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9,000% Profit and Other Truths

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9,000% Profit and Other Truths A heroic, prophetic, President who saved America in WW II, a coward who betrayed Her in the 21st Century and those who elected him, killing 675,000 people, Stealing $12-trillion dollars, and slowly killing millions of Americans, in a bid for Hell! Are American Terrorists wearing pinstripes, betraying troops under fire? Are Americans and their Mid-Eastern Counterpart-allies throwing kerosene on the fire in Iraq to keep out troops there until they can seal the Privatization of Iraqi Sweet Crude Oil which costs less than 2.6 cents a gallon, a $1.00-$1.50 a Barrel? Are American torture concentration camps and mercenaries stocking the fires of rebellion with atrocities designed to anger and provoke ongoing fighting to make a suburb of Washington out of Iraq? Are politicians and contractor heavily profiting from the War promoting its longevity. Read below and connect the dot-it might lead to Washington. As Time Goes By... was a WW II song, made famous by Dooley Wilson, in the film Casablanca. My Dad told me about gasoline ration stamps, a certain allotment each person received regularly. Gasoline despite the shortage because of a real War was $00.19 a gallon, or about $8.40 Retail a barrel and about $00.05 a gallon Wholesale, exactly the retail price of gas at the pump in Iraq before the Bushites attacked them. The price in 1943 was high for those days because of the war, but the Roosevelt Administration had price controls in place, so the people would get robbed-he cared, as most prophets do. At $00.05 a gallon that would make the retail price $2.21 a barrel Retail, or the wholesale price at, $00.0175 cents a gallon and $00.774 a barrel. A few other things to note, a Car: $1,100, a House: $8,000, 
Bread: 9 cents/loaf, 
Postage Stamps: 3 cents. Things were scarce back then, I know, but aside from concern over our boys over seas, life here for some was not bad. One thing my folks do remember is how close everyone was and how unafraid and relaxed they were whether at home or elsewhere. At the time, we had a crippled president, crippled by the same disease that temporarily crippled me-polio. He had gone through a frightful time in his marriage, fell in love with another woman and was forced to give her up while his wife had ongoing affairs of her own. A tall athletic man with movie star good looks lived in an era in which exterior materialism had not yet taken hold of the people. TV fixed that. Parents lacking character, self-restraint and moral fiber weren't having a great many children, but parents with those qualities they lacked were. Throughout America, there were incidents of what cowards call "terrorism" but which people of courage who do not allow themselves to be "terrorized" by the government or the other enemies of freedom, called Sabotage. Nazi saboteurs tried to blow up a factory, which I could hit on the fly with a baseball from my back porch (which they now call decks) and we saw it happen. There was no fear among us, as the adults, men and women, grabbed guns and ran to the scene-the authorities caught them a few weeks later ina famous case of sabotage. We had a few other advantages; people back then were hard workers, they had common sense and had weathered hard times that which does not kill you makes you stronger, Nietzsche said. Our greatest president, perhaps the greatest man since Jesus, a president who mover came his own prejudices, and conservative background, parents and his own early beliefs, who was at home with the many top notch Republicans he appointed to key peace and wartime positions, as with the most Liberal of his New Dealers, said it quite plainly, The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself... That nationally broadcast comment was the key to America's courage. So materialistic is America now that such a courageous, crippled man-the one who saved America, moving about whether on crutches and painfully, or whipping by in a makeshift wheel chair, could be elected dogcatcher let alone president today. Let me focus for the moment on $80.00 a barrel oil-oil which is delivered to the pump where it is sold at $3.65 a gallon, which amounts to for our 44.2 gallons per barrel, were it all auto fuel oil, is $161.00 a barrel-the same oil that costs the producers to make into gasoline, $1.00-$1.50 A BARREL! Or less than $00.03 a GALLON! Yeah, it was selling in Iraq before the war at $00.05 cents a gallon and is right now selling in Venezuela at $00.12 a gallon. The people who our president and his puppeteers think were so horrible to their people apparently thought enough of them not to allow them to be gouged by oil profiteers. Oil right now is selling, at the pump in Iran and Syria at about the price of a stick of gum is here. Recapturing No-Bid Contractor and oil company profits! There is an eminent precedent for recapturing excessive profits from government contractors associated with No-Bid Contracts in Wartime and Let's see if Nancy Pelosi is going to take that off the table as well! Use the funds for a New GI BILL! Yes, let's recapture "No-Bid" Contractor and Oil Company Charges by Mandatory Renegotiation of Contracts! And Use Funds for a New GI BILL and healthcare programs without the use of insurance companies! Franklyn Delano Roosevelt was Undersecretary