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The Stealing Of AmericaThrough Sadism, Cowardice and Bullying

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Professor Emeritus Peter Bagnolo
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The Stealing Of AmericaThrough Sadism and Bullying The Physical, moral, political devastation of the USA and its absorption after rendering its laws meaningless and inapplicable, into a three nation Fortress, toxic wasteland in which dissent is subject to rendition, arrest, or death, in which complaining about faulty products, suing a Drug Company or a doctor or objecting to anything decided by the corporate government, are capital crimes of Terrorism, and death without trial. Corporations of Canada, America and Mexico are now framing this Hell and aiming to Create it after the Bushite Sponsored terrorist attack on a Democratic Stronghold, high populous, City, and then to declare Martial Law and cancel the next election. Sadism, impotency and demoniacal reality will reign Supreme! The Destruction of The United States of America and its Induction Into The Tripartite Of Corporate Bushite, Fascist/FortressAmerica! What has Led To the End of Freedom? The answer is simple, and Paris Hilton has learned it from the title of her TV show and the horror of prison. The end of freedom came from the end of the Simple Life, to a life packed with THINGS! Stupid THINGS, like paying for TV/Cable programs which have commercials. Below is a list of stupid materialistic junk, and some will cry foul and I don't give a good Gold-damned what they cry, those who do object, are part of why we are where we are, part of the culture of indolence. The old Catholic warning is one of its last few remaining truths; All Things In Moderation! A thing few remember and of which some were never aware. Overindulgence of one's self and acquiring of THINGS, is exemplified with the selfishness of two working parents who working to acquire symbols of status; a larger house in an exclusive gated community (A privacy arrangement which subverts the Constitutional Rights of others, that should federally prosecuted as such), and cars to match, and the need to impress others with a bevy of materialistic THINGS, and thereby are diverted from their most important job, gently teaching and carefully raising the human creatures, they brought into the world they are helping destroy. The evil second only in despicability to abortion, is the former-creating latch-key orphans. It is, in essence, the end, and it was brought about by those whose indelible inaction, on things of merit and importance, and their disreputable action, on things of no worth, evidenced their values. They whose wasteful and foolish life-styles filled with the selfishness of some of birth control, (A brat incubating would spoil my figure! And why should we deprive ourselves of THINGS, just to raise ungrateful brats?) exhibit themselves by the fruits of their labors-(Besides child birth hurts and my husband needs new golf clubs, and a new boat.), and WE WANT: shopping sprees, daily, wasteful ways, iPod, cable movie, hot clothing, completely self-absorbed, suburban gated community, security patrolled, no parking on the streets or in drive ways, use of pesticide/herbicides for killing mosquitoes and growing cosmetic lawns, ignoring the results thereof, like cancer, Alzheimers, Parkinson's, retardation from birth, (caused by their fetish with eliminating every inconvenience), coating driveways yearly with caustic asphalt, like it was a springtime, family sacred tradition, because they have no other, collecting the latest fashions, eating chemicals disguised as food, embracing bigotry, "Christian" revisionist, worshipful of wealth, abortions of convenience, child murdering, child worship, male hair-dying, synthetic parts, body enhancement, wig-wearing, phony religionist ignorance of True Science and Laws of Physics, therefore of the Living God, predominance of pseudo-magic in place of science, and replacement of true science with profit oriented Medical Chemical idiocy and the acceptance of anything that smacks of exciting ME-ISM, translated into whatever, is convenient, hang the consequences. I WANT! I NEED! GIMEE, GIMEE, GIMEE! Me, me, me, me, mine, mine, mine, mine! A nation in which incomprehension of Critical Thinking, and Unenlightenment is a contagion and avarice is a religion, and religion is a drug and drugs are toxic, and toxic foods are drugs aimed at slow death and death is preferred to fear, and all fear itself. There are probably an endless number of diversions played to excess, but I have no time to list them all. Anything, and I mean anything, which takes one's eye off the ball, of Freedom, is a damaging diversion, America has become a nation of; Please me, fatten me, pay me, f*ck me, Frame me, sue you, f*ck you, but without the much to be abhorred seeds of life passing from he into her. A nation addicted to f*cking while avoiding the results of that f*cking, with latex interference, early term abortion, anything to add to selfishness and serving the Almighty ME-ISM of the incredibly autotheistic female/male ID worshipping, slovenly, porcine icon. So self-absorbed as to ignore voting, ignore thinking, collecting gossip like men used to collect altruism, enjoying cowardice, like men used to enjoy heroism. I used to say anything which habitually diverts attention to love, tolerance, God, prayer