle them they did. In concert with Congress-folk, scamsters, who marketed every product imaginable, from insurance, to transportation, to housing, to bibles, to every sort of poly-Styrofoam, plastic sort of false icon, possible? They make inundate their exploited clients with constant contact, which is a large part of their success. These men and women, who talked themselves into, at least, partially believing their own moralistic lies, know one thing-how to sell icons and ideas through contact. It is this constant contact which keeps the less than mentally alert in line with "Christian Right's" less than honorable "Family Values," and when they need a favor from those they "help," they plead in terms which are couched in a framing that is considerably more sinister and aggressive than a mere request. Copying the "cell" system of their mortal enemies, the Communist Party, the "Christian Right's" morally bankrupt philosophies, drench every aspect of the lives of their clients and their childrens. Adept at fusing several successful social movements another one, which they utilize with more than a small measure of zeal, is that of the Hitler Youth Movement. The Hitler Youth was created for 10 to 18 year old children. It was divided into separate groups, with different tasks for boys and girls. The task of the boys group was to prepare them for the military. The girls were to be prepared for motherhood. At ten years of age, the Boys, had to join the Deutsches Jungvolk (German Young People) until the age of thirteen, at which age they were transferred to the Hitler Jugend (Hitler Youth) graduating from it at the age of 18. The regimen of the Hitler Jugend. was called "military athletics" (Wehrsport). It included pistol shooting, map reading, trench digging, use of dugouts, gas defence, marching, grenade throwing, bayonet drill, negotiating over, under and through barbed wire. At age ten, Girls, had to join the Jungmadelbund (League of Young Girls). At the age, fourteen they would be transferred to the Bund Deutscher Madel (League of German Girls). They also had to participate in athletics, including Girls being able to swim 100 metres, run 60 metres in 14 seconds, complete a 2 hour march, throw a ball 12 metres, and be competent at making a bed, the primary and perhaps only goal of German Women should be marriage and giving birth. In fact, prizes were given for the couple that produced the most offspring. It was strongly advised that sex be frequent in marriage and at least eight children should be the goal of each couple. Birth control was considered anathema, and "correct" interpretations and translations of the Bible were encouraged and fairy tales of German Manhood and Motherhood were applauded and distributed with the Super Hero image of aloofness to suffering, denial of pain, and no pity for the unfortunate of body and mind. Those weak of body or mind were to be sterilized, or kept from mating and every bodily imperfection was to be seized upon as a curse, and those so burdened were to be discouraged and eliminated. In addition, German Opera and mythology was a very important part of the new culture-any literature displaying the masculinity and "strength of Character" was to be encouraged and applauded. The Ideal German was a Blond, Blue-eyed wunderkind, athletic, insensitive, strong and impervious, a hero who denied pain unto death. Weaklings were to be avoided and isolated. Conservatism was Strength; Liberalism was weakness. Pity was a weakness; empathy was a despicable disability. Secrecy was paramount and loyalty was to The Leader, Hitler, NOT to a constitution of an ancient set of democratic laws and honored principles. Hitler had lifted his set of guiding rules directly, with some customization from his own fertile if damaged mind, from the greatest dictatorships ever assembled, primarily from ancient Rome, but also in a reversal ethnicities from the Hebrew bible, in which he replaced the "ban" on all other religions or cultures, to be placed solely upon the Jews and those of imperfect body and mind, and any other nation which does nor subscribe to his notion of physical and mental perfection, (except for exempting himself and his closest associates). He was constantly seeking religious confirmation of his own messiahship and the series of Indiana Jones, films was right-on target, as Hitler's assigned millions to the search for artifacts and biblical references or references, that could be interpreted or translated to apply to Hitler, as Messiah or Expected One. He financed numerous archeological expeditions, which just such hope in mind. Hitler wanted to be seen as the Spiritual Renaissance Man and Redeemer of the Germanic Tribes, uniting and forging them into the new Vikings, inspired by Wagner and especially the Epic of Siegfried. If any of this sounds familiar, it should it is simply a foundation of the current administration and their supporters, especially the "Christian Right." Hitler's Third Reich was a masterwork of demented reactionary hates exploitation and encouragement, supported by incredible efficiency, both in building and in destroying. There is no doubt in the minds of true prophets and enlightened ones, that his insanity was directed and managed by the habitation of his soul and mind with the spirit of a Satanic Incubus Virus, that has migrated weeks after his death into one spawned, appropriately enough just in time, then, and into many others associated with that Hitler, transferred to new spawns and their associates. Is it reincarnation? That is for you to decide, for me it is something a bit different, but related-to me it is infestational possession.


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Professor Bagnolo has majored in: Cultural Anthropology, Architectural design, painting, creative writing. As a child prodigy, abed with polio for almost two years, he was offered an opportunity to skip three grades at age 8.
Later He was a (more...)

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