of the Navy in World War I and he handled the job better than anyone before or since. By the time he became president and facing a Second World War just 23 years later, he knew exactly what to do. "Roosevelt, who had handled the Navy's contracting responsibilities in World War I, was well served by the procurement team Stimson assembled at the War Department. Undersecretary Robert Patterson, General Brehon Somervell, who commanded the supply services, and Clay presided over the greatest military buildup the world has ever known within a time frame few considered possible. Between Pearl Harbor and V J Day, the armed services let contracts that ultimately exceeded $200 billion ($2 trillion currently) with scarcely a breath of scandal. "We were not against industry making a profit," said Clay, "but we were damned well sure they were not going to make an excess profit." For the first and only time in American history, the military employed a process of mandatory contract renegotiation. Whenever a supplier reaped an excessive profit or the Army no longer needed what it contracted for, the War Department renegotiated the contract and recaptured the government's money. "I think it was the greatest job we did during the whole war," said Clay years later. "You haven't heard any criticism of excess profits from World War II, and no one else has." (The mandatory contract renegotiation and recapture of excess profits, faced repeated court challenges, but the Supreme Court upheld the army's authority. Justice Harold Burton said, "The constitutionality of the conscription of manpower for military service is beyond question. The constitutional power of congress to support the armed forces with equipment and supplies is no less clear and sweeping. The mandatory renegotiations of contracts are valid, a fortiori." From FDR, by Jean Edward Smith Roosevelt could have allowed everyone to steal everything from the American People, and contribute to his campaigns in future, just as the current Pork Barreling, war criminals are allowing now, but he was a man of honor and justice, but he lacked their avarice and demoniac personalities. Roosevelt had war pushed upon him, despite what those whose research skills are rather lacking and those who were and continue to practice scumbag Rovean slanders even about Pearl Harbor, and the error ridden Wikipedia chasers, who are jacks of all trades and masters of none, who say that he tried to get us into war. Such people have no in-depth knowledge of the history or conditions in 1937-1941. It is entirely possible, if all of the complaints we read about in quality are true that the clause, "Uniquely Qualified Contractor" is bullshit. When I was a tenured professor, the Halls of Higher Education were diseased with "Uniquely Qualified Contractor's" who, after I sent out for bids from others for the same work, were no more "Uniquely Qualified Contractor's" than your pet turtle is for Astro Physics. I do not know what experience Halliburton had in food service, but right now in America, there thousands of restaurant chains, caterers and food service contractors who serve millions to tens of millions of customers a day, with good, nutritious food, and until proven to me to my satisfaction, I question the Uniqueness of those so specified in employ of the government as contractors in Iraq, in that area at least. I also wonder why American contractors did construction work in Iraq, the Iraqi's seem to have done a fairly good job of building their own edifices over the last few thousand years, and why and how the contractors that were sent there were "Uniquely Qualified" when we also have thousands of building contractors, architects and engineers, right here in America also, who might have delivered lower bids. We have, right now, (not having to wait until after the 2008 election) a rare opportunity to take down the scourges of the earth, by getting back about 80% of the profits they have skimmed, and break their strangle hold on cash, and share the money with American citizens and returning troops, the people from which they've been allowed to snatch it. I say we ring every penny of it from the contractors and oil companies, and right now, as Roosevelt did! What do you say? Will you join me in asking every single congress person in each of your districts to subject the "Uniquely Qualified Contractor's" No-Bid contractors to Mandatory renegotiation and recapture of US Funds which are in our opinion excess charges, not just excessive profits, but excessive charges. Profits can be hidden, so I say reduce their payment by 80% on every job they and their contractors and subcontractors have done overseas and here, which is in any way related to this war. We need no pork barreling at the expense of our troops and our citizens here who have kept the home fires burning brightly for their return. Let's take back most of that $2.3 trillion thrown away to pals by the Pork Barreling War Criminals in Washington and the trillions robbed from America's workers by the oil companies, and the $5.9 trillion left by the Clinton Administration, blown by the Bushites. Let us form a letter writing, phone calling, personal visiting, push among our citizens and congress to follow FDR's lead to renegotiate all No-Bid Contracts and recapture 80% of all charges made by "Uniquely Qualified Contractor's" No-Bid contractors, Oil Companies, and other contractors, ASAP? Our Moral