and selflessness will eventually bring upon the world a man like Bush and the end of life and freedom, and that whenever we pass anything which is a burden, on to others, those others, will steal away everything. Sloth is one of the Seven Deadly, Cardinal evils because of what follows it, and sloth and embracement of all that is convenient, all that is an aid to self-absorption, all that eliminates self-determination, selflessness, self-denial, avoiding all things of drudgery, which we see in our indolence, as interfering with freedom to play to excess, becoming fascinated with all that diverts us from light and enlightenment, that leads us inevitably directly into to slavery. Avoiding the dirty work, passing it on to others "less worthy than we of Free- time" leads to no free time, in fact, avoidance of things that interfere with Free-time leads to an end of Freedom. Passing the dirty work on to those some men see as beneath them, to do work beneath their station in life, gives power to those who will someday usurp them. Step One, The Breakdown of Higher Education By Careerists The first clue was that GW Bush; reputed to have an IQ of lower than 100 (96) was accepted at Yale, having gained much needed entrance acceptance points because of his ancestors who preceded him at Yale. Higher education began to dissemble when Careerist College Administrator's promoted themselves form moderately paid, back-up, support personnel for faculty, (who are the only professionals needed in Higher Education), to highly and needlessly overpaid self-styled "Executive's." When citizens had regressed in intellectual capacity to believe/accept that secretarial paper shufflers in education were "executives," and that highly trained, highly disciplined, and highly educated professors, needed anyone to ride herd on them, one could safely bet that the country was in deep trouble. The sudden emergence of No-Bid Contractors which were once anathema at higher education, suddenly appeared and with it contractors of ordinary skills were suddenly "Uniquely Qualified" to receive No-Bid contracts of extraordinary sizes, sans having to bid against anyone, and in one case the contract was more than a minimum of $3,250,000 annually for janitorial services, hardly requiring a "Uniquely Qualified" No-Bidder. It was as I noted twenty years ago, a microcosm of what would happen to the nation. The prophecy was unerringly accurate and it was so because of it's Source, not because of my prescience. The latest poll showed Americans are currently less informed than a decade ago by about 20%. They are less intelligent, less well- read and, despite more college degrees, less educated. Now everyone goes to college, and Community colleges and four-year colleges are equally culpable in spinning education for all, as a panacea and a hedge against a lower IQ. "A" Grades have become as common as home runs in the era of the Rabbit Ball. Grade inflation is well known to honest professors and denied by the very administrators, which are the key perpetrators of student as "Client," to be venerated and honored as Co-Learners in which their "facilitator" (Professor) is a middle wo/man, pawn in a dirty game of professional blackmail. Now, the inmates truly are running the asylum, as they grade the professors, with survey forms that are designed not to make informed observations or suggestions but subjective and illogical comments, based on nothingness, to allow the worst students to take out wrath upon professors, using the "evaluation" as a vengeance weapon (blackmail) against fair grading by the professor and low performance by the student, in an effort to intimidate professors to "give" students higher grades (which they have not earned). The idea of students "evaluating" their professors breeds disrespect, and is insulting, patronizing and leads to degeneration and contumelious behavior by students. It is a dirty game, which often backfires on the administration, which sole goal seems to be an all-out effort to gain more students, keep them happy and with good grades, so the reimbursement money will keep flowing in. Give the inmates power and lunacy rules. Administrators, at many colleges however, while citing the justice in allowing students to rate or evaluate those who grade their performance, have, and hypocritically so, denied professors likewise to evaluate the administration. However, fawning, treasonous, cowardly, weak-minded faculty allowed this idiocy, babbling that it was only meant to weed out the bad teachers. After being battered by a few stronger faculty, the administration set for themselves an evaluation system where they "chose" the professors who they would allow to rate them-it was always the same sycophantic professors, who were earlier and/or later, rewarded with bribes of various sorts, as a corrupt politician handing out, patronage jobs. All of this and more, begun by careerist administrators, has led to the deterioration of integrity and of the system itself. Colleges are now politicized, by religion, politics, personal; likes and dislikes and prejudices based on race, religion, political affiliation and sexual preferences. As always in history, discrimination of the most foul, base type, springs up whenever fascism reigns unchecked. The Goals The goals are what they always have been for demoniacs, complete control of EVERYTHING, through a Medieval, Feudal Economy. The Nazi, Fascist, mentality