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Terrorism, The Trojan Horse, and The Hypocrisy of Outsourcing

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Professor Emeritus Peter Bagnolo
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Terrorism, The Trojan Horse, and The Hypocrisy of Outsourcing Billions of Crates of uninspected goods flow into America every day, while millions of American Travelers per month are searched, X-rayed and hassled, whom are the Bushites kidding? Bush should give-up his Darth Vader and save his own reputation, before his Darth Vader gets him and the rest of us. The Trojan Horse of Epeius According to legend or myth, or truth, whichever imaginations dulled by five years of Fascist occupation of America allows to seep through, April 24, 1184 BC, is the traditional date that the City/State of Troy fell to the Greeks by trickery and curiosity and perhaps a bit of pride and greed, and a good deal of naïvete'. Upon that date, the story goes, the Greek forces burned their camps, and departed by sea, leaving behind a gigantic wooden horse, designed and constructed by the engineer, Epeius, which was placed before the gates of Troy as a gesture of homage to the Trojans' brave and successful defense of their kingdom against the Greek siege of ten years duration. The Greeks, however, however, did not depart; they merely withdrew to the nearby island of Tenedos to await the result of their deception. After much debate the Trojans brought the Greek Gift within the city gates and at nightfall, the Greek soldiers hidden within the giant horse sculpture, crept out, killed the guards, opened the gates, and the Greek forces, which had silently sailed back onto Troy soil, surged into the city, pillaged, raped, enslaved and destroyed, finally burning the city to the ground. Trojan Horses By The Billions In American Ports Of the billions of packages, crates, boxes and other containers which enter American ports every day, less than 1.3% are opened or checked with bomb sniffing dogs, radar, X-rays, listening devices or anything else. To put it another way, 98.7% of the imported material coming in to America, by air, ship, truck or rail, is never inspected according to reports easily found by Googling the question. On the other hand, more American citizens are subjected to spying, probing, searching, having everything they do, from their phone calls, emails, library visits, books read, letters written, live conversations listened in on, friends, neighbors and lovers questioned and alienated, and intimidated, in one month, than those imports are investigated in ten years. Spying on American citizens has nothing to do with tracking down "terrorists," it has to do with tracking down dissidents, and for purposes that are so draconian one hesitates to even dwell upon them. If there is a real reason for all Americans to be on alert it is not as much because a Middle-eastern "terrorist" is going to blow up their homes, or shopping centers or shoot down their planes, or blow up their leisure boats or their bridges, it is because either an American born mercenary, traitor, promised a life of pleasure by American oil companies, or arms dealers-industrialists and/or politicians, or a mercenary, "terrorist" from a foreign nation has been hired by American oil company, or arms dealers-industrialists, and/or politicians. These firms have made huge, record profits during this war, and men with access to power and violence use it, the temptation to do so, in men used to having their own way is too great for their morality challenged psyche's to overcome . However, the easiest thing for these traitors to do is simply have some WMD's packed into one or more of those billions of untested product cartons which come to America by truck, train, sea and air freight, every day. Since so few of the imported goods are ever inspected (98.7% of imports are never inspected or subjected to any sort of testing, once they arrive here in America) that would be the easiest way to attack America and I am neither the first, nor the last to mention or notice that more materials, several billions of TV sets, Computers, printers, automobiles, trucks, motorcycles, toys, food-stuffs, paint, rugs, furniture and any and everything you can imagine are flooding into our ports, air and sea, and across our borders, than there are ants in the forests, every single, day, and completely free of inspection of any sort. Billions of Trojan Horses, which the neither the government nor industry ever bothers to check. Why is that, if they are truly so concerned about "terrorism"? Every single person entering an airplane, or passenger ship is scanned and many are searched thoroughly, and many are subjected to long and extended delays, electronic inspection, searches, and embarrassment every time they fly but virtually never are imported goods given the same treatment, and which do you think is more likely to house a terrorist threat, one of American Citizens, or a box of goods sent from the Middle East? Hypocrisy Multiplied By The Billions Myriad products-products flood in made by foreigners hired by American traitors to their people, their neighbors-the American working man and woman. Those products, which made over seas, outsourced, used to be made here until the treasonous industrialists became unsatisfied with 25 times the average salary of their employees; they needed more! Therefore, they asked for outsourcing, and so their present salaries went to 550 times the average income of their employees, (but not including their outsourcing contractor's employees, because most of them, make at best $00.25 an hour, and that would pull down the Executive's incomes). Outsourcing as everything else in modern society, is always about the money, the power, and sadism. Men, who would betray their own people by sending the livelihood of Americans to foreign nations, would also betray American people by trying to kill them and take over by force, the nation. Wealthy people who are avaricious never stop desiring, coveting more and more wealth-they never stop, evil has infested their minds, bodies and souls, they simply cannot function unless they are doing evil things. Uncountable numbers of boxes, cartons, crates and packages from China, Malaysia, the Mid-east, Russia, Europe the Orient, South America-the whole world, and of every single one of those billions of crates only 1.3% or less are ever, even