and Ethical Obligation To Our Returning Troops And while we are on the subject of FDR, let us use his morality in his obligation for our brave and miscast troops. Thinking years before it's need, Roosevelt said, "Lack of money, should not deprive or prevent any veteran of this war from equipping himself for the most useful employment for which his aptitudes and willingness qualify him... I believe the nation is morally obligated to provide this training and education and necessary financial assistance by which they can be secured," Roosevelt worked hard, as men and women of morality should to provide generous unemployment insurance, job counseling and enhanced medical care as well as low cost loans for buying homes and farms and covering business costs for veterans. The Congress, at the time, was nearly evenly divided between the two parties, and yet the G. I. BILL OF RIGHTS passed both Houses Unanimously! When they finally return from their tours of duty, they must meet not with soup lines, unemployment and the outsourcing which is throttling our nation now, I read recently that major Poultry and egg producers have threatened Conservationist with taking their poultry business to Asia if the government attempts to make safety over productivity it's concern. I say tell them to, while carrying out their treasonous and contemptuous threats, go straight to Hell and pass a bill denying import of poultry and eggs from anywhere off the North American Continent. If Washington is truly concerned about "Security" the best way to secure our food supply, is to raise everything needed here in America or Canada? So, then a heavy tax on outsourcing food-stuffs, should be imposed on those who produce poultry and eggs, and a heavier still tax upon those who buy outsourced poultry and eggs, or better still, perhaps the industry should be in safer hands than those of Privateers who threaten America's security and food sources to tampering abroad. If medicines, which only a fraction of Americans use, are unsafe to import why should, food, which all Americans use, not be even more unsafe to import-Nationalize food production, before allowing it to go overseas. The money derived form such taxes should them be used to partly support a New G. I. Bill and an insurance company free healthcare plan! If we are willing to place men and women in the line of fire for some patriotic, even if so misplaced, war, we must provide for the well being of their lives and families, for the time they lost in battle, whether or not we agree that such wars are just. The unjustness of a conflict does and should not fall upon those at the line of duty, but upon those who caused that line of duty to exist. Therefore, the rest of the funding for the New G. I. Bill should be financed by heavily taxing all companies, which received contracts for this war. Most especially and most heavily, those designated as "Uniquely Qualified Contractor" and received No-Bid Contracts. Let neither avarice nor fascism prevail, but justice! And What About the Americans Held Hostage By Insane Terrorists In W.D.C.? "In some ways she was far more acute than Winston, and far less susceptible to Party propaganda. Once when he happened in some connection to mention the war against Eurasia, she startled him by saying casually that in her opinion the war was not happening. The rocket bombs which fell daily on London were probably fired by the Government of Oceania itself, "just to keep the people frightened." -- George Orwell, 1984. I have said that drug production has burgeoned since Bush took office. Drugs are a boon to fascism. It is their means of controlling society. Between the money stolen in Iraq and the drug money they, the Bushites and their mercenaries, can "Hit" whomever they wish at any time, can bribe whomever, can hire drugee bums to kill trouble-makers, and then knock off or give up the drugged-out killers as they did Lee Harvey Oswald and Ruby. Between the increase in Drug production in Afghanistan and the money stolen in Iraq a new generation of multi-millionaires and billionaires who are soulless and murderous, have been born Keeping drug prices low prompts sharply increased addictions, thus people can be addicted and completely enslaved under the control of Drug Dealers. Then, by making drugs scarce and increasing the price the dealers, puppets of politicians, can increase crime frightening anyone most especially family people, who will then agree to give up Rights and Freedoms in order to stop drugs and related crime. Recall Bush's slip of the tongue which went unnoticed by many, "... Americans are addicted to oil..." He had probably just come from a session with his puppeteer, speaking of the increased drug production and profits in Afgahnistan and the subject slipped out. You can control families with drugs and nations with oil. That is exactly what they are doing and you are paying for your own victimization. I have quoted to you from the evil of Mein Kampf more than once well here is another an oft-repeated quote: "The size of the lie is a definite factor in causing it to be believed, because the vast masses of a nation are in the depths of their hearts more easily deceived than they are consciously and intentionally bad. The primitive simplicity of their minds renders them more easy victims of a big lie than a small one, because they themselves often tell little lies but would be ashamed to tell big ones.