of the Bushites is a rather simple one. It is best described by a conversation in the Film, TOMBSTONE, between Kurt Russell's Wyatt Earp and Val Kilmer's, Doc Holiday, as Holiday lay ill and unable to assist Earp in a showdown with Johnny Ringo, which both he and Holiday agreed Earp could not beat Ringo. Earp asked Holiday what caused men like Ringo to do the things they do (Ringo had just had the tortured, severely burned and beaten corpse of an associate of Earps' dragged by horse to provoke Earp to accept a duel.) Earp: "What makes men like Ringo do the things they do, Doc?" Holiday: "Down deep where there ought to be a soul, there is nothing but a dark, deep empty hole, and no amount of torture, killing or sadistic horror can fill it." Earp: "But why, what for, Doc?" Holiday: "For revenge." Earp: "Revenge for what Doc?" Holiday: "For being born." Therefore the goal is to control everything and everyone and to torture and kill anyone who disagrees, (which they pray everyone will) whether or not those they torture even have any useful information is not the point, making them suffer is the point. Such things give sadistic cowards, what they think is courage, it powers them and they can always find associates, who fear them sycophants who will flatter them and do anything they are told to do, for favor and for money and security, and merely to be a part of a winning team. The fools who think this is merely another bad guy taken charge, will never defeat him. The fools who think he is a blundering idiot have, if they read the classics, missed the point. It is a Cosmic battle, the human element is the façade. If it were not the stakes would change, the goals would change, but they do not they are always the same; sadistic, avaricious, control and the overwhelming desire for a Feudal Economy, where a handful of well placed people get all the money and hundreds of millions are slaves, who are beaten, tortured, and bereft of any means of fighting back. These ghouls are not unlike those who torture, rape and demonize women, children, the unborn and the others which are helpless, they are just in a stronger position and have more money. The goal really isn't even the money, although that is a symptom and is important to some of them. It is the power. They become strong (in their minds, but often unconsciously) by making others weaker. It is a classic case of a mirage that since they are truly weak and cowardly, if others, brave ones, are reduced to unmitigated, unabated pain and suffering, and are thereby made weak, that those cowards, are now in better health and physical condition than the stronger ones, those they torture which they now have reduced to burnt, destroyed shells of men, those who order but do not do the tortures, and are therefore stronger (However, only by default, for such men are incapable of ever truly defeating the self knowledge that they are cowards.) Thus such men are never satiated. You would think that a fellow who becomes CEO of a large corporation making millions per year would be satisfied, but deep down he knows he did not truly earn his success, it was given him because of his association with power, and this is what he tries to destroy, the knowledge among those living that other men were and still are, better than he. They are not cowards and they are much smarter and gain what they gain, through their giftedness. Thus these sadists know whatever they have, they have gotten through sycophancy and favors. They, then can neither live with that knowledge nor allow others who know of it, to live and in their sick, twisted minds, they must dispose of all who know the truth and since they can never be certain who still lives who would dare oppose them, they must defeat all by sniping of their manhood or woman-hood. However, they can never be satiated because THEY know the truth and not matter how many they reduce to begging, no matter how many the torture, maim, blind or kill. That is why, whether or not the story actually occurred, Herod The Great, had all of the babies between two years and birth killed. That is why Commodus had everything named after him; his armies, states, months of the year and more. To the weak of spirit, their façade of potency must be declared by all, and their impotency must be hidden from all. And every battle must be fixed so they cannot lose, because they know if not fixed, they cannot win. Their New World Order will contain their enemies until they can slaughter them. The plan for the Medieval Feudal economy is to make Fortress America a tripartite empire of Canada, America, Mexico, and eventually South America, all under the power of America, the central position on the game board. The land will become a pestilence of toxic manufacturing and people will be forced to accept toxic goods forced to accept toxic medications, treatments, needless surgeries, toxic vaccinations, experimental drugs and surgeries, so that despite the massive, never-before-realized wealth that will be accumulated it is meaning less unless all men suffer at their hands. All men must be made impotent, helpless before Cheney and Bush, because they cannot live knowing there may be alive among us their superiors. Therefore they must through foul means destroy or maim us all. Now do you get it? They have been invigorated by the cowardice displayed by Nancy Pelosi and the other Democrats who plainly are going to do nothing and the nation