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Iraq and The New World (Order)

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Iraq and The New World (Order) That Iraq is a Laboratory for what the Bushites mean to do here is well known to most of us. However, what many may not know is the full extent of the conspiracy to demoralize, depopulate, destroy and dominate our democratic citizenry by fascists. This is a primer on how and what the New World Order, step by step has in store for an America whose "Leadership" is too blind and deaf, and too busy cashing-out to care and further, what has motivated several families, the Harriman's, Walker's Bush's and Cheney's, some of which have specialized over the last hundreds of years in fomenting and profiting by chaos, war revolution, and every sort of despicable behavior and why and how America let it happen, and why some people don't seem to give a hoot and others are clueless. A History of Evil and A People Too Absorbed in Materialism to Care Iraq, as I have said so often before is neither a place Bushites want to occupy, nor leave. The goal as I said from the beginning, is the oil, but to protect it from its surrounding neighbors and others, and in fact, to even have access to it all, there needs be military presence on air, sea and land. The oil companies as President, General Dwight D. Eisenhower said so clearly at the inaugaration of JFK, "... beware the MIC The Military Industrial Complex..." General Douglas Macarthur said much the same thing when before Eisenhower, when he said, "Conservative multi-millionaire industrialists and businessmen, agitated and instigated the initiation of WW II." The same thing happened to promulgate the Iraq "War," only now it has expanded to The Military, Medical, Main Stream Media, Industrial Complex. I have written extensively about The New World Order (NOW) which appeared for the second time in history in HWG Bush's speech in 1991, the guts of which was essentially no different than the one produced by the Nazi's prior to WW II and derived from Hitler's manifesto; Mein Kampf and George Orwell's, masterpiece; Nineteen Eighty-Four. HGW Bush, eventually rejected those who created that second attempt at erasing Constitutional Law, but they lingered in the background until the 1990's. Given that, allegedly, Prescott Bush, the Grandfather of the present President, and his associates George Herbert Walker, his Father-in-Law, who showed Prescott Bush what the Cheney family, (whether one spelled over the centuries, Cheeney, Chaney, Cheney, and a variety of other ways, had known for generations, there was/is huge profits to be made in selling armaments, creating Rogue Banks to finance terrorism, chaos, war and revolution, it is no wonder we have the present chaos. The British had honed the fine art of creating havoc within nations, selling arms to both sides, more heavily arming those which they preferred to win, but in either case, whom ever "won," would be weakened enough to be pliable, frightened and cooperative enough for further and more massive profits. However, what was once practiced externally, is now turned inwardly, and chaos here, is the order of the day, but more on that later*. Were the families of Harriman, Rockefeller and Morgan the leaders in these industries with the Walkers and Bushes right behind them, even shoring them up when need be, in their nefarious and clandestine practices-practices which polite society seemed to ignore because of the wealth amassed by these lawless ones? A descendant of one of the richest, bragged that because of his grandfathers tactics and genius for evading and working around the law, caused more than 200 new laws to be written into the books, and that made him a hero. Practicing Evil With Enabled, Impunity I am certain that we all know a good many good people, of various religions none of which would ever wish to contribute to any of the despicable things the clandestine demoniacs of society have. Neither would any of those which I know, men of brilliance, who are not in any way religious, even remotely consider the above reprehensible "Industries," as a way to make a living any more than they would consider torturing another human being or any other creature. While we might agree that it takes a particular low and despicable form of life to consider profiting or being in any way involved in such injustices as the Iraq "War," what is even more despicable, are those who applaud and honor those among the super-wealthy who made their fortunes doing things the rest of us would never consider doing. Moreover, the churches, which welcome the money of such Troglodytes and honor them ignoring the source and industry, which produced such wealth, must hold God and the rest of us in contempt. Is it of any wonder that the best pals and golfing friends of many pastors are such men? How can one respect such religions, which spurn lovers and applaud vampires? What is even more exasperating is that as these men appear to have committed and are still committing, the worst atrocities and becoming incredibly wealthy doing so, their families and those who prospered from their works, protected them so that none were ever brought to justice by their nation. Never were they subjected to what the Nazi War Criminals were. They were never jailed, never executed, never stopped. Their contemptible deeds went unpunished generation after generation, thus encouraging the latest spawn of demons. The history of the Cheney and Bush families appears to read like a Mafia minor league team, which later, in terms of killings