in a peripheral way, inspected. Why are they not protecting us by inspecting incoming freight? Because they know there, is no real threat? Because they know, the "terrorist" tripe is all hype to keep scaring the voters into voting for fascists? On the other hand, maybe the Bushites want something to happen, maybe they are praying for something to happen; maybe they will make something happen. Then they could declare martial law and seize America. Who is The Real Darth Vader? Here I am going out on a limb, and giving Bush a chance to right himself, giving him an out, to eliminate the greater of the two evils, so bear with me, here. All American Citizens who travel, are inspected and worse at every airport and every public building, but virtually, none of the packages? Recall that during the Anthrax sham, some peripheral, unsuspecting workers and others were killed, but the real targets were few news media, NBC and The NYT and a member of congress, but only a certain kind of member of congress, a Liberal Democrat and minority leader. Have you ever wondered why Osama Bin Ladin always says and does exactly what the Bushites want, whatever, the Bushites pray he would say and do, and does so, always at the last moment, such as when he put Bush over the top in the 2004 election? Moreover, a week or so ago when he helped Bush's cause by echoing the Democrats? Have you ever wondered how Osama Bin Ladin, a cripple, a man hooked up frequently, to a five-hundred pound dialysis machine, ever escaped the USA and Brit, Army, air force, navy, INTERPOL, CIA, FBI, marines and God knows what other forces of every nation on the planet? Could it be because the government does not want him caught? We used to be the good guys, but now we are the bad guys and none of these terrorists which the Bushites claim are so good at carrying out threats, were ever very successful until Bush got into office, and their leader has not been caught and Bush says he is the arch-enemy of his and of democracy, yet, and he always seem ready to say just the thing the Bushites want and need for him to say, and exactly when, they most need him to say it, but these "terrorists," playing out of profile and character, never oppose their supposed, true Enemies, the Right wing, industrialists? Have you ever wondered why instead of killing innocent civilians Osama Bin Ladin and the al-Qaeda and the many other "terrorist" groups have never, even once tried to kill those who were most responsible for the war, the oil company executives and industrialists who wanted the war in the first place? Look at the evidence in this article and tell me with a straight face that like the novel 1984 (Orwell) The Bushites, Osama, and al-Qaeda are not the same persona. Can you do that? I can't. Do you want incontrovertible evidence of what I say? As soon as more people ask the questions I am asking, the Bushites will not only fake an unsuccessful attack on one of their own or, and pay very close attention to this because it is not going to make some people happy, perhaps GW Bush is NOT an insider on the slow and silent coupe that is rumored being planned by some of the Bushites. (guess which ones) Perhaps instead, some other corporate leaders and industrialists, are the covert creators of the war in its entirety as many of us have said all along. Perhaps those forces are very busy egging Bush on to more and more aggressive stances, pushing him deeper and deeper into the breach, using Bush as an uninformed, ignorant, front man, a target--a point man, which they plan to abandon at their earliest convenience, to make him an impeachment hero-martyr and a good excuse for his successor, which is now the Vice President, to declare Martial Law using the fallen figure of a president in jail, as a rallying point for the far right. His successor would then blame the Bushite usurpation on the Democrats and take over, after wiping out the writers, intellectuals, Professors, and all dissidents. Why do I say that G W Bush may not be in on the Martial Law, coupe attempt? Because, unless he is a great actor, he appeared to be genuinely shocked when he heard about 9/11, while reading to children in that schoolroom. Bush was nearly catatonic for a period, in genuine shock, so stressed was he that he did not know what to do. Want to know who did not look so shocked? Guess who did not look so shocked? Bush may well be the strawman of his own Darth Vader as well as the proposed dupe, being set up by those he trusts, but should not. How does a person trust anyone else in such a political atmosphere? So, perhaps if the Secret Service is not in on the coupe, they had better ask for help from the FBI, and the army and keep their eyes glued on the organization that killed JFK, because it may be the key to the next 6-12 months of national turmoil, before there is a failed attempt at a presidential election. Keeping all of this in mind, as a patriotic American, I say G W Bush can yet become a great American President and a great American hero. He can, as I am certain his father wishes, save himself and his nation from the murky plans of the real Darth Vader, or worse from the Evil would be Emperor. He can out the villains before they set him up, and in so doing he can be the hero that saved America from the return of The Hun-George Walker Bush, can, by disowning the Hun who waits for his fall, redeem himself, as perhaps from his hot seat in Hell, Herod Antipas wishes he had done. George Walker Bush, I did not vote for you, however, whenever I have voted for a president, I had hoped that he would drop his partisan approach and do what is best for our people-all of our people equally, our sacred documents, our nation as it now stands and never do damage to her image or her citizens. FDR did that, so did Teddy Roosevelt, as did Mr. Clinton, Mr. Washington and some others. I supported you until things began to look as though private profiteering interests had taken hold. I have since opposed you as directed by my conscience, my God and my love of the Constitution, Bill of Rights and my people-the citizens of America. I ask you to do the RIGHT thing and dump Sick-Dick Cheney, and his followers, as well as those who are making you think you are something you are not and never will be. Take down those evil men who have corrupted you and turn things around, it is not too late. Good Day, and God Bless, all
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