will crumble before the Democratic cowards-fools. Their real enemy which must be defeated before they can even dream of defeating the Republicans, it the R. Emanuel megalomaniac path to impotency. America' Foundations America's Founding Fathers created three separate and co-equal branches of government to check and balance one another to keep one branch or person from having complete control. Those separations have been eradicated by a republican controlled congress devoid of even a modicum of the grit and patriotism of their own forefathers, like Lincoln's administration which freed the salves, Teddy Roosevelt's which broke the trusts and established the National parks, but now demoniac avarice has stolen Republicanism and the Democratic leadership is proving neither match for them, nor of any high level of morality. "The preservation of liberty requires that the three great departments of power should be separate and distinct." and "The accumulation of all powers, legislative, executive, and judiciary in the same hands... may justly be pronounced the very definition of tyranny," James Madison keenly aware of the dangers of a totalitarianist state, wrote the wrote above in the Federalist Papers. Were the Founding Fathers serving today in congress, instead of the Toadies of both parties, we would not be facing dictatorship. George Walker Bush has repeatedly violated the Constitution wherein in that the President "shall take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed," because he, in flagrant contempt for all laws, has broken some and denied enforcing others. His "Signing statements have indicated full Contempt of Congress, the American Courts, the Constitution and Bill of Rights and Cowardly Democrats like Nancy Pelosi and whomever is pulling her strings, has made a mockery of her position. She has proven herself, if she harbors a Machiavelli, or Iago, or Calliostro, to be a fool, unworthy of being elected anything more than a cat-catcher (Dog catching is too complex and strenuous for her) Bush has vetoed just three bills, and then attached "signing statements" to more than 1,000 congressional laws, displaying to the entire world that he is intentionally usurping the will of the people, even when bills are passed by bipartisan cooperation. In addition, he routinely sidestepped the Constitution and the Congress, the Bill of Rights, the American people, thus displaying his contempt for democracy and America. It amazes some of us that he and his cohorts claim to love America, but seem to have contempt for the majority of the citizens who make up the bulk of the population of America. Now he is planning to sidestep America, fusing it to a Tripartite Castle, FortressAmerica, without a Constitution or Bill of Rights, as our nation is sold into oblivion. One day, eons from now people will say, if any still exist, "Do you think the myth of America, the Home of The Brave and Land of the Free ever existed?" In addition, the answer will be, "Not unless you also believe that Camelot, Ur, Atlantis, the Land of Milk and Honey and The Garden of Eden, also existed" The said truth is, whether or not the others mentioned above did exist, we will have joined them in Legend, myth and oblivion, as though we never existed either... Perhaps now, we will see that they probably all did and all went the way of humankind, letting fools and inmates run the ship of state, sacred things and life. Bush Made No Mistakes in Iraq The Bush administration further displayed his contempt for America and Americans, by falsifying evidence to Congress to gain the authority to invade Iraq. His plans to invade Iraq were in place long before the 9/11/01 attacks. Disabuse yourself of those who write columns and discuss on electronic media that GW Bush has made a huge mistake; he has not. Stupidity is a hall mark of this administration and there is no denying that they fouled up miserably in Iraq by doing what arrogant bastards always do, underestimate those they abuse. Make no mistake about one thing, I wrote last winter that the greatest act of child abuse was/is abortion and the greatest child abusers are mothers who abort and or murder, or allow their boyfriends to abuse and kill, their children. Those three categories make up 99.9% of child abuse, by far eclipsing priestly abuse. However, running away with the trophy of negativism in child abuse today, is the GW Bush administration, which has in it's eager slaughter of Muslim peoples has allowed the murder, wounding and rape of more than 125,000 children in Iraq and more than 4,100,000 (four million one hundred thousand) children here by vetoing a bi-partisan Healthcare bill aimed at children. He, in a massive display of hypocrisy and hubris, feigns at despising abortion, but them allowing children to enter the world refuses to take care of them properly condemning them to lives scarred by ill-health and early death. No, sir/ma'am he DID most definitely not, Blunder into Iraq, for several reasons: The war was inevitable once Bush was elected. He wanted the oil (and still, of course, does) and given the congress he inherited, a group of lawyers who when classes on Critical Analysis and Due-Diligence were held, either never showed up or never bothered to take them. I called, wrote and called and wrote to every Congress person I could reach asking them to not support the war with a vote in 2002, 2003 and since, to no avail. No, though he has the