and money stolen, in a seven year period, has exceeded by far the all-time entirety of the Mafia evil and dwarfed their historical profits worldwide, as my grandfather so ably predicted. That the present political megalomaniacs, may exceed the evils of Adolph Hitler, if not checked, seems a foregone conclusion, which appears to have escaped the empty-headedness of a certain Congresswoman and her dancing puppeteer. On their heads rests the entirety of the Hell-driven Evil, and on that reality also they appear ignorant and/or uncaring. All they seem to care about is raising money for candidates in whom the Liberal Democratic voters have completely lost interest and support. The money will do them little good. They remind one of a former baseball player, at age 87, with a terminal illness, an hour from death, worrying about a blister on his pitching hand. The New World Order's, Chaos, Confiscation and Depopulation Plans for America* GW Bush is not an American, and he never really served in the military of our nation, never served in the Peace Corps, never personally, to my knowledge, fed the homeless, seemingly cares nothing about preserving life, but seems to enjoy taking it and making people suffer. His actions have taken infinitely more lives than his policies ever could save. He and his followers claim to be a part of the Culture of Life, but desecrate every one of its tenet's but one and even that one is a travesty. One who stands against the destruction of life in any form at any stage thereof, once eliminating abortion, would see to it that having assisted in bringing life into this world, would desire it to be nurtured and cared for, but not the Bushites, they oppose abortion (as I do) but also oppose health care for children, to say nothing of opposing it for their parents who need to be healthy in order to care for those children spared of abortion. GW Bush and his puppeteers and followers are NOT Patriotic Americans. They are, in fact plotting the demise of Americans and all national boundaries. A part of their fiendish New World Order (NOW) is the creation of fear, terror and Chaos within America, just as their ancestors did in Europe, and tried to do here just before World War II. The drug production in Afghanistan, and the reason for going there in the first place, had little to do with Osama Bin Ladin or Al Qaeda, who are probably on the payroll of the Bushites. No, it had more to do with the Impeachment of Bill Clinton, and was, in fact, allegedly, the sole reason for his impeachment. They had allegedly labored to induce Clinton onto bribing the "Taliban" (whose leadership were allegedly frequent visitors to Crawford Texas), with a couple of Billion$ of dollar$ to buy "Protection" to allow them to build a pipeline through the nation (which is now well under construction) and Clinton refused. With the missing trillions allegedly stolen by contactors and operatives of the Bushites, the deal was made to confiscate for the Taliban, millions of acres to expand their drug growth. America and other nations are thus being flooded with heroin smuggled in from Afghanistan, where the once several thousand acres of brilliant red poppies, have expanded/blossomed (pun intended) into millions of acres of brilliant red poppies. It is any wonder to you that the entire USA Military, Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, and CIA, cannot find one man, when they apparently can't even see a blanket of millions of acres of brilliant red poppies? A part of The New World Order (NOW) is "depopulation." In their coded message, that means decreasing the population of the most populous nations on the planet, beginning with America. The means, which they have chosen to do, so are many and the bribery and cooperation with the drug cultures of Afghanistan and Colombia are a part of it. Get as many on illicit drugs as possible, this will destabilize and eliminate a segment of those predisposed to such "weaknesses," (meaning those like GW Bush?) Other means? The "Legal" drug Lords, the Medical Industrial Complex. The use of near useless drugs and the seduction of practicing physicians to boost as many people as possible onto such drugs, and into a vortex of destruction, thus destroying families form both ends, the street illegal drugs aimed at younger people and the licit drugs prescribed by "family" doctors some of which who participate, with bonuses from the legal drug dealers which rival almost what street drug dealers make, are without a shred of morality, or are incredibly naïve' or just plain stupid, and who nonetheless consider themselves church going men and women. The goal is to weaken both physically and financially, the nation, and the strong, who can evade the drug culture will be perhaps frightened by the "terrorism" which is promulgated and financed by Bushites Drug profits and jillions allegedly stolen from America's treasury for them by "contractors," mercenaries and government officials. The colored "Terror" alerts were right out of the book of Orwell's Nineteen Eighty Four, and Adolph Hitler's rise to power and Great Britain's several hundreds of years of "Empire." Was the Anthrax scare a part of that government sponsored "terror" and depopulation? I believe it was. The politicians who received the toxin were Democrats and if continued it could have wiped out a large segment of the population. It is interesting that the mail is now radiated before going to government officials but not the mail going to us, is it not? Once the Democrats realized from where the Anthrax was originating and that they had no power