Such a form of lying would never enter their heads. They would never credit others with the possibility of such great impudence as the complete reversal of facts. Even explanations would long leave them in doubt and hesitation, and any trifling reason would dispose them to accept a thing as true. Something therefore always remains and sticks from the most imprudent of lies, a fact which all bodies and individuals concerned in the art of lying in this world know only too well, and therefore they stop at nothing to achieve this end." ---Adolph Hitler, Mein Kampf. George Bush Senior pushed through a Bill making movement of $10,000 in cash subject to scrutiny and suspicion at banks, which were forced to report such movement back in the years before Bill Clinton came on board. Step one in trapping Peaceful American Citizens into appearing suspicious and thwarting cash sales and movement. Hey! Remember I wrote some time back about the tremendous explosion that took place during a gathering of local tribes, in which several important Sunni tribal leaders were among 12 humans killed? I wonder how many of them heartily approved of the drive to privatize, or perhaps privateer the Oil. The al-Mansour Hotel is well known to Americans and Brits as a place used by foreigners and Iraqi officials. It was reported that witnesses spotted a Helicopter in the use of Private Security Contractors, flying near the al-Mansour high-rise hotel in Baghdad on June 25, 2007, which is the home of many, foreign diplomats and international news organizations, which was bombed today. It was unclear, which Private Security Contractor's used or owned that helicopter or where it took off from, nor how fast it was flying and in which direction, nor where it landed. This is far from the first time that non-Arabs have been implicated, witnessed, or suspected in such horrors. This is, at least, the third report alleging that Americans and /or Brits disguised as Arabs attempting to set off explosives in either quiet residential districts or in market places. Thus far, 12 people are known to be dead and 18 wounded, as allegedly a "suicide bomber wearing a vest packed with explosives" was detonated inside the al-Mansour Hotel. However, I ask, how do they know so quickly what caused the blast if it was so massive as to have destroyed as much as was reported in several news broadcasts? And if a living witness was close enough to see the "suicide bomber wearing a vest packed with explosives," who is this witness and how did this alleged "witness" survive the devastation which wrecked the 'reception area and left a lobby full of "charred remains" of people burned by the blast beyond recognition, if he was close enough to see a "suicide bomber wearing a vest packed with explosives?" If an alleged "witness" was said to have identified a "suicide bomber wearing a vest packed with explosives," why wasn't the wearer identified and apprehended before the massive explosion, which according to witnesses outside the hotel, "Shook the hotel" and other nearby structures and destroyed everything in the lobby? If there was no witness, after such a massive explosion, how could there have been any evidence remaining that pointed to a "suicide bomber wearing a vest packed with explosives?" Some suspect a rat in the woodpile-and perhaps a helicopter-flying rat at that? Location, Location, Location??? A Real Estate Grab? Is it true that some Americans and/or Brits, coveted the hotel because of it's location, sitting comfortably on the banks of the Tigris River, near the Green Zone, in Baghdad, and is often used by Iraqi officials visiting the City? Was this bombing a Coincidence? Or are the reports that Americans and Brits are behind many of the bombings in efforts to keep unrest and anger in order to provoke reprisals to facilitate requiring an American presence there until the oil agreement is signed and until Brits and Americans have completed assassinations of most honest Iraqi politicians, and business owners so that contractors can usurp and steal all profitable Iraqi businesses and other enterprises of the Iraqi's, including perhaps this hotel, which has a multiple target appeal? My last question is what is driving these "Offensives?" Do politicians have access to voting records of those who oppose the new contract to steal all the Iraqi oil profits and anything else of value in the value before they junk it? If so, are they targeting massive strikes to hide assassinations of those who oppose the contracts?