IQ of a non-professional and the inferiority complex and over compensation practice for it of a deeply insecure, but retarded philosophy, and the empathy of a lump of coal, he knew all along, once he was brought up to speed by 9/11-Dick Cheney, he took marvelously to the idea of overriding the laws, Constitution, Bill of Rights of the USA, by subordinating them to the landscape of a United Nations of The Americas (UNA). Yes, the UNA, better known by its amalgamation by it's corporate drivers, as these entities: The Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America (SPP*) or "Deep Integration" North American Union, which includes the WTO, NAFTA, Department of Homeland Security (DHS), FBI, CIA, NSA, NORTHCOM, and a variety of armed and ready forces with our nation consisting of the National Guard, state and local police, forces, paramilitary mercenaries like Twin Canopies, Blackwater-USA, 100,000, strong members of a mercenary elite which will do anything asked of them. They are paid $1,000 a day plus benefits, no income tax, freedom from prosecution, well armed, drive air-conditioned, armoured BMW's and free to kill at will with impunity are joined private detective agencies, as well as private prison* systems, which are publicly traded. *See: Who is Keeping Tabs on Bushite Profiteering PrisonCorporations? The Places Where He Plans to Send Us All! By Professor Emeritus Pete Bagnolo http://www.opednews.com/articles/opedne_professo_070531_who_is_keeping_tabs_.htm The Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America (SPP*) is supported by many other instruments of power, inhabited by those who love power. The Bushite plan is to fuse America, to and above it's Siamese triplet neighbors has been hatched some time ago and held its first major meetings in 2005. See: The Militarization and Annexation of North America* By Stephen Lendman

http://www.opednews.com/articles/opedne_stephen__070719_the_militarization_a.htm The Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America (SPP or SPPNA) or (Deep Integration" North American Union) has in mind a concept alien to American Constitutional adherents and it's eventual goal is complete subjugation of all of those living between the area bonded by: South/west of North Pole, and the Straits of Magellan, to west of the Pacific Ocean and east of the Atlantic Ocean (for the moment) In the hopes of the SPPNA the people of three nations will have their laws usurped by the corporate interests of those who utilize Mercenary armies and the Military of all three Land masses, Canada, North America and Mexico and later joined by everything south of Mexico, and much later by Europe, Asia, and the rest of the world. The binding force? Injecting fear into the world community through expeditious use of specially, sponsored and staged Terrorist Attacks to which would make 9/11 pale in comparison. True this sounds like an episode right out of James Bond, or Austin Powers, but I assure you the plan is now in the making. America will become a laboratory for the conquest of the rest of the world, just as Iraq is a laboratory for the conquest of America. The plan, as Stephen Lendman so rightly asserts in his article above link here on OpEdNews: The Militarization and Annexation of North America The plan is to make security arrangements with Canada and Mexico that obviate American law, making our nation subservient to the Tri-Nation Security plan, in which anything, including making a complaint about toxic products, medicines, doctors, banks or the stock market is an act of treason and terrorism. The Bushite plan is to frame, convict or merely hold prisoner, or torture and kill more than 60,000,000 Americans, 15,000,000 Canadians and 10,000,000 Mexicans and make this hemisphere a toxic hell-hole o cheap, union free, slave labor manufacturing prison camp ala the film Escape From New York. It will happen when the 2008 election is cancelled, unless they are certain the Dems are on board with them Get ready because the 300-year experiment with Democracy is about to end, with GW Bush as Puppet king, who will be deposed by Cheney, as Puppet Master. Below is their charter and for those enlightened with deep class work in Critical Analysis and Critical think and Critical Reading skills: Reading between the lines and recognizing coded Bullshit, you will see what I mean. The Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America (SPP) or "Deep Integration" North American Union. Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America Prosperity Agenda PROSPERITY AGENDA Promoting Growth, Competitiveness and Quality of Life To enhance the competitive position of North American industries in the global marketplace and to provide greater economic opportunity for all of our societies, while maintaining high standards of health and safety for our people, the United States, Mexico, and Canada will work together, and in consultation with stakeholders, to: Improve Productivity * Regulatory Cooperation to Generate Growth o Lower costs for North American businesses, producers, and consumers and maximize trade in goods and services across our borders by striving to ensure compatibility of regulations and standards and eliminating redundant testing and certification requirements. o Strengthen regulatory cooperation, including at the onset of the regulatory process, to minimize barriers. * Sectoral Collaboration to Facilitate Business o