in such a political milieu, they cowered and were beaten and so decided, if you can't beat them, join them. The destruction of the Constitution and Bill of Rights further decimated the rights of free men and added to the planned chaos. More, however, was needed; more physical, mental and political pressure was required for capitulation. Therefore the corporate structures joined with "free-enterprise" to form yet another pressure to overcome those unwilling to follow the march into drug absorption, by attacking them with involuntary drug absorption. Forcing upon them, often without their knowledge, drug rape, the forced feeding of drugs through a device that is high on the list of suspected cancer, Alzheimers, Parkinson's and other neuro-toxic causatives. I speak now of the spraying for adult mosquito populations. The chemical poisons used in these fruitless attempts to kill adult mosquitoes, kill less than between 1%-7% of adult mosquitoes. Have you ever thought about mosquito spraying and lawn-care pesticides, the most blatant and prolific forms of drug abuse, legalized, forced drug abuse, forced on those who know the dangers by idiot neighbors? Many communities lacking well-informed, properly educated citizens and employees on the mosquito control issue, have fallen into the trap of spending unwisely and possibly placing their constituents in grave physical danger. According to reports, it is alleged that the surest means of eradicating mosquitoes, if they are a radical health danger, which they are allegedly not always, is to seed standing water, ponds, leaf and wood chip piles and other mosquito dwelling places, with bacilli, sterile male populations, oil-water cover, and natural Pyrethrum; all of which kill larvae effectively. Spraying for adult mosquitoes is reported to be widely ineffective, killing less than 1% to 7% of adult mosquitoes. Moreover, it poses grave threats to health and ultimately to life, even among humans. There also appears to be no public assessment by unbiased medical toxicologists as to what the tolerance level of individuals is for such toxins. Increasing the dosage of the adult mosquito killing toxins would probably make them more dangerous to humans than they are already. Moreover, it is said that, after a time, the mosquitoes become immune to the toxic poisons used to kill them, while humans only become more vulnerable to them. It has not been publicly advertised or to our knowledge investigated: If or whether the chemicals used in spraying for adult mosquitoes interferes with medications people may be taking; or if the chemicals may cause adverse drug interactions; nor if they may pose extreme health hazards to certain people with allergies and other afflictions; nor if these chemicals represent, in addition to certain immediate symptoms, (which some victims may not recognize as resulting from pesticide applications), certain long term mental, body-health altering lifetime illnesses; nor has advertising or public information been delivered concerning the effectiveness of applications for adult mosquitoes and/or the personal dangers and symptoms that may result from applications for adult mosquito spraying; nor has the public been informed of the odds against being infected by each disease the pesticide companies claim to be carried by mosquitoes since 1999 in Northern Illinois, or the number of deaths since nationally state by state. One wonders what the medical profession has to say about the above and when they will begin to look into the problems cited here. If public information is accurate, in 8 years, 670 have died nationally. Of a population of 320,000,000 x 8 years, that is less than 84 deaths nationally a year for the entire nation. That is considerably less than the number which have been afflicted or died of asthma and a number of other ailments, nor has spraying for adult mosquito populations changed that, nor have those who profit from it informed the citizenry, town by town, state by state, why they risk making tens of thousands ill from pesticide spraying for Live Adult mosquitoes. Are they guilty of using fear tactics to panic some communities into spraying for Live Adult mosquitoes and not mentioning such small numbers of deaths and the generally mild nature of some of the diseases known to be associated with mosquitoes in Northwestern Illinois and the risky side effects of spraying? For instance, those profiting have not proved to have effectively reduced mosquito populations by spraying for adult mosquitoes, nor ever refrained voluntarily from spraying in communities where the odds are even greater against anyone dying or even becoming seriously ill than the national odds. In Illinois in 2003, one person died of West Nile making the chances of dying of West Nile that year greater than 15,000,000 to 1. In 2003, the epicenter of the disease has moved west with most cases appearing in western states. Why, then must 15,000,000 in Illinois be placed at risk because one person died in 2003? The answer $$$$$, there is lots of it in spraying for adult mosquitoes and more when chemicals rather than natural sources are used, and even more when the companies spraying makes their own chemical, witch's brew. That the less than Einsteinium minds see such a thing as a political rather than a medical matter, is indicative to the caliber of IQ these carry, rattling around in crania much too large for their questionable content. The poisonous drugs used in Mosquito spraying may also have a profound effect on accidents, safe driving, crimes of passion and worse, murders and rapes. The drugs