I predict that those among the Iraqi government officials who are now opposing the Oil Deal, (which essentially steals all the oil and related profits and turns them over to American and Brit companies), will soon be, if not bought off, victims of more "al-Qaeda" assassinations, "massive strikes," and/or bombings. However, it makes little difference if the murders are blamed on al-Qaeda, the CIA, The alleged "Cheney White House Basement" Iran Contra type organization supposedly financed by billions stolen from the Iraqi and America citizens, or Rumsfeld's alleged rogue American secret operations group, or "Private Security Contractors," with or without helicopters, they are all on the same side according many-the side which filters profits to some American and Brit oil companies and contractors. This is the worst affront to the Almighty, since Adolph Hitler's war, and the most massive robbery in world history and some fools on both sides of the aisle are equally to blame for it. What do they think is going to keep them from joining Hitler and his staff in the bowels of Hell? I believe that many members of this congress who worked for the support of this war and some who, supported the continuance of this war, will encounter in an unwelcome visit from an angel in black, and it will not be a visitation to complement them on their lack of conscience or honor. The God they ignore is not ignoring them and very soon, He will face them with His own brand of Justice, a word they do not comprehend. He will send them a fate, similar of those who have also blasphemed and it will be God-sent not man-sent, God Made not man made, and God Determined not man determined, because there are not enough good men of honor in Washington to do what must be done-bring them to justice, to law, to trial and to sentencing and incarceration. OIL, OIL, HOW SWEET IT IS! There is a best-kept secret about Iraq. Iraq sits upon the LARGEST sweet oil reserve in world. (No, not the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th Largest as has been reported, but THE LARGEST). Sweet oil is so-called because it can be drilled, processed and shipped for between $1.00 and $1.50 a barrel! Yes, BETWEEN ONE DOLLAR-ONE DOLLAR AND 50 CENTS A BARREL, NOT A GALLON! A barrel! That is sweet, if you own an oil company, or if you have friends who own oil companies which donated money to get you elected, or if you are president and your family owns a private investment firm which owns oil stocks, energy stocks, defense stocks, and the other investors are top military officers, oil and energy company moguls and politicians. However, that's not why we went to war, is it? It's not that same old, "attack-Iraq-and steal-the-oil plan," which Neo-Con Republican leaders (called "the crazies" by the Bush senior people) saw rejected by Bush senior before desert storm is it? Nor is it the same plan President Clinton rejected in 1992, right? No way! Is that why they impeached him? No, that cannot be, because that would be a conspiracy theory. Never mind that everything which ever happened from before and including David's setting up of Uriah's murder in an ambush, so he could marry Bathsheba, to the crucifixion of Jesus, to the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, to price gouging in the oil business, to the Bhopal disaster, to the Enron Conspiracy, Disaster, to the cigarette cancer cover-ups, to the vote fraud of the last two elections, to the ascension of fascists into top government positions, to the disastrous Patriot Act and the worse, Military Commissions Act of 2006, the last few mentioned, were all a part of the vast conspiracy, err, I mean, plan, to silence dissidents and destroy democracy in America in favor of the currently expanding dictatorship of the Bushites. Remember how the Bushites tried to silence the Class-Action Law Suit Attorney's by trying to limit such suits? Well, that was because those attorneys corrected countless criminal actions which were/are ignored by the SEC, the FDA and other regulators, but brought to justice only by heroic class action lawsuit's by such attorneys, the only true white knights left in America aside from the non-mainstream and the Online News media. All the scandals we hear about every day-they were/are conspiracies. Anything and everything except acts of God are conspiracies. Without conspiracies, most corporate CEO's could never figure out how to make an illicit profit or cheat the public, because they aren't smart enough to make money the old fashioned way, by honest labor and brilliant planning. One does not rise through the corporate ranks because one is a genius, geniuses, are always a problem, because they do not need supporters. People with reputations as whistle blowers, or as honest mavericks, seldom get to the top in corporations. No, except in rare cases, only sycophants move up the corporate ladder. One who plays ball usually gets the key to the executive bathroom. What a stupid question, ask the "Christian", messianic president that question! You know the fellow (GW BUSH) who when he got into Yale on his daddies "Discretionary Family History at Yale, Points for Ease of Entry", apron strings, allegedly, wrote a paper in which he said, "...the poor are so because they are lazy..." It's easy to explain America's high oil prices, Bush would say, "We have to raise the price because the American and Brit oil companies wish to protect their countrymen against deflation, while the Iraqi and Venezuelan government wants to expose their citizens to deflation, isn't that terrible, how they treat their people?" Well, that makes sense if you have a pea brain. Whoops, who else would vote for a Conservative Republican nowadays? Below is a breakdown on what comes out of a barrel of oil. What a barrel of crude oil makes: Product gallons per barrel-the processing in America of crude oil, actually gains a bonus of 2.2 gallons making the traditional 42 gallons into 44.2 gallons. Here is how the 44.2 gallons breaks down Gasoline-19.5, distillate fuel oil 9.2 (Includes both home heating oil and diesel fuel), kerosene-type jet fuel 4.1, residual fuel oil (heavy oils used as fuels in industry, marine transportation and for, electric power generation) -2.3, liquefied refinery gasses-1.9, still gas-1.9 Coke-1.8, asphalt and road oil-1.3, petrochemical feed-stocks-1.2, lubricants-0.5, kerosene-0.2, other-0.3 DEATH IN HELL, ERR, I MEAN IRAQ Now, the latest studies show that 655,000 more Iraqi citizens died since the war began than died in the previous 5 years. Send that to the once cardinal, now pope, who touted GW Bush to the American Catholics through their bishops in letters in 2000 and 2004. PS-I am and have been a lifelong Catholic and since Grad School, a theologian.

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