Explore new approaches to enhance the competitiveness of North American industries by promoting greater cooperation in sectors such as autos, steel, and other sectors identified through consultations. o Strengthen North America's energy markets by working together, according to our respective legal frameworks, to increase reliable energy supplies for the region's needs and development, by facilitating investment in energy infrastructure, technology improvements, production and reliable delivery of energy; by enhancing cooperation to identify and utilize best practices, and to streamline and update regulations; and by promoting energy efficiency, conservation, and technologies such as clean coal, carbon capture and storage, hydrogen and renewable energy. o Improve the safety and efficiency of North America's transportation system by expanding market access, facilitating multimodal corridors, reducing congestion, and alleviating bottlenecks at the border that inhibit growth and threaten our quality of life (e.g., expand air services agreements, increase airspace capacity, initiate an Aviation Safety Agreement process, pursue smart border information technology initiatives, ensure compatibility of regulations and standards in areas such as statistics, motor carrier and rail safety, and working with responsible jurisdictions, develop mechanisms for enhanced road infrastructure planning, including an inventory of border transportation infrastructure in major corridors and public-private financing instruments for border projects). o Work towards the freer flow of capital and the efficient provision of financial services throughout North America (e.g., facilitate cross-border electronic access to stock exchanges without compromising investor protection, further collaboration on training programs for bank, insurance and securities regulators and supervisors, seek ways to improve convenience and cost of insurance coverage for carriers engaged in cross border commerce). o Stimulate and accelerate cross-border technology trade by preventing unnecessary barriers from being erected (e.g., agree on mutual recognition of technical requirements for telecommunications equipment, tests and certification; adopt a framework of common principles for e-commerce). * Investing in Our People o Work through the Partnership for Prosperity and the Canada-Mexico Partnership to strengthen our cooperation in the development of human capital in North America, including by expanding partnerships in higher education, science, and technology. Reduce the Costs of Trade * Efficient Movement of Goods o Lower the transaction costs of trade in goods by liberalizing the requirements for obtaining duty-free treatment under NAFTA, including through the reduction of "rules of origin" costs on goods traded between our countries. Each country should have in place procedures to allow speedy implementation of rules of origin modifications. o Increase competitiveness by exploring additional supply chain options, such as by rationalizing minor differences in external tariffs, consistent with multilateral negotiation strategies. * Efficient Movement of People o Identify measures to facilitate further the movement of business persons within North America and discuss ways to reduce taxes and other charges residents face when returning from other North American countries. Enhance the Quality of Life * Joint Stewardship of our Environment o Expand cooperative work to improve air quality, including reducing sulphur in fuels, mercury emissions, and marine emissions. o Enhance water quality by working bilaterally, trilaterally and through existing regional bodies such as the International Boundary and Water Commission and the International Joint Commission. o Combat the spread of invasive species in both coastal and fresh waters. o Enhance partnerships and incentives to conserve habitat for migratory species, thereby protecting biodiversity. o Develop complementary strategies for oceans stewardship by emphasizing an ecosystem approach, coordinating and integrating existing marine managed areas, and improving fisheries management. * Creating a Safer and More Reliable Food Supply while Facilitating Agricultural Trade o Pursue common approaches to enhanced food safety and accelerate the identification, management and recovery from foodborne and animal and plant disease hazards, which will also facilitate trade. o Enhance laboratory coordination and information-sharing by conducting targeted bilateral and/or trilateral activities to establish a mechanism to exchange information on laboratory methods and to build confidence regarding each other's testing procedures and results. o Increase cooperation in the development of regulatory policy related to the agricultural biotechnology sectors in Canada, Mexico and the United States, through the work of the North American Biotechnology Initiative (NABI). * Protect Our People from Disease o Enhance public health cross-border coordination in infectious diseases surveillance, prevention and control (e.g., pandemic influenza). o Improve the health of our indigenous people through targeted bilateral and/or trilateral activities, including in health promotion, health education, disease prevention, and research.