effect the central nervous system, vision (blurry to worse), digestions (the feeling of food in the throat) bowels, (Diarrhea, sometimes vomiting) lactation (excessive urination, watery eyes, mouth and sore throats) and sometimes anger, temper outbursts poor peripheral visions and reflexes (making people accident prone) and can be devastating to infants and small children, as well as the elderly and even the young and healthy. Since it has been alleged that pesticides are heavily implicated in breast and ovarian cancer among women, and pesticides are alleged to be implicated, in the proliferation of Parkinson's and Alzheimer's diseases, and that perhaps spraying for adult mosquitoes is, by and large, ineffective, killing less than 1%-7% of adult mosquitoes at each spraying, after which it is alleged that the adult mosquito population then increases exponentially), and that the products in use appear to affect and cause a variety of human negative reactions and that a number of communities of well-informed government officials, who truly care about their constituency, rather than merely as tax-cash-cows, seeing this information have discontinued spraying for adult mosquitoes completely. It has been alleged that spraying for Adult Mosquitoes, is primarily a profit-making venture and no more than a cosmetic, placebo, gesture, and if so, is therefore unnecessary and preys upon the weaknesses and fears of those not properly informed to make sufficiently well informed decisions about such matters. Because drug application by the oath and law of those administering drugs, weigh the benefits against the dangers, it is our contention that such has not been done in the case of spraying for adult mosquitoes and if it were there would be no spraying for Adult Mosquitoes and that therefore citizens cannot make an informed and safe decision about such matters. Present your local mosquito control board with FOIA requests if your state has such measures, otherwise petition municipal or county authorities for contact information about those who are getting ill from the spraying, contact those people and form a powerful voice of reason in stopping the useless contamination of water, air and human vessels with pesticides. Bushites America The Bushites and their friends in other nations have no loyalty to the USA, instead, they see themselves as "Citizens of the World," with their loyalty going to whatever financial service best hides and protects their cash. If America becomes too toxic, they will just build a fortess high up in the Alps, where the air and water are thin and clean.... so far. The only drug dealers they will go after are those who compete with those they sponsor. Their desire to depopulate is based on several simple goals and aspirations: The "war" in Iraq is a 1/12-scale laboratory for what they intend to do here because America approximately, twelve times as populous as Iraq. Yes, we outnumber the Iraqi's by 12-1, 300,000,000 Americans to 25,000 Iraqi's. That, at least was before the war. Since the "war," we have become 15 times as populous as Iraq, as 4,000,000 have evacuated Iraq, migrating to other nations for shelter from the bombing and strafing. The use of DU-238, (depleted Uranium, which is anything but "depleted which is a euphemism to detract the public has a radio-active half-life of 4.5 billion years, the approximate life of the planet thus far, so the radioactive cartridges and the dust/debris they cast off will outlive anything on the plant and perhaps the planet itself. This is an important factor because the promulgation of attempting to immortalize and encourage the vacuousness of the uninformed and uneducable, especially those whose religions encourage such lack of substance, is a welcome sight to the Bushite usurpers of truth, fiction, superstition and a warped view of God and Creation serves then far better than science. Creating colleges and "Universities" which accept and even inflate such vacuity, is of prime essence to the political and financial ends of the fascist mentality. Flooding the job market and the government with such denseness, such inanity, is more than simply stupidity, it is ample evidence of the power of darkness which has gripped America since the fathers of such ideologies failed in their 1930's attempts for revolution, headed allegedly by none other than Prescott Bush and his cronies who, the story goes, tried to induce 500,000 WW I Veterans who felt abandoned by previous Conservative administrations and who were in Washington DC demonstrating for pensions, to attack the capital and take over, so a Nazi regime could move in and join Germany in the war against Britain and western Europe. Gag Me With A Spoon And Let Me Shoot Myself In The Foot Why the Democrats have ever agreed to convincing people that destroying the unborn is a virtuous act, is beyond me. Their plan seems almost as insidious as the worst plans of the Fascists and Neo-cons, because it is a thinly veiled attempt to control minority populations. The Democrats have convinced Americans, mostly females, that bowing to their most base selfish and self-annihilationist, havoc wreaking, weakness, and displaying hatred toward the unborn, is, in some perverse way, a gender's Constitutional right, and to their benefit, somehow. Well, when Hitler did the same thing against people's will or with their cooperation, the Best and the Brightest called such things despicable barbarism and rightfully so. It would appear from the dead babies/fetus' numbers, 1,400,000 dead, that the low life forms which endorse such things, have dragged