\ o Building upon cooperative efforts under the International Conference on Harmonization of Technical Requirements for Registration of Pharmaceuticals for Human Use, work towards the identification and adoption of best practices relating to the registration of medicinal products. Below is An Appropriate Quote From Stephen Lendman's Article Linked to Above. "The SPP was formerly launched at a March 23, 2005 meeting in Waco, Texas attended by George Bush, Mexico's President Vincente Fox and Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin. It's a tri-national agreement hatched below the radar in Washington containing the recommendations of the Independent Task Force of North America. That's a group organized by the powerful US Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), Canadian Council of Chief Executives (CCCE), and Mexican Council on Foreign Relations. It advocates greater US, Canadian and Mexican economic, political, social, and security integration with secretive working groups formed to devise non-debatable agreements that, when completed, will be binding beyond the power of legislatures to change. It's also taking shape without public knowledge or consideration. From what's already known, SPP unmasked isn't pretty. It's a corporate-led coup d'etat against the sovereignty of three nations enforced by a common hard line security strategy already in play separately in each country. It's a scheme to create a borderless North American Union under US control without barriers to trade and capital flows for corporate giants, mainly US ones. It's also to insure America gets free and unlimited access to Canadian and Mexican resources, mainly oil, and in the case of Canada water as well. It's to assure US energy security as a top priority while denying Canada and Mexico preferential access to their own resources henceforth earmarked for US markets." It's also to create a fortress-North American security zone encompassing the whole continent under US control in the name of "national (and continental) security" with US borders effectively extended to the far reaches of the continent. The scheme, in short, is NAFTA on steroids combined with Pox Americana homeland security enforcement. It's the worst of all possible worlds headed for an unmasked police state, and it's the Bush administration's notion of "deep integration" or the "Big Idea" meaning we're boss, what we say goes, no outliers will be tolerated, public interest is off the table, and the people of three nations be damned. It's also the next step in what GHW Bush had in mind when he delivered his "Toward a New World Order" speech to a joint session of Congress on another September 11 in 1990. At the onset of the "crisis in the Persian Gulf," he said "We stand today at a unique and extraordinary moment (offering) a rare opportunity to move toward.... a new world order" free from "the threat of terror....and more secure...." He spoke of a "new world....struggling to be born....quite different from the one we've known." He masked his intentions in language of peace and the pursuit of justice while preparing for war on Iraq and the region that's gone on for over 16 years with no end in sight. A new Bush administration is bringing that "New World Order" to the North American continent. Unless it can be stopped, the streets of Boston, Baltimore and Buffalo may one day look like occupied Baghdad or Bogota when drug barons clash and Colombia's US-financed military and paramilitaries step in." The Reverse Of The Heroism Of FDR's Era; Cowardice Will Destroy America FDR, after his greatest victory with nearly 61% of the vote, including three southern states in which he won 99%, 98.2% and 89.4% of the vote, made a huge blunder-success had wrought arrogance, precipitating dictatorship. In 1936, FDR, the patron saint of honor, justice and Liberalism (at that point in it's evolution) blundered into unknown territory in trying to pack the Supreme Court. However, "...In those days there were giants in the land..." Regardless of his intentions, and their political stance, Far left Liberals, Far Right Conservatives, Republicans and Democrats, the Bar associations and Judges, despite having in the past rallied to his plan to pull America out of depression, now united to defeat FDR's Supreme Court Packing Idea. Unlike the crises facing America today, the enemy within is proving far worse than the enemy without. Back in the 1930's and 1940's, the Constitution held greater patriotic and spiritual attraction than the man who saved America from financial and physical ruin. Indeed, back then, before the Orwellian nightmare took America by the throat, there were, indeed, "...giants walking the Earth..." Even the people, whom Roosevelt, thought he'd locked up tight, rebelled. Statesmanship, Altruism, Righteousness, Justice and Honor, came first with most Americans in those days, regardless of political membership. Even more interesting, despite the fact that most people worked less technical jobs and only a fraction of Americans had a college education, whether farmer, factory worker, laborer, or retail clerk, regardless of professional status, the mood of the public was fastened upon politics and far more well informed than today's average citizen. Back in Roosevelt's drive for complete control, in 90% of the letters received on the issue, whether from those who voted for and supported him, those ambivalent about him or those who hated him, it mattered not that he had saved their existence there was in those days of giants in the earth, men and women of intense conscientious fire, covered the land.

They may have had love and gratitude for the man who saved them, who gave they and their families new life, but they were anything but lickspittle and they, as if but one, scowled against what they all felt was an assault on their sacred Constitution. Formal Education aside, (which can often be deceiving) from the highest minds in the nation and abroad to the least educated, the intellectual machinations of American common sense and spirit were alive and well. People interviewed on the street and in letters, though few were well formally educated, gave compelling and informed answers to the questions of the day, and the Supreme Court, in particular. Of course, while not as educated as the average person of today, they possessed something of as great or greater value, a sense of value of themselves, of our way of life and the structures which made that way of life possible. Further, they were not superficially, educated beyond their intelligence! Roosevelt, in his first presidency, in 1932, in just 2 months, produced enough legislation to defeat the Depression and began that which was all but completed in his first 100 days: The reassembly, reconstruction, revivification, the Jesus-like Resurrection of a Lazarus of the enormity of 1,000 Katrina's', and 1,000 New Orleans'. In just sixty days, he defeated most of the worst depression of modern times, saved millions of mortgages from foreclosure, straightened out the stock Market thieves, the banks, the savings of tens of millions and in the process, saved America, (which had for nearly 16-20 years, suffered from an overdose of stone-headed Conservative leadership), from becoming a derelict nation which from border to border, coast to coast. Had conservatism continued for another term, America would have been the trash heap of the western world, into which the parents and wives of Canadians and Mexicans would reprimand their children to, "Go clean up your room before it looks like America!" or "Don't dump that trash in our garbage can, go to the border and dump it where it belongs (and will go unnoticed!') Today there are few statesmen; there are only avarists, and rather uninformed, rather not-so-bright ones, at that. A certain amount of corruption always existed everywhere, but never before in the history of our nation, not since the power of the press grew so greatly, has it spread so widely. What are the causes? How did corruption and stupidity move so rapidly across a nation? How did the values change from those displayed by the statesmen described above to what we see now? I submit it began at home and in the classroom and in relatively recent times. People learn somewhere that they can get by with very few skills if they are willing to do things others might find repugnant, not merely repugnant from a standpoint of the nature of the work, but from the standpoint of doing a service, that requires a lack of self-respect and more than a modest sycophancy. In higher education, once viewed as the bastion of integrity and honor, hiring has become politicized. To The Congress of The USA People learn somewhere that they can get by with very few skills if they are willing to do things others might find repugnant, not merely repugnant from a standpoint of the nature of the work, but from the standpoint of doing a service that requires a lack of self-respect and more than a modest sycophancy. In higher education, once viewed as the bastion of integrity and honor, hiring has become politicized. There is now a race which Mrs. Nancy Pelosi in her adherence to the anti-intellectual pursuit of the Almighty dollar first for the upcoming election, is blinded by her mentor, Rahm Emanuel, whose myopic fascination with money, has blinded him and the rest to the underlying reality that it will mean nothing if or when the Bushites which have been slowly, methodically setting precedents for taking freedom away, and have already announced the coming catastrophe aimed at a center of Democratic vote production, like Chicago or Boston, or some such site, and planned, designed and carried out by contractors of the Bushite, Cheney, Rumsfeld, tripartite ensemble of which I have spoken of in past articles. Do you know why/how I was able to call the death of Jerry Fallwell which such preciseness? Because he was, by the Bushites, let in on the terrorist attack-plans to pump him as a True Prophet that all should follow or die. He was taken so he could not fulfill that faux role and now Bush must seek a new false prophet. I predicted long ago, the fix was in for the Bushites to prepare another more devastating attack destroying and entire city, but one which was a strong hold of Democrats, like Chicago, or Boston, at the same time destroying the Democrats chances of winning because if they do Bush/Cheney will face Capital Punishment for war crimes. What is the secret to overcoming the inevitable? The Congress must show some backbone by arresting Bush Cheney, Rove, and then declaring war upon and attacking the mercenary's headquarters with US troops. However, arresting Bush and Cheney, for war crimes and crimes against the American people and for lying to congress, must come first and, RIGHT NOW! And at the same time attacking the major industries with full military might of the USA and nationalizing the corporations of all who contributed money to the Bushites and rid the Supreme Court of it's contaminants, Constitutionally. Do that and I will tell the rest of you how to forever, rid us of fascism and Nazism, as if you aren't as well aware of how as I. Shirk that duty, US Congress and law enforcement officials and Hell is facing you head on. Accept the gamble.

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