men and women of honor (and against their will) into a pit which allowed the Fascists to be elected and further their murderous schemes. Yes, the abortionists are the villains, which forced some good people to either not vote or vote for the Fecal matter which now dominates our nation and apparently cannot be stopped. Evil always begets evil and now we can see it in its fullest manifestation. When first we listened to the dregs of society, we sealed our present fate. Americans, however, in previous eras were not as naïve' or as empty-headed, or morally deficient, as are many today and, therefore, neither were they as easy to sell as those who, in the process of buying things on the Internet, sign agreements, which they have not even read, and subscribe to a morality they do not fully comprehend. Where Is It All Heading, And How Did It, Happen? Well, the "depopulation" plans are aimed primarily the Best and The Brightest, but eventually will be aimed at everyone, because they want the land, the businesses and the money-the wealth of nations, and Iraq is a microcosm of what is beginning to happen here. I am sure my readers are aware of the changes to the bankruptcy act, the ability of corporations, individuals and institutions as well as governments ot seize and/or confiscate your properties if greater taxes of profits can be made by someone else with your land or home, and of the insane mortgages many people bought into foolishly, those which are without payment on principal, those which are ARM's, Balloons, and no down payment. These are things at which if introduced before the Era of Dunces-the uneducable, the bereft of moderate intelligence or even basic common sense, would have been scoffed. However, in this era of sub-rate colleges, "Universities," narrowly educated educators, a graduate of institutions in which the cheap grade is the byword, such idiocy is perfectly and easily accomplished. While still teaching, I saw, brought into the tenure track, would-be professors, which admittedly could not, and did, not earn in their chosen field of endeavor, before teaching, half as much as they've earned in their euphemistic "Professorship." I have neither grudge, nor prejudice, nor snobbery, against those who work at non-professional jobs, in labor, mechanics, as waiters, cooks, and other services, I worked in labor and construction myself, while going to school. However, at many institutions, disciplines which are anything but academic are growing quickly and their grades are growing even more quickly-grades inflated by non-academics and academics alike, so that these unprofessionals, now deemed professionals, not by merit but by edict, are cow-towing to students because they do not know how to teach and because they want the students to give them good evaluations. Students grading their professors? It is true at last, the asylums are being run by the inmates and it is all a part of the despoiling and subversion of a once great nation which will soon, and with the complete cooperation of the Democratic Party, become a densely fogged-in, Hell-hole completely polluted from toxic fumes, incapable of sustaining life and approved by the majority of citizens, who know not what they do and medical people overlook it because they make money and that is all many of them care about-Judas-Priests. I watched the administration hire even into academic areas, not the best and the brightest, but the weakest, the most narrowly educated, the most pliable, compliant, sycophantic, they could find among the candidates, someone often not nearly qualified to teach.

The average Intelligence Quotient of three-quarters of America is under 100. And while you may even tenderly love some of those in that category, would you want them doing brain surgery on you? Defending you in court? Representing you in congress? Guess what? They already are-they are the result of grade inflation a bribe from teachers to students so the teachers will get top grades in their student teacher evaluations. This is what higher education has become, a breeding ground for people to get degrees by majoring in manual labor, gardening, sewing, basket weaving (literally) and more crafts disguised as sciences. Areas in which the "Professors" teaching the above arts and crafts and manual labor, are on the same salary and promotion schedule as physicists, mathematicians, biologists, physicians in pre-med And many of them, nice people perhaps, but making more than they should are beholden to administrators who hired them and will do anything to hang onto jobs with salaries and prestige they have neither earned by intellect nor knowledge, and could never have any of the above, if they worked in the fields of endeavor. They vote with the administration in most disputes and I watched them piss away gains we had gained over generations, because they had sold out to fascist administration, which also knew not what they were doing. They were no better educated than most of the high school graduates that came there for an education, few would ever really receive. Faculty and administrations far too dense, and too lacking in courage to fight for rights, Now we have some of them in congress far too dense and far too cowardly to impeach and incarcerate a demoniac crew as evil and detestable and despicable as the worst regimes ever-men and women who make Caligula, Nero Adolph Hitler, Stalin, Edi Amin and Mao seem mild in comparison. Well, I am indeed preaching to the choir here, but nonetheless, it had to be